23 December 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Idol and Read magazine


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

I'm in the IDOL AND READ
That came out December 20th.
I was given the back cover!!!!

Thank you very much (。>_<。) ♥

In any case, the outfits were super cute and the photo session was a lot of fun

Kakizaki Memi draws rave reviews for her acting in Re:Mind #10

Episode #10 of the Hiragana Keyaki drama Re:Mind was broadcast Thursday night and it belonged to Memi. She dominated the second half of the episode with her intense performance.

Here are some Japanese posts:

-- ...for a first dramatic performance by an idol, this was outrageous. The way she went from anger to being seized by madness to philosophic despair. Her instant-by-instant series of amazing expressions made me think of Jack Nicholson. This may be carving out new territory for an idol drama.  (Twitter @erohi)

-- the director of episodes 7 and 8 wrote that the director of ep10 contacted him just before the broadcast to say that Memi had awakened as an actress in ep10. He said that it was a precious moment, and something he had never witnessed, to actually see an idol (unconsciously) sprout forth as an actress.

-- Now we've seen what Memi can really do. Outstanding!

-- The scene where she was apologizing to MiiPan and Kumi with such scornful eyes. Amazing.

-- It was fantastic the way she made that long speech with such a changing flow of expressions. I want to see her on stage. Her voice shook me, and made me wonder if I had ever seen anything like this before.

-- Continuous goosebumps.

-- Memi-chan showed the acting ability to become an actress.

-- Memi was terrific. I wonder if offers for other dramas will come in.

-- Memi was so grand at the end

And this on Twitter from @kizuna_no_21: "Really, Memi was amazing. Her acting was realistic and powerful and draining. Her changing tempo drew you along. And her expressions were beyond wonderful. Her performance of someone who was mentally overwhelmed and breaking down was immensely skilful. And her elocution and tone were outstanding.

"Her face when she was leaning back against the back of the chair at the end. Her trance-like expression when she seemed to welcome death...."

-- ...Her acting when she was driven to the wall was fantastic.

-- Memi's realistic acting was intense.

-- Memi-chan really did it. The first half was Kyonko's crying, in the latter half, Memi made me shiver with fear.

-- Memi-chan's acting when she was going mad was, in a word, magnificent.

-- Memi's acting was outstanding when she did not want to be where she was, and did not want to die, but her feelings were falling apart and she was going mad and wanted it all to be over.

-- Memi unrivalled

-- Memi's acting was amazing, superb.

I feel a bit sorry for Manafi and Mii-Pan. In ep7, I thought Manafi was excellent. And Mii-Pan has been good all along. But Memi's performance threw everything else into the shade. She seemed to be inhabited by her character. 

But note that the director said she "sprouted" as an actress. This is just the first step. She was not a pro actress, just the beginnings of one. Memi's name means "sprout-fruit," which is meant to imply she is a flower, the stage in a plant between sprout and fruit. I eagerly await the appearance of the flower.

19 December 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Photobook on sale today!

From here...  526

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

Today, the photo album went on sale.

From when the photography was done in July to today,
I've been excited the whole time.

Truly, truly
It is due to you that this day has become possible.

All of you, and all the people around me,
Have been warm and kind to me from their hearts....

It's a precious, precious volume.

The theme of the collection is "youth and eternity."

No matter what age people are, and no matter how much time has gone by,
I hope the book will make them think: "This is nice."
That's the kind of collection I have wanted to make.

I have packed it with feelings like this.

I hope you will go through it at leisure,
And look at it all, every bit of it.

18 December 2017

Kakizaki Memi: Ushio Sarina talks about Memi's injury

Memi and Sarina
As she recuperates from her broken wrist, Kakizaki Memi is quiet on the blog front, and is just returning to Message -- including a mention that she'd like to get back to Nagano and see some snow.

But Ushio Sarina, in her blog, goes into a bit more detail about the accident:

"On our last day of roller-skating practice, during the last check, Memi fell. Asked, 'Are you okay?' she answered, 'I'm fine!!' with a smile. But just to be sure, they said they'd take her to the hospital.

We kept on with our lessons.

While we were still there practicing, Memi came back wearing a cast. I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. I remembered how Memi looked saying we would definitely make a success of this live, and my tears flowed even more.

I hadn't felt so upset in a long time. 

Memi's eyes were full of tears, but she was still smiling.

I was so happy to be able to sing that final
W-KEYAKIZAKA no Uta together.

During lessons and during the live, Memi was always with us!! Everyone's feelings were one.

Thank you, Memi."

Nagahama Neru blog: Photobook goes on sale tomorrow!

Headphones,  525

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today, starting in the morning,
I was at Shibuya Tsutaya [bookstore]

When I got to the waiting room...!
Look!! Fantastic!!! Cute!!

17 December 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: New mask CM, Paripi-chan, Keya Kake in Nagasaki, the photobook comes out in 1 day

Action,   524

Nagahama Neru

Good evening...

Today in Tokyo,
There wasn't a single cloud in the sky!!

The weather today was the kind I like the most.
Although the wind was cold, I felt the warmth of the sun.

Starting tomorrow, KOWA's new commercial
For the 3D Mask will be on TV.

I was fighting...
The medal on my cheek