13 April 2019

HINABINGO: MC Koyabu Kazutoyo and Hinatazaka46 are ready to put themselves on the line

The host of HINABINGO, which starts Monday night at 1:29am, will be top Osaka comedian Koyabu Kazutoyo, famous for his harsh insult humour, but also chairman of the troupe that has a theatre in Osaka and puts on the long-running weekly TV show Yoshimoto New Comedy. He is an important figure in the entertainment world, particularly in Osaka. Here is a translation of a preview article on Abema Times:

Hinatazaka46: Will Koyabu's hard training make a new kind of appeal blossom? Sasaki Kumi: "I've never seen this Kakizaki before."

2019.04.11   14:00

Hinatazaka46's "Giving Their All! Hinatazaka46 Variety HINABINGO!" will start 16 April on the NTV network. The first episode was recorded recently in the Capital.

HINABINGO is a new program in which Hinatazaka46, who changed their name from Hiragana Keyakizaka46 and released their debut single Kyun on 27 March, will hurl themselves at the challenge of variety training. The MC will be Koyabu Kazutoyo 小籔千豊, chairman of Yoshimoto New Comedy.

Hinatazaka46 only learned at the recording session that the MC would be Koyabu. When Koyabu appeared in the studio, Higashimura Mei, who is from Nara Prefecture, burst into tears. She said joyfully that to see the chairman of New Comedy appear "made me very, very happy. I love him."

The first episode followed the theme of finding out if the members of Hinatazaka were straightforward people or not. Kakizaki Memi was the first to take up the challenge, and she had the studio in an uproar. Captain Sasaki Kumi commented: "This is the first time I've ever seen this Kakizaki."

After the recording, the members of Hinatazaka46 gathered around Koyabu for a discussion. Sasaki Mirei said, with determination: "It's the first time we've worked with someone who makes such outspoken comments. I think that receiving such harsh comments will be good training. We'll do our best."

10 April 2019

Watanabe Miho blogs about Kakizaki Memi

Watanabe, whom the Snow Princess's magic turned into a cat

2019.04.10  01:19
Watanabe Miho

Hello everyone ( ・ᴗ・ )
It's Watanabe Miho of Hinatazaka46

April 6 was the day Keyakizaka46 debuted.
Congratulations on their third anniversary.

It's nostalgic to remember buying all the types of Silent Majority...
The seniors whom I have always loved and admired,
And the promising 2nd generation members....

For me who three years ago was in a different world, as a fan,
It makes me so happy to have been able to see the constantly changing Keyakizaka46 up close.
I think that from now on, they will continue to show us many new scenes...
And at the same time, they will stimulate us to do better.
Once again, congratulations on your third year!
Let's continue to get along well from now on.

08 April 2019

Kakizaki Memi notes: Mechakari ads, Road Relay Exhaustion

There's a great series of surreal "mannequin" Mechakari web ads out now, with multiple appearances by all Hinatazaka members -- particularly Memi. The basic idea is mannequins in a store window with time on their hands because everyone is renting clothes from Mechakari rather than buying them at a store.

First, here is one of the main ads, this one featuring Memi, Takase Mana, Sasaki Mirei and 2gen Kamimura Hinano.

Memi: We've got a lot of time on our hands. Mana: What are those art objects about? Memi: You can have a free one-month trial with Mechakari. Mana: That's the zero, eh. Mirei: What? Y5800 turns into zero? Hinano: So you get three garments [at a time] for zero? Memi: "That's right" (in English). Mirei: So that's why this store has zero customers? All: "That's right."