18 February 2019

Watanabe Miho blog: Feelings about the name-change to Hinatazaka

Acceptance and determination

Watanabe Miho

Hello, everyone!
It's Watanabe Miho, of Hiragana Keyaki, now changed to Hinatazaka46.
It's a strange feeling.
I'm gradually, gradually getting used to it.
Actually, I'd already thought of changing the opening and ending of my posts.
On the 24th of this month I'll turn 19,
And I was thinking I might change them that day
But it's come a little sooner than I expected ( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )‬
And I still haven't quite decided what to make them.
I'll decide soon!
On the SHOWROOM the day before yesterday a lot of announcements were made.

At first, my head was full of a lot of things,
But after  while I calmed down and was able to think about the situation.

[Things announced on SHOWROOM]
Independent single debut!
The CD will be released on March 27 (pre-orders now!)
Orders for individual handshake events will start February 14
On https://fortunemusic.jp/ ☁︎☁︎

Mechakari tie-up
Will continue, please feel welcome
To borrow as many outfits as you like  ☜

17 February 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: TV and Magazine appearances, plus recent photos

Skytree,   334

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!!

Quick announcements:

In the Weekly Shounen Sunday now on sale
I was given the cover.
Valentine, muffler,
The wintry-feeling feature was fun!!
Be sure to!

On 23 February at 9pm
I have been given the chance to appear on
Discovering Wonders of the World!!

The Hitoshi-kun doll in real life!!!!
Some amazing things happened!!
Please be sure to watch this, too.