02 December 2016

Kageyama Yuuka's blog post for Kakizaki Memi's birthday


Kageyama Yuuka
3 December 2016

In athletics today at school, we did basketball!

I scraped my hand and bruised my foot!

I wasn't being careful not to hurt myself!

 Tee-hee. Lol.

Good evening! It's Kageyama Yuuka (っ´ω`c)

Today is Memii's birthday!

She's 15 -- Yaay! イエ───(σ≧∀≦)σ───ィ

I think you know that Memii and I are both in third-year middle school.

We're in the same year, but our natures and what we like and how we think are all completely opposite.

But we're similar in that you soon find out what it is we think. Lol.

Memii always takes things on by herself and perseveres with them. I often think I should offer my help more.

But I'm not strong enough to really do anything.

I want to become as determined as Memii is!

When I see Memii, I think: "I should work harder, too." We're both the same age and both in Hiragana Keyaki...

I want be a bit of help to Memii  (*゚v゚*)
But all I do is cause her trouble …(´・_・`)

I'm not a good writer, so this post has gotten all confused. I'm sorry!
To sum it up: I love Memii!!! Lol.

( ・⊝・ )

( ̄▽ ̄)

 So please treat the third-year middle school combo well from now on ( ̄▽ ̄)

 Oh! And I recommend the issue of BUBKA that goes on sale today! Lol.

And with that 〜( ̄▽ ̄)
see you soon...  ♡

-- Kageyama Yuuka

2016/12/03 02:19

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