22 October 2016

Neru blog post after Perfect Halloween show

On Saturday evening, K46 performed at the Perfect Halloween show at Yokohama Arena. They, Radio Fish and Choutokkyuu ("Super Express") all did sets, and K46 performed with Radio Fish on their song Golden Tower and then with both other groups on the finale, Radio Fish's Perfect Human.


Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today we were given the chance to perform at
Nippon Housou's Perfect Halloween 2016.

First time at Yokohama Arena.
My heart wouldn't stop pounding!

And then we were given the chance to perform
with Radio Fish and Choutokkyuu ( ◜︎◡︎◝︎ )

We got the chance to collaborate, and to cover their songs with them.
The lingering feelings from such a glorious event...

It was the first showing of our Halloween outfits:

21 October 2016

Nagahama Neru talks about the senbatsu, Fate, and Keyakizaka46

Neru's most recent blog post.


Nagahama Neru

Neru peeking out from a previous blog post
Good evening. I'm sorry for being so late updating my blog.

Last weekend, the senbatsu for the 3rd single was announced.
This time I have again been given the role of
performing in both Kanji Keyaki and Hiragana Keyaki.

And my position in the senbatsu is in the 2nd row, right in the middle.

I will face this without running away from myself
And will fulfill my responsibilities.

Speaking personally,
To perform in both again
Makes me extremely happy, and quite relieved.

With this single, too
I want Keyakizaka46 to be more and more well-known,
And to bring more and more happiness
To the people who have told us they like us.

All 32 of us will definitely create a wonderful single.

I think we will be able to show people a Keyakizaka
that is different again from what they have seen before.
I am certain that this time, too, everything will be great.

Please just wait a little longer!

20 October 2016

Imaizumi Yui's blog post about the senbatsu changes in Keyakizaka46

Imaizumi Yui has finally broken her silence about the changes in the senbatsu, and the fact that she has been put in the second row.

She has made two posts since the announcements: she didn't mention the senbatsu at all in the first, and she just promised in the last line of the second to say something about it the next time. And she has.

Zuumin is very ambitious. She has singing talent and has made herself a good dancer, and she has always seen herself as Hirate Yurina's rival for centre. This seeming demotion must have been a hard blow, very disorienting for her. I think it is less a demotion than just a hiatus to give others a chance to show themselves. The second row she is part of is the solid middle of the group, its bulwark and strength. The people management thinks can be depended on.

Despite what must be bitter disappointment, she seems to have responded as well as she possibly could, offering her support to Hirate and the new front members, and promising to work hard for the sake of the group. Like Yui, I have included no photos in this serious post.


Senbatsu Announcement

Good evening!

For the third single
I have been selected for the 8th position, in the second row.

For the first and second singles, when I assumed a position in the front, I was worried that my inability would cause problems, so I gave my all to the performance.

Honestly, I was really scared.
I wondered if it was okay for someone with no dance experience to be in front.