18 December 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: The year ending; photobook rankings; going from bar to bar

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Nagahama Neru


The days rattle by
And suddenly it's mid-December.
A feeling of year's end ~

At Countdown Japan I really want to hear Okuda Tamio --
When I sent out that message
I got a surprising number of letters back from everyone.

My father likes him a lot.
We have often watched the DVD together
Of him singing and talking live at the Hiroshima City baseball stadium.

What an exciting year-end it is.

My photobook "Koko Kara"
Has gotten 2nd place among photobooks
In the Amazon annual book rankings.

And in the Amazon ranking awards
It got 2nd place in the entertainment section!

Kakizaki Memi: "I'll spend the winter doing as much burikko as I want"

Lots of good reaction to the new talkative Memi in last weekend's Hiragana Oshi. She and Manamo were "seeded" top burikkos and the other members took their turn trying to do burikko (pleadingly seductive) gestures, to hilarious effect.

While the others were trying their hand, Memi was next to Kasuga doing commentary. She said she was surprised how much potential Miho showed as a burikko. Lol. Me, too.

The line that got the most reaction -- almost to the point of becoming a meme -- was that this winter she would "do [burikko] as much as I want" (やり放題 yarihoudai). She thought that girls were cutest in winter, with mufflers and gloves, etc. All this she explained with a nice mix of cute, direct, and ironic.

"I'll do it as much as I want"

17 December 2018

Nogizaka's Akimoto Manatsu praises the Hiragana Keyaki Christmas lives

In her Monday blog, Akimoto Manatsu of Nogizaka46 says she and Shiraishi Mai went to one of Hiragana Keyaki's Christmas lives at Budoukan and had a wonderful time. Here is an excerpt from her blog:

Hello (。・ω・。)

It's gotten quite frigid.
Have you all caught colds yet?

As for me, hay fever aside, I'm in pretty good health (^^)

Recently, I went with Maiyan to watch
Hiragana Christmas 2018 ♪

We really enjoyed it!
We both got into very high spirits ♥

Our mood became "HAPPY"!

16 December 2018