26 April 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Nagasawa Nanako turns 22

Naako-chan,  341

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Hello! Pakatsu!
We're starting! I am Neru-chan!

(From Kawadashi Cooking)   [note: a YouTube channel]

Tokyo has been extremely hot recently.
It's summer... I want to eat soumen!

I far prefer winter,
But the long evening light
And the early light in the morning
Somehow seem nice.

Today, April 23rd
Is Naako-chan's birthday!

22 years old!
Happy birthday!

Let's have fun times together again this year, eh.

23 April 2019

Kakizaki Memi's surprising comic performance on HINABINGO (with video)

Here's Memi's surprising comedy performance from last weekend's HINABINGO. She did an impression of comic Nishimura Hiyocho 西村ヒロチョ:

And here's the original, from Nishimura-san's YouTube channel:

22 April 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: New clothes, new music

Bands,     340

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

How are you doing?

I recently changed my wardrobe over!
I bought new, lighter clothing!

A few days ago,
I went to see Choice 19,
Omoida Yarou A Team vs. tofubeats.

It was really something.
It gave the feeling of being both
Super cool and super intense.

My manager told me about Omoida Yarou.
I fell in love with them the moment I heard them...

I want to recommend them to everyone!!
I've already sent a Message about them〜(^ν^)

tofubeats are also really outstanding,
I enjoy them a lot.
I went alone, thinking: "Being an adult is fantastic!"

And also that
You really have to come across things at the right time:
People and music and books and films.

But it's also important to look for them yourself!

Nagahama Neru blog: 3rd Anniversary live, Graduation exhibit, photobook

Anniversary Live,  339

Nagahama Neru


April 4-5-6
Were Keyakizaka46's 3rd Year Anniversary lives.

To all of you who came to Osaka,
Or to live viewings around the country,
Thank you very much!

It's three years since Kekaizaka46's debut
On April 6th.

A short time can feel quite long,
But this really passed in a flash.
Such a full time.