27 December 2016

Keyaki Love: reactions to the one-man lives

Ariake Coliseum 24 December 2016

Here are some reactions from 2channel.

Now I'm sure that I really love this group and will support them with all my strength.

I know what I'm going to write is gross, but this group has such an amazingly warm feeling, and the live made me realize that was what attracted me to them.

I had the same feeling: their warmth as a team.

What a wonderful group. When Sugai-sama wept it made Fuu-chan weep.

It was so great when Manaka as MC so artfully kissed Nen.

I only just stopped crying (´;ω;`). Thank you for such a great Christmas.  [posted about a half-hour after the show's broadcast ended]

26 December 2016

Ushio Sarina blog post: my best Christmas ever

This Christmas is my best Christmas ever.
So many firsts. So much joy.

Ushio Sarina

Sorry I'm late.
Thank you very much to all of you who came to the Ariake Coliseum live
Or watched the live broadcast on AbemaTV.

That Hiragana Keyaki was allowed to appear in this first one-man live fills me with happiness and gratitude.

This is probably the most people I have ever stood in front of, and it is certainly the most beautiful light I have ever been surrounded by.

Lights of many colours shone, one by one, and when I was surrounded by that light I had a feeling of great blessing. The feeling of everyone's warmth toward us.

23 December 2016

Keyakizaka46 -- Oricon best-selling new artists of the year

Oricon has announced that Keyakizaka46 are this year's top-selling new singles artists. This is the first time a female artist has occupied this spot since HKT48 in 2013.

Keyakizaka also had the three top-selling singles by a new artist this year. This is the first time this has happened since Nogizaka46 in 2012.

Their singles placed 11th (Futari Saison), 13th (Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai) and 14th (Silent Majority) in total sales for the year, and were all #1 hits. This put them fourth in singles sales ranking for the year, after AKB48, Nogizaka46, and Arashi.

The group had total sales of 1.63 billion Yen (~US$15 million).

At the moment, it is 1pm Christmas Eve in Tokyo. People have been lining up since 8:30am to buy official goods and get into the Ariake Coliseum, where doors will open at 3:30 for the first of the group's three Christmas one-man live concerts, which will begin at 5pm.

This was the scene 2-3 hours ago:

Keyaki Love -- more and more oshis in Keyakizaka46

Recent 2channel discussion has pointed out that it's not just a select few members of Keyakizaka46 who get fans' support. More and more members are becoming popular, and many people simply support the whole group. The thread developed into an outpouring of Keyaki Love:

"I've always supported Mona, but recently Nen is coming up. Of course I love Risa of Za Cool, and Neru is so cute. Sugai-sama's character is superior. And I love Zuumin, too... Are there other people like this? I have too many oshis to fit in a front line. Can the rest of you get it down to 1-3 oshis?

"That's why so many people are going hako-oshi (i.e., supporting everyone in the group). They all have their attraction."

22 December 2016

"Ikemen" Memi...and should she not have chosen green/green?

In her blog today, Sasaki Kumi of Hiragana Keyaki publishes a photo she says shows the "ikemen" side of Kakizaki Memi (the good-looking guy side).

Kumi says that it's amazing how Memi just gets more and more like an adult. Memi gets mad every time she says that, she adds.

I'm not sure how Memi will react to criticism that she chose green/green as her colours on Wednesday. Some voices on 2channel say those colours are sacred ground, representing the group as a whole and two Hirate songs (Yamanotesen and Silent Majority).

I see their point, but I look at it a different way. To me, she is identifying herself with the group, rather than just as an individual. I can think of it as another version of Hirate's refusal to choose any colours. But it could stop people who do not support her from waving the usual Keyakizaka green/green, which were the colours that brought tears to several Keyaki-chans' eyes at their first concert in March.

Photos: Snow White Fuu-chan and Santa-Zumi...plus

From Saitou Fuyuka's blog. At the handshake event over he weekend, she was sitting there and called Zuumin over, then had these photos taken.

Fashion photo: Memi - Kumi - Kage (Hiragana Keyaki)...plus WWatanabe

Memi - Kumi - Kage from Overture magazine #9 2016/12/23.

Some actual style. Memi (centre) the closest to a French doll (of a kind) she has yet come. Kumi (left) in something that suits her image, if not her personality. And Kage having kicked soccer to the curb.

21 December 2016

Keyakizaka penlight colours change

colours that an official penlight can switch among:
There have been some changes in Keyakizaka penlight colours recently (Kanji and Hiragana). The new official penlights (also called Cyalumes) lack two colours -- pink and light blue -- so members who use those colours have begun to change.

Each member has a two-colour combination for fans to wave -- except for Hirate, who has said she does not believe in members having colours, but in colours for songs.

Some Hiragana members have shifted to colour combinations that are the same as a Kanji member has. This suggests to me that they know they will be remaining a separate group. But maybe I'm over-thinking, lol.

The first Kanji I noticed changing was Neru, who went from purple-pink to purple-purple, and explained why. A number of Kanjis still have pink or light blue in their combinations. Neru returns management's affection for her with quick adjustment to the new situation, encouraging sales of the new penlights. I've also been struck by how often Neru mentions how important the lyrics of their songs are -- all written by Aki-P, of course.

The most recent member to change was Kakizaki Memi, who did not have colours until now. She has chosen green-green, which are also the overall Keyakizaka colours. Perhaps this is her way, as designated centre, of following Hirate's example and associating herself with the group.

I note that Hiragana's double centres, Neru and Memi, use the colours of the two Sakamichi groups: Nogi's purple and Keyaki's green.

I have updated my K46 members page with the new colours, and will try to keep up to date as more change. Official penlights are available from the official K46 goods store. The top two rows on that page are new goods for the Christmas one-man lives.

Nagasawa Nanako blog post: a name for her fans

For some months now, Nanako has been using the catch-phrase "naako-naako." She invites fans to come to handshake events and "naako-naako." There has been plenty of discussion about what this phrase means.

In today's blog post, she takes things a step further....

I've decided!!!

Nagasawa Nanako

Good evenaako (*⌒▽⌒*)

White bear Santa:

I've decided ~.

The name for my fans.

Interview: Sugai Yuuka and Shida Manaka on the Christmas lives

Yukka and Mona talk about the past year, themselves, and each other. From the Model Press website

Sugai Yuuka (21) and Shida Manaka (18)

We want to show something "Keyakizaka46-like"

-- Your first one-man live is coming up. Please tell us what you are excited about.

Sugai: I really hope we can show something Keyakizaka46-like. By presenting ourselves straight, just as we are, I want the people who have followed us so far to say: "They've really grown." In this first solo live we'll be testing for ourselves what we have become, and it would be nice if we could present a live that surprises people.

Shida: In this first solo live,  the victory will come in how well we can communicate ourselves as we are now. We'll do our best!

20 December 2016

Interview: Hirate and Neru on the Christmas live performances

With all the seats sold for Keyakizaka46's three live performances on December 24-25, AbemaTV, a Japanese internet TV network, will  now broadcast the final performance on Christmas Night. The Network says that free reserved slots for watching the show -- which can only be seen via computers located in Japan -- are going fast.

On its website, the network has published an interview with Hirate Yurina and Nagahama Neru, who are in the midst of rehearsals for the concerts. 

-- You've done mini-lives at handshake events and so on, but this is on a much larger scale, isn't it?

Nagahama: We want to let people hear lots of songs, not just the title songs of our releases. We want to make this an opportunity to convey the good qualities of all these various songs. I'm worried that I have enough stamina, but we just have to do it. People will be spending their precious Christmas time with us, and we want to focus all our energies and go for it. After it's over, we want people to say to us: "That was a good live."

Hirate: Keyakizaka has unique choreography and songs with strong expressiveness, and there are many songs where all 21 members become one to create that expression, and convey the world view of each song.

-- I want to see this! What do you mean?

Nagahama Neru blog post: "like a Japanese doll"

Bright Red

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Everyone, today we've worked hard all day, haven't we!!
Let's praise each other!!!!


I truly feel that it's because the members are there
That I can make it through each day.
I love them!

17 December 2016

Kakizaki Memi Nagoya handshake event blog post

Date ♥

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening.
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Today was the individual handshake event!
Since it's close to Christmas,
I wore an outfit that would make it seem like a Christmas date ♥

Keyakizaka Photos from FNS -- Keyaki-chans

So many great blog posts, so little time. Here are more photos from FNS and after -- this time without outsiders, only Keyaki-chans.

Akanen won the 50m idol "Grand Prix"

Keyakizaka Photos from FNS -- friends and idols

Keyakizaka46 members have produced some great blog posts about the second night of the FNS song festival on Wednesday, but there are so many that I've had trouble deciding what to do with them. Finally, in desperation, here are some photos of Keyaki-chans with friends and idols from the idol world -- with captions bringing in some of what the members said.

The first photo isn't from a blog, but had to be shown: Hirate Yurina with Watanabe Mayu -- Techi and Mayuyu -- in a mixed group of idol all-stars doing AKB's Heavy Rotation:

Sugai Yuuka with Matsuno Rina and Mayama Rika of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (Ebichu):

Satou Shiori "at my limit"

Whoa! Amazing blog post put up a few hours ago by Satou Shiori of Keyakizaka46. Title: "At my limit."

She says that going to art college and being an idol at the same time is stretching her to her absolute limit. She can't try any harder. She has dreamed of art school since she was little. Being a member of Keyakizaka46 and going to art college are both decisions she has made herself. But she feels that doing either of them well involves short-changing the other.

Right now she is putting all her efforts into the one-man live next week, which has been one of the group's goals. She wants to give a good performance both for the fans' sake, and for the other members' sake.

She has thought of quitting art college. But she has also wondered what Keyakizaka would be like without her.

What a bombshell to drop just before Christmas. Here's her pic from the post:

15 December 2016

Looking for a job? Managers wanted for Keyakizaka46

Seed & Flower, the company managing Keyakizaka46 (and responsible for its uniforms, including the "Nazi" uniform) is advertising for managers both for the group and for individual members. Perhaps they are expecting more work and hiring to handle it and look after the members. The low basic requirements suggest that these are entry-level jobs for aspiring managers. The pay is about US$2000 a month. Here's a translation of the ad:

Taking applications for managers for Keyakizaka46, the second in the Sakamichi Series after Nogizaka46! Group and members will have many opportunities to appear in all forms of media. Seeking applicants with or without experience, but who are overflowing with desire and are interested in the entertainment industry, and who as staff will be able to convey passion to fans.

  • artist's manager

  • artist management for Keyakizaka46 and Hiragana Keyakizaka46 (groups and individuals)

required career skills to qualify for application:
  • ability to use Word and Excel
  • cheerful and confident of physical stamina

Triumphant FNS: Neru, Akanen, Hirate, Ozeki all shine

It was another step up the hill for Keyakizaka46 Wednesday night at the second night of Fuji TV's FNS Song Festival.
  • Hirate sang with the Gospellers
  • Akanen won a 50m footrace with other idols
  • Neru centred the combined forces of the Hiraganas and Nogizaka46's 3rd gen to begin a great Nogi/Keyaki combined version of Seifuku no Mannequin that was the best idol performance of the evening
  • Ozeki's sunny smile won hearts when she was singing with HKT's Miyawaki Sakura 
Neru was the big winner, in my opinion. In beginning Mannequin, she was preceded by two beautiful young members of Nogi 3gen...but when Neru came forward with her unsmiling smile, she brought an aura of peace and power. And she proved by her sharp dancing there that she actually can be a centre. Search stats show she was by far the most searched member of the new groups.

13 December 2016

Hiragana today: FNS live in six hours

This is the big day: Hiragana will perform for the first time live on TV, and on the big Fuji network, available everywhere in Japan free, by terrestrial TV rather than cable or satellite.

And Kanji Keyaki will perform, too -- but not as much as last week. And anyway, this is all old hat to them, now. Just one more chance to fix themselves in the public's mind as stars.

The Hiraganas all say they have practiced and practiced and are ready for this...but that they are also extremely nervous. Memi's heart is beating hard. Kage-chan can't concentrate on anything. Tears are coming to Kumi's eyes. Takamoto says it's scary...but she's going to be positive and work hard.

Kyonko says nothing about being scared. She just wants everyone to watch. Kage-chan says: "Let's go!!" and invites everyone to enjoy watching. She says her aim is to make sure she can be seen as much as possible. "Look for Yuuka! she says."

Takase Mana, Katou Shiho, smiling Memi

Takase Mana says she is so grateful for this opportunity, and will learn a lot. She wants to perform so people say: "That Hiragana, they're pretty good!"

Popular young actress/model Hirose Suzu supports Keyakizaka46

Model/actress/TV personality Hirose Suzu 広瀬すず (18) says on her radio show ("School of Lock"):

"You're listening to Silent Majority by Keyakizaka46. I've known them all along, but I just recently watched them properly on TV. ...now I reaaaaly want to support them. What dancing! And still I find their music so soothing. They're my number one interest right now!!"

Hirose-san is an 18-year-old model, actress, and TV personality who is also one of the regular hosts of School of Lock.

She won numerous awards for her role of Suzu in Umimachi Diary ("Our Little Sister"), which iself won the Japanese academy award as best film of 2015 -- and which I recommend.
She won numerous awards for her role of youngest sister Suzu in the film Umimachi Diary ("Our Little Sister") which itself won the Japanese Academy Award as best film of 2015 -- and which I recommend.

Since 2013, she has done eight TV dramas, nine films, and 42 TV commercials. She has been an exclusive model with Japanese Seventeen since 2012. She has put out calendars for each of the past four years, has photo books, etc., etc. A good supporter for K46 to have: young and famous.

12 December 2016

Hirate refuses to accept personal penlight colours

In her blog today, Hirate speaks of the new goods just announced on the official site. There are new oshi towels in the colours each member has chosen for her support colours.

Hirate's towel is green and purple, but she writes a post to declare that these are the Keyakizaka46 colours, not her personal colours.

She says she believes in colours for songs, not for people. She chose green x green for Yamanotesen, and red x red for PARCO.

Yurina is the fixed centre and the public symbol of Keyakizaka46, but she does what she can to take the focus off herself and put it on the group. And maybe this gives her a bit of a feeling of independence, little of it as she really has.

Neru's calligraphy on display at Tokyo shrine

Nagahama Neru's calligraphy is now on display at a Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

In the December issue of Brody magazine, Neru is shown doing calligraphy at a West Tokyo shrine. It is part of series in which Neru and Hirate learn traditional Japanese arts. Hirate has done karate, Neru tea ceremony and calligraphy.

At the time, the calligraphy master under whom Neru was working praised her work, saying that she could show the best of it anywhere without embarrassment. Wow.

Now the shrine has put the biggest piece -- the character kokoro "heart," done with a brush four feet long -- on display in its sacred-dance pavilion. (click images to enlarge)

11 December 2016

Hiragana Keyaki photos: Memi, Shiho, Mii-pan, Kyonko, Kage-chan

The Hiragana Keyaki Omotenashikai was such a success that they have already had it on TV once and are planning an extended version next Sunday at 9 pm, Japan time, on TBS.

The Hiraganas' performance of Dare Yori mo Takaku Tobe on the special Keyakizaka46 show this weekend was a big step up from their already entertaining MV.

My enjoyment of them is only rising -- as it is for the main Kanji Keyaki group, as well.

Of curse, Memi is the one who always seems to find a way to intrigue me. Like this:

That's Kakizaki Memi (3rd year middle school) with Saitou Kyouko (1st year university) on her shoulders. Memi is a strange kind of frilly French doll: one with the strength to carry her seniors on her shoulders. Kyonko is slight, but Memi does have more grip strength than any Kanji Keyaki member did at their athletic event a year ago. And she has run almost as fast a 50m as the top runner, Akanen. Her calves are noticeably solid.

10 December 2016

Nagahama Neru blog post: song, life, fate

"2016, early winter. the Neru Story begins --"

Apple. 146.

Nagahama Neru

Hello ~

Has everyone avoided getting a cold?
Are you all okay...?

As for me, I wake up every morning with a sore throat.
I'm doing battle with the dryness.

I'm looking for an air purifier
But there are so many kinds that I don't know what to get (´-`).。oO

I want a simple one, without too many functions.
If you have a recommendation, definitely send it to Nagahama.

The day before yesterday, we performed at the FNS Song Festival, first night.

It's a program I watch every year.
To think that we would be sitting at those round tables.
It was a very, very blessed and luxurious time.

Hearing a voice directly really is wonderful ~
To hear so many songs I love moved me deeply.

09 December 2016

Enka and Keyakizaka: Utacon

If Keyakizaka46 keep appearing on the Utacon TV show, I might become an enka fan.

This is the second time they have been on the enka-focused pop music show, and the weird, exaggerated, overemotional traditional sound is beginning to work its magic on me.

Last week, they appeared on the show with Ichikawa Yukino, a well-known enka singer with a tragic history that is perfect for the genre. With her tall, graceful figure, the 40-year-old singer came close to tears both before and during her performance.

And afterwards, she took this photo with Keyakizaka46, apologizing for being so tall she blocked sight of some members:

She said in her blog that the group was both well-mannered and cute. She said she had enjoyed their first hit, Silent Majority, and would now be listening to Futari Saison, which they performed on the show. She pointed out that they would also be on the Kouhaku New Year's show, as she would.

K46 member popularity as measured by mentions in Twitter profiles

There's a guy on 2channel who posts monthly compilations of how often each member of Keyakizaka46 (Kanji and Hiragana) is included in someone's Twitter profile in Japan. This is a rough measure of how much each member is supported by fans on Twitter.

Neru is far and away the most popular member, by this measure. Manaka comes second, Risa third, and Hirate only fourth. Here's today's list:

name - mentions (increase Nov9-Dec9)
Nagahama Neru 長濱ねる 3,610 (267)
Shida Manaka 志田愛佳 2,601 (319)
Watanabe Risa 渡邉理佐 2,390 (238)
Hirate Yurina 平手友梨奈 2,267 (269)
Imaizumi Yui 今泉佑唯 2,030 (171)
Watanabe Rika 渡辺梨加 1,824 (98)
Sugai Yuuka 菅井友香 1,584 (219)
Koike Minami 小池美波 1,183 (178)
Kobayashi Yui 小林由依 1,170 (31)
Moriya Akane 守屋茜 884 (172)
Uemura Rina 上村莉菜 877 (81)

Katou Shiho blog post: UTB+ magazine offshots

UTB+-san ( ・ω・)

Katou Shiho
Good evening!
It's Katou Shiho of Hiragana Keyakizaka46 (・ω・)

Today, December 9, UTB+ magazine comes out  (・O・)!♡

From Hiragana Keyaki, Nagahama Neru, Katou Shiho/Sasaki Kumi/Saitou Kyouko, and Ushio Sarina/Kageyama Yuuka/Takamoto Ayaka/Sasaki Mirei will be in the magazine.

 I was photographed together with Kiku-chan (Sasaki Kumi) and Kyonko (Saitou Kyouko).

Offshots ♡

08 December 2016

Sugai Yuuka blog post: FNS song festival

FNS Song Festival first night

Sugai Yuuka

Hello ☀︎

What kind of day is everyone having today *Ü*?

I intended to upload a blog post yesterday
And I'd drafted it to my satisfaction
But then I carelessly forgot to press "send." 
I just noticed ( ºΔº )

What a shock ~ (´•ω•̥`)
I'm so sorry...

The day before yesterday, we had the chance to appear on NHK's Utacon
To be with wonderful performers like that, whom we had seen on television
Made us very nervous. 

To be back-up singers for Itsuki Hiroshi-san on Yoake no Blues was such a privilege.
But Itsuki-san greeted us so warmly, it made us extremely happy ( ;∀;)

Truly, thank you very much!

Kakizaki Memi blog post: snip-snip


Kakizaki Memi

It's Kakizaki Memi.

Yesterday, Top Yell came out.
It has Mirei, Mei and Memi -- the three members whose names start with "m," lol.

A poster comes with it, too. 
Please be sure to take a look (๑•᎑•๑)

07 December 2016

Otona wa Shinjitekurenai -- translated lyrics (Keyakizaka46)

Here's a translation of the lyrics to Keyakizaka46's Otona wa Shinjitekurenai, from the Futari Saison CD (all types). Words by Akimoto Yasushi.

Feel free to use and edit the translation as you wish. Suggestions welcome.

1. English. 2. Romaji. 3. Kanji/Kana

1. Adults Don't Believe Me

There's nothing good going on.
Every day is boring.
There's nothing I want to do.
I don't have a single dream.

My heart keeps on screaming
But no-one is listening

Adults don't believe me.
I'm so alone
But they don't see I'm in the depths of despair.
And why? Believe me I really wanna die, don’t ya know?
Why? No way I can find my sign.

Somewhere on a pile of garbage
Crows are cawing.
I don't care if people hate me
I don't want anything like love.

Nijika blog post: Neru, Sugai, Utacon, FNS

Message from Nijika \ ♪♪ / Utacon ♪

Ishimori Nijika

Hellowoof U•ω•U

Today was the Utacon live broadcast
Thank you very much ~(੭*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭♡

We didn't just do Futari Saison,
We were also given the privilege of singing Yoake no Blues
With Itsuki Hiroshi-san ✩°。⋆

Along with Neru, I've become one of the Parka People

Neru: too perfect?

Pictures of Nagahama Neru on the Yahoo Search Awards show have become a topic of discussion on 2channel.

"Is there a man alive who would not be slain by her upward glance?"

"I'm considering making her my oshi, but she's too perfect. It would be better if she had more faults."

Here she is talking with awards show co-host Tsuchida Teruyuki, who is also co-host of Keyakitte, Kakenai:

More comments from 2channel:

"She looks like she's about to laugh."

"She can smile so gently because it's Tsuchida."

Bokutachi no Sensou translated lyrics

Here is my attempt at a translation of Bokutachi no Sensou. The driving main rhythm, punctuated by many smaller rhythms from the voices, made this one of my early favorites on the Futari Saison CD.

Our War

When I heard that your father was against us being together
I threw the plastic bottle beside me against the wall.
The cap came off and foam surged out without stopping (feelings)
What does he know about me?

What "calm down"?
If you convince me to,
What kind of face should I make?
Just give up and leave?
Who will you find who's
Better suited to you than me?

There is only one love.
If we lose it here, we'll never find another.
Don't let go of my hand.
Whatever happens
I'll give my life to making you happy.

06 December 2016

Miyawake Sakura and Yamazaki Rena talk about Keyakizaka46 in their blogs

In her blog for Tuesday, Miyawake Sakura of AKB48 and HKT48 says:

The other day, Keyakizaka46
Performed Otona wa Shinjite Kurenai.
It was totally cool.

Berisa was outstanding.
Techi was terrific.
I loved the line of Berisa, Berika and Neru.
And Suzumoto-chan was really cool.

While we're on the subject
Memi-chan of Hiragana Keyaki
Is so cute.

The performance she's referring to was at the end of KeyaKake on Sunday night, and everything she says is true.

Nagahama Neru blog post #145, 6 December 2016


Our first one-man live
Is coming closer and closer.

Excited and nervous...

We're working hard to take responsibility
For making those two special days of Christmas fun
For the people who come to spend them with Keyakizaka46!

In advance of the show, we're having things called "ear monitors" made for us.
This is how they record the shape of our ears.
Even though the ear is small, they pack this strange object into it.

This is a commemorative photo of the thing in my ear.

05 December 2016

Ishimori Nijika blog post for Suzumoto's birthday

Message from Nijika \ ♪♪ /Suzumoto's birthday♪ 

Ishimori Nijika

Good eveningwoof U•ω•U

Today was Miyu's 19th birthday (ˊ˘ˋ*)

Miyu looks cute with bangs, but in fact it's true: Miyu showing her forehead is the cutest ( ˊ꒳ˋ ) ᐝ

She always wakes up cheerful. She's the cutest. I love Miyu ❤︎"❤︎"❤︎"
It's such a comforting sight to see her petulantly getting Oda Nana to do things for her (* ॑꒳ ॑* )⋆*

We're now the same age ◌˳⚛˚⌖っ All the best, eh ♡*°

Suzumoto Miyu's birthday blog post: "I never thought I'd be an idol, of all things!"

Thaaaank you!!

Suzumoto Miyu


I have an announcement for everyone!

Today I turned 19 ー (*´ω`)ゝ

The last year of my teens.

It really is too soon to start thinking that I'm going to turn 20 next....

My dream had always been to make people smile by working in a cake shop or a patisserie or doing make-up....
I would never have imagined that I would become an idol, of all things ^ ^

03 December 2016

She's baaack! Nagahama Neru's blog starts up again

After almost a month of no blog posts at all, Neru has returned with four posts in the past seven days.

She says she was given a month's leave from writing the blog. This was probably because she was in the midst of studying for and/or writing exams to get into college. But she doesn't explain.

In her first post, on November 26, she apologizes for not being able to let us know, and says she had saved up a number of things to talk about and will post fairly often.

Neru on the front and back covers of the January UTB+ magazine, out this week
She makes a point of saying what an honour it is to be invited to perform on Kouhaku. She says she is still surprised and has no reaction except to wonder if they really have the stature for this. But having been given this privilege, Keyakizaka46 will bring everything it has to the performance. She hopes it will enable the group to reach more and more people, and bring to life for them the wonderful words and music they have been given.

She says so many people like their songs and surround them with support, and she thanks them all from the bottom of her heart.

02 December 2016

Kageyama Yuuka's blog post for Kakizaki Memi's birthday


Kageyama Yuuka
3 December 2016

In athletics today at school, we did basketball!

I scraped my hand and bruised my foot!

I wasn't being careful not to hurt myself!

 Tee-hee. Lol.

Good evening! It's Kageyama Yuuka (っ´ω`c)

Today is Memii's birthday!

She's 15 -- Yaay! イエ───(σ≧∀≦)σ───ィ

I think you know that Memii and I are both in third-year middle school.

We're in the same year, but our natures and what we like and how we think are all completely opposite.

But we're similar in that you soon find out what it is we think. Lol.

Kakizaki Memi's 15th birthday blog post

15 years old!!!

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening! Kakizaki Memi here.

Today...is my 15th birthday!!!!!

I'm 15!!

I'm happy, but...
I was thinking that I wanted to stay 14 forever (lol)

My last photo as a 14-year-old:

I'm bidding farewell to my 14-year-old self ヾ(´・ω・`)

01 December 2016

Interview: Kakizaki Memi and Kageyama Yuuka, of Hiragana Keyaki

From the January 2017 issue of BUBKA magazine.

More outstanding talents in Keyakizaka46

Kakizaki Memi and Kageyama Yuuka: a new-century combo bursts into existence

Hirate Yurina is the new heroine, born in 2001. But she's not alone. There are two more members in Keyakizaka46 who are third-year middle-schoolers like her: Kakizaki Memi, with her stately good looks; and Kageyama Yuuka, with her enthusiasm for and rich knowledge about soccer. They are being talked about everywhere. We chase down the truth about this "new century combo."


-- You are Hiragana Keyaki's two middle-school members, so there is a feeling that you are a combo, isn't there?

Kakizaki: Is that so? Thank you.

Kageyama: We're good friends.

Kakizaki: Yes. We get along well.

Kageyama: I talked with Memi at the audition, when we were waiting.

Kakizaki: It was at the final judging, wasn't it?

Futari Saison sells 350K on first day, stores sell out

So Futari Saison seems to be Keyakizaka46's biggest hit yet. Tuesday and Wednesday have been a Saison festival in Japan.

The 3rd single sold 353,000 copies by the end of Tuesday, up over 100 thousand from first-day sales of 2nd single Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai. First-day sales of that were up 50 thousand from the group's 1st single and breakout hit, Silent Majority. Then it sold 30,000 copies on Wednesday, raising the total to 386,000. Sales of 400,000 in the first week seem to be a sure thing.

The big Tsutaya and Tower records stores in Shibuya (Tokyo) have extensive displays publicizing the record. Here are a couple of pics from Tsutaya:

Entering the store

Happy Birthday to Kakizaki Memi, from Saitou Kyouko (Hiragana Keyaki)

Here's Saitou Kyouko's blog post congratulating Kakizaki Memi on her 15th birthday.

Congratulations, Memi!

Saitou Kyouko
2 December 2016

Today, December 2nd, is Memi-tan's (Kakizaki Memi's) birthday!!!!(≧∇≦)

 Memi-tan!! Congratulations! Congratulations! ♬(〃ω〃)

One thing I have to say when I'm telling someone about Memi-tan is:

She's so adult that you'd never think she was in third-year middle school ( › ·̮ ‹ )!!

25 November 2016

Kakizaki Memi Talks About Crying During the Making of Hiragana's New MV

There hasn't been enough Kakizaka Memi talk recently, so here's her Friday blog post:

Snow *・。゚ 


Good evening. Kakizaki Memi here.

Yesterday was my first Showroom in a long time. 

I think this is the Showroom I've been most nervous for...lol.

How was Dare Yori mo Takaku Tobe ??
It's very different from Hiragana Keyaki --
Up-tempo and spirited. 

I guess people who saw the making-of video will know
That during the taping of the MV, I felt that I was not doing well
And ended up crying in disappointment and frustration...

Every time I watch the MV I think
"I wish I had smiled more !!(;_;)"

Visiting Minor Keyakizaka Holy Places in Tokyo

I just finished spending a few days in Tokyo. I'd never spent any time there before, and now know the city a lot better than before. I watched Kimi no Na wa and another film ("Midnight Diner") on the way home on JAL, and recognized some of the Tokyo settings.

It wasn't a Keyakizaka46 trip, but I did visit a few places I associate with the group. First is Keyakizaka itself, the street beside the Roppongi Hills shopping mall. The trees were in their Christmas illumination. This photo is taken looking east from the pedestrian bridge than spans Keyakizaka, connecting two parts of the mall.

22 October 2016

Neru blog post after Perfect Halloween show

On Saturday evening, K46 performed at the Perfect Halloween show at Yokohama Arena. They, Radio Fish and Choutokkyuu ("Super Express") all did sets, and K46 performed with Radio Fish on their song Golden Tower and then with both other groups on the finale, Radio Fish's Perfect Human.


Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today we were given the chance to perform at
Nippon Housou's Perfect Halloween 2016.

First time at Yokohama Arena.
My heart wouldn't stop pounding!

And then we were given the chance to perform
with Radio Fish and Choutokkyuu ( ◜︎◡︎◝︎ )

We got the chance to collaborate, and to cover their songs with them.
The lingering feelings from such a glorious event...

It was the first showing of our Halloween outfits:

21 October 2016

Nagahama Neru talks about the senbatsu, Fate, and Keyakizaka46

Neru's most recent blog post.


Nagahama Neru

Neru peeking out from a previous blog post
Good evening. I'm sorry for being so late updating my blog.

Last weekend, the senbatsu for the 3rd single was announced.
This time I have again been given the role of
performing in both Kanji Keyaki and Hiragana Keyaki.

And my position in the senbatsu is in the 2nd row, right in the middle.

I will face this without running away from myself
And will fulfill my responsibilities.

Speaking personally,
To perform in both again
Makes me extremely happy, and quite relieved.

With this single, too
I want Keyakizaka46 to be more and more well-known,
And to bring more and more happiness
To the people who have told us they like us.

All 32 of us will definitely create a wonderful single.

I think we will be able to show people a Keyakizaka
that is different again from what they have seen before.
I am certain that this time, too, everything will be great.

Please just wait a little longer!

20 October 2016

Imaizumi Yui's blog post about the senbatsu changes in Keyakizaka46

Imaizumi Yui has finally broken her silence about the changes in the senbatsu, and the fact that she has been put in the second row.

She has made two posts since the announcements: she didn't mention the senbatsu at all in the first, and she just promised in the last line of the second to say something about it the next time. And she has.

Zuumin is very ambitious. She has singing talent and has made herself a good dancer, and she has always seen herself as Hirate Yurina's rival for centre. This seeming demotion must have been a hard blow, very disorienting for her. I think it is less a demotion than just a hiatus to give others a chance to show themselves. The second row she is part of is the solid middle of the group, its bulwark and strength. The people management thinks can be depended on.

Despite what must be bitter disappointment, she seems to have responded as well as she possibly could, offering her support to Hirate and the new front members, and promising to work hard for the sake of the group. Like Yui, I have included no photos in this serious post.


Senbatsu Announcement

Good evening!

For the third single
I have been selected for the 8th position, in the second row.

For the first and second singles, when I assumed a position in the front, I was worried that my inability would cause problems, so I gave my all to the performance.

Honestly, I was really scared.
I wondered if it was okay for someone with no dance experience to be in front.

15 October 2016

Weird and happy -- interview with Kakizaki Memi and Katou Shiho (Hiragana Keyaki)

Translated from Marquee magazine, vol. 117.

Hiragana Keyaki is the third group in the Sakamichi Series, after Nogizaka 46 and Keyakizaka46. The results of its auditions were announced in May.

At first, it was called an under-group to Keyakizaka46, centred on Nagahama Neru, who would appear with both groups. But since its twelve members appeared on Keyakizaka's TV show, Keyakitte, Kakenai, their strong individual personalities are being talked about, and the group's popularity is rising.

Their song Hiragana Keyaki was on the standard edition CD of Keyakizaka46's 2nd single, Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai, and they have performed it at handshake events. But beyond that, they have remained veiled.

Now two members, Kakizaki Memi and Katou Shiho, make an appearance for us, talking mainly about personal matters.

-- Katou-san, in your blog you often write of your love for Kakizaki-san. Is that true?

Katou -- Yes, it is, but this kid loves me, too, you know.

Kakizaki -- (giggles) I do.

Hiragana Keyaki event in Tokyo October 28

Hiragana Keyaki will present its own separate event -- called Hiragana Omotenashikai ("Hiragana Hospitality Event") -- at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on Friday 28 October.

Video from the show will be presented on TBS1 on November 27 and 30. Akasaka Blitz is owned by TBS.

No details of the program have been released. More info can be found on the Keyakizaka46 website, starting Monday at 10am.

Applications will be taken on the Keyakizaka46 website from 10am this coming Wednesday, October 19, to 11:59 pm Thursday. There will be a draw for tickets from among the applicants. The price of the tickets will be only Y500. For the event, the hall will hold about 1250 people. The ground floor will be standing room, with ladies and parents/children on the second floor.

Hiragana Keyaki also performed in the mini-live at today's (Sunday) handshake event in Kyoto.

14 October 2016

Delighted Kyonko, Shiho (Hiragana Keyaki) sell out handshake sessions, thank fans

Katou Shiho and Saitou Kyouko have become the first members of Hiragana Keyaki to sell out a solo lane at a handshake event. In their blogs, both express their joy and send gratitude to fans.

Shiho called her blog post "Gratitude":

Good evening. It's Katou Shiho of Hiragana Keyaki!

\ Everybody!!! /

I've got something to announce that I have to thank everybody for!!
My January 15 handshake session for the 3rd single, at Pacifico Yokohama, has sold out!
Really, thank you very much!!!

Hirate and Akanen take a trip to Kamakura

In Moriya Akane's blog post Friday morning, she describes a brief trip she and Hirate Yurina made together to Kamakura and Enoshima. Kamakura is an ancient capital with many tourist sites. Enoshima is a pretty island off its coast ans is another tourist site. Here's Nen's blog post:

Photo Festival

Moriya Akane

I'm sorry I've been posting less.
Today will be a photo festival!!

A while ago, Techi and I took a little trip to Kamakura.
It was a gourmet trip:
Seafood, etc. Hand-made udon noodles, etc.

And we also went to Enoshima ♥♥
The sea is so great!!

So, let's get going....

12 October 2016

Sasaki Kumi, Kakizaki Memi, Agomi

In her blog, Sasaki Kumi of Hiragana Keyaki writes about "Black Riding Hood." She says:

Actually, this cute Black Riding Hood is Kakizaki Memi, and an incident happened involving her. 

On a certain day, everything was making Memi laugh, and I was happily fanning the flames of hilarity.

But suddenly, Memi's voice started to shake. "What? What happened?" I wondered....


It's Agomi!!!

On KeyaKake she said that sometimes her jaw wouldn't stop shaking, and her friends called her "Agomi."

[Note: This means something like "Jaw-mi." Memi said it was a nickname she hated. She said that her jaw sometimes shook when she was nervous, or cold, or when she laughed too much.]

So right in front of us, here was Agomi. Her jaw was really shaking a lot.

Hiragana Keyaki -- Their time is coming, but please not yet

Kaizaki memi and Katou Shiho
The senbatsu for Keyakizaka46's third single will be announced next Sunday on the Keyakitte, Kakenai? TV show. Some people are saying a couple of Hiragana Keyaki members should be included.

I am a big fan of a number of the Hiraganas, but I say: not yet.

For one thing, don't break up a winning combination. The 21-member Keyakizaka46 senbatsu has done great things over the past six months, and has grown in competence in every way. And the massive, disciplined senbatsu makes a special impression.

For another thing, I don't think the Hiraganas can be ready. Look at how much more prepared the main group is than it was a few months ago. No matter how cute, interesting, and talented the Hiraganas are -- and I think several of them are all three -- they have not had time to be forged into the kind of performers the Kanji Keyakis have become. Maybe in the spring....

Meanwhile, let's see them as regulars on the Keyakake TV show. I think it won't take long for them to become less nervous, to get to know the Kanjis better, and to gain popularity. Then it may be time to think about how to give some of them a bigger performing role.

As I say, that does not mean I am not a fan. Let's take a look at a few recent photos of members of Hiragana Keyaki:

Naako and the red (black) riding hoods

At last weekend's handshake event, Nagasawa Nanako dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. At the same time, Hiragana Keyaki members Kageyama Yuuka and Kakizaka Memi went together as Red Riding Hood and Black Riding Hood.

Naako (right, age 19) with Kageyama Yuuka (15)

...and with Kakizaki Memi (14)

In her blog, Naako decided the three should call themselves "The Red Riding Hoods." She wrote: