10 December 2016

Nagahama Neru blog post: song, life, fate

"2016, early winter. the Neru Story begins --"

Apple. 146.

Nagahama Neru

Hello ~

Has everyone avoided getting a cold?
Are you all okay...?

As for me, I wake up every morning with a sore throat.
I'm doing battle with the dryness.

I'm looking for an air purifier
But there are so many kinds that I don't know what to get (´-`).。oO

I want a simple one, without too many functions.
If you have a recommendation, definitely send it to Nagahama.

The day before yesterday, we performed at the FNS Song Festival, first night.

It's a program I watch every year.
To think that we would be sitting at those round tables.
It was a very, very blessed and luxurious time.

Hearing a voice directly really is wonderful ~
To hear so many songs I love moved me deeply.

09 December 2016

Enka and Keyakizaka: Utacon

If Keyakizaka46 keep appearing on the Utacon TV show, I might become an enka fan.

This is the second time they have been on the enka-focused pop music show, and the weird, exaggerated, overemotional traditional sound is beginning to work its magic on me.

Last week, they appeared on the show with Ichikawa Yukino, a well-known enka singer with a tragic history that is perfect for the genre. With her tall, graceful figure, the 40-year-old singer came close to tears both before and during her performance.

And afterwards, she took this photo with Keyakizaka46, apologizing for being so tall she blocked sight of some members:

She said in her blog that the group was both well-mannered and cute. She said she had enjoyed their first hit, Silent Majority, and would now be listening to Futari Saison, which they performed on the show. She pointed out that they would also be on the Kouhaku New Year's show, as she would.

K46 member popularity as measured by mentions in Twitter profiles

There's a guy on 2channel who posts monthly compilations of how often each member of Keyakizaka46 (Kanji and Hiragana) is included in someone's Twitter profile in Japan. This is a rough measure of how much each member is supported by fans on Twitter.

Neru is far and away the most popular member, by this measure. Manaka comes second, Risa third, and Hirate only fourth. Here's today's list:

name - mentions (increase Nov9-Dec9)
Nagahama Neru 長濱ねる 3,610 (267)
Shida Manaka 志田愛佳 2,601 (319)
Watanabe Risa 渡邉理佐 2,390 (238)
Hirate Yurina 平手友梨奈 2,267 (269)
Imaizumi Yui 今泉佑唯 2,030 (171)
Watanabe Rika 渡辺梨加 1,824 (98)
Sugai Yuuka 菅井友香 1,584 (219)
Koike Minami 小池美波 1,183 (178)
Kobayashi Yui 小林由依 1,170 (31)
Moriya Akane 守屋茜 884 (172)
Uemura Rina 上村莉菜 877 (81)

Katou Shiho blog post: UTB+ magazine offshots

UTB+-san ( ・ω・)

Katou Shiho
Good evening!
It's Katou Shiho of Hiragana Keyakizaka46 (・ω・)

Today, December 9, UTB+ magazine comes out  (・O・)!♡

From Hiragana Keyaki, Nagahama Neru, Katou Shiho/Sasaki Kumi/Saitou Kyouko, and Ushio Sarina/Kageyama Yuuka/Takamoto Ayaka/Sasaki Mirei will be in the magazine.

 I was photographed together with Kiku-chan (Sasaki Kumi) and Kyonko (Saitou Kyouko).

Offshots ♡

08 December 2016

Sugai Yuuka blog post: FNS song festival

FNS Song Festival first night

Sugai Yuuka

Hello ☀︎

What kind of day is everyone having today *Ü*?

I intended to upload a blog post yesterday
And I'd drafted it to my satisfaction
But then I carelessly forgot to press "send." 
I just noticed ( ºΔº )

What a shock ~ (´•ω•̥`)
I'm so sorry...

The day before yesterday, we had the chance to appear on NHK's Utacon
To be with wonderful performers like that, whom we had seen on television
Made us very nervous. 

To be back-up singers for Itsuki Hiroshi-san on Yoake no Blues was such a privilege.
But Itsuki-san greeted us so warmly, it made us extremely happy ( ;∀;)

Truly, thank you very much!

Kakizaki Memi blog post: snip-snip


Kakizaki Memi

It's Kakizaki Memi.

Yesterday, Top Yell came out.
It has Mirei, Mei and Memi -- the three members whose names start with "m," lol.

A poster comes with it, too. 
Please be sure to take a look (๑•᎑•๑)

07 December 2016

Otona wa Shinjitekurenai -- translated lyrics (Keyakizaka46)

Here's a translation of the lyrics to Keyakizaka46's Otona wa Shinjitekurenai, from the Futari Saison CD (all types). Words by Akimoto Yasushi.

Feel free to use and edit the translation as you wish. Suggestions welcome.

1. English. 2. Romaji. 3. Kanji/Kana

1. Adults Don't Believe Me

There's nothing good going on.
Every day is boring.
There's nothing I want to do.
I don't have a single dream.

My heart keeps on screaming
But no-one is listening

Adults don't believe me.
I'm so alone
But they don't see I'm in the depths of despair.
And why? Believe me I really wanna die, don’t ya know?
Why? No way I can find my sign.

Somewhere on a pile of garbage
Crows are cawing.
I don't care if people hate me
I don't want anything like love.

Nijika blog post: Neru, Sugai, Utacon, FNS

Message from Nijika \ ♪♪ / Utacon ♪

Ishimori Nijika

Hellowoof U•ω•U

Today was the Utacon live broadcast
Thank you very much ~(੭*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭♡

We didn't just do Futari Saison,
We were also given the privilege of singing Yoake no Blues
With Itsuki Hiroshi-san ✩°。⋆

Along with Neru, I've become one of the Parka People

Neru: too perfect?

Pictures of Nagahama Neru on the Yahoo Search Awards show have become a topic of discussion on 2channel.

"Is there a man alive who would not be slain by her upward glance?"

"I'm considering making her my oshi, but she's too perfect. It would be better if she had more faults."

Here she is talking with awards show co-host Tsuchida Teruyuki, who is also co-host of Keyakitte, Kakenai:

More comments from 2channel:

"She looks like she's about to laugh."

"She can smile so gently because it's Tsuchida."

Bokutachi no Sensou translated lyrics

Here is my attempt at a translation of Bokutachi no Sensou. The driving main rhythm, punctuated by many smaller rhythms from the voices, made this one of my early favorites on the Futari Saison CD.

Our War

When I heard that your father was against us being together
I threw the plastic bottle beside me against the wall.
The cap came off and foam surged out without stopping (feelings)
What does he know about me?

What "calm down"?
If you convince me to,
What kind of face should I make?
Just give up and leave?
Who will you find who's
Better suited to you than me?

There is only one love.
If we lose it here, we'll never find another.
Don't let go of my hand.
Whatever happens
I'll give my life to making you happy.

06 December 2016

Miyawake Sakura and Yamazaki Rena talk about Keyakizaka46 in their blogs

In her blog for Tuesday, Miyawake Sakura of AKB48 and HKT48 says:

The other day, Keyakizaka46
Performed Otona wa Shinjite Kurenai.
It was totally cool.

Berisa was outstanding.
Techi was terrific.
I loved the line of Berisa, Berika and Neru.
And Suzumoto-chan was really cool.

While we're on the subject
Memi-chan of Hiragana Keyaki
Is so cute.

The performance she's referring to was at the end of KeyaKake on Sunday night, and everything she says is true.

Nagahama Neru blog post #145, 6 December 2016


Our first one-man live
Is coming closer and closer.

Excited and nervous...

We're working hard to take responsibility
For making those two special days of Christmas fun
For the people who come to spend them with Keyakizaka46!

In advance of the show, we're having things called "ear monitors" made for us.
This is how they record the shape of our ears.
Even though the ear is small, they pack this strange object into it.

This is a commemorative photo of the thing in my ear.

05 December 2016

Ishimori Nijika blog post for Suzumoto's birthday

Message from Nijika \ ♪♪ /Suzumoto's birthday♪ 

Ishimori Nijika

Good eveningwoof U•ω•U

Today was Miyu's 19th birthday (ˊ˘ˋ*)

Miyu looks cute with bangs, but in fact it's true: Miyu showing her forehead is the cutest ( ˊ꒳ˋ ) ᐝ

She always wakes up cheerful. She's the cutest. I love Miyu ❤︎"❤︎"❤︎"
It's such a comforting sight to see her petulantly getting Oda Nana to do things for her (* ॑꒳ ॑* )⋆*

We're now the same age ◌˳⚛˚⌖っ All the best, eh ♡*°

Suzumoto Miyu's birthday blog post: "I never thought I'd be an idol, of all things!"

Thaaaank you!!

Suzumoto Miyu


I have an announcement for everyone!

Today I turned 19 ー (*´ω`)ゝ

The last year of my teens.

It really is too soon to start thinking that I'm going to turn 20 next....

My dream had always been to make people smile by working in a cake shop or a patisserie or doing make-up....
I would never have imagined that I would become an idol, of all things ^ ^