30 September 2017

Keyakizaka46 member greeting-cards for October 2017

This month, just about all of the Hiraganas' cards are excellent: Memi, Takamoto, Toshi-chan, etc., etc.

On the other hand it's a bit of a down month for Kanji, partly because Satou Shiori does something much simpler than usual. But Koike and Kobayashi are still excellent, and I like this month's pig card from Fuu-chan.

But the big plus for Kanji is that Imaizumi has a card this month:

Imaizumi Yui 今泉佑唯 -- "I want to go looking for taro. Please tell me about some gourmet taro dishes. I really look forward to seeing you all soon."


Nagasawa Nanako's comic strip for October

Naako is now drawing a new 4-panel comic for each of her monthly greeting cards. Here's the strip for October:

For handshake events and the tour,
     we rode the Shinkansen a lot

En route, there was a lot of time to kill.

(right) Kobayashi - a girl writing her blog

(left) Yonetani - a girl eating dinner

And there were lots of tired members sleeping.

(right, dreaming of bread) Pe-chan

(left) Naako

Suzumoto took "full precautions" while she slept:
Neck pillow

(She's dreaming of chestnuts)

Also, check out the October edition of Ribon (girls' manga magazine), which will feature "a member of Keyakizaka46 who has always loved Ribon." We know that Naako loves Ribon, so....

And see Naako's strip in context on her October greeting card in this next post, which shows the greeting cards of all 32 1st-gen members of Keyakizaka.

27 September 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Shame at leaving, praise for Hiragana Keyaki

Young Leaves,  234

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.
I'm sorry for taking so long to update.

Not long ago,
I was released from my position as a member of both Kanji Keyaki and Hiragana Keyaki
To become a member of Kanji Keyaki alone.
And it was also announced that
I would not be in either the drama or the Hiragana national tour.

I really apologize,
Not so much for the fact I was not up to it,
But for failing to fulfil what was expected of me,
For giving everyone unhappy feelings,
And for causing so much trouble.

From my heart, thank you to everyone
Who went to the Sapporo performance.
For me not to be there
Made me feel sick at heart.
I truly apologize.

Suzumoto Miyu: Chestnut time with Kuritaro

from: Yahoo Life Magazine

The taste of autumn is chestnuts! So we asked Kuritaro -- Suzumoto Miyu of Keyakizaka46 -- what chestnut sweets she would like to have this fall. She got the nickname Kuritaro ("chestnut boy") because she loves chestnuts so much. What chestnut sweets is she looking at? Here is some heart-warming talk about chestnuts.

25 September 2017

Mechakari TV ad: The new single?

A new mechakari TV ad features a full-scale performance of a bit of a new song by Keyakizaka46 that is probably the new single.

Mechakari is now reaping the benefits of having been the first company to do ads with Keyakizaka46. Even before Silent Majority, they had made an agreement with the group and were producing brilliant little PVs advertising their service.

24 September 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Thank you, Neru!

Repaying kindness

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

On the KeyaKake that was broadcast today, they announced the senbatsu for the 5th single.

Just as it has been up to now, the 5th single senbatsu is the 21 members of Kanji Keyaki.

But there's one more thing:
It was announced that Neru will just be in Kanji Keyaki.

Right after I heard about this, my feelings, honestly,
Were desolate sadness and anxiety.
Negative feelings welled up in me.