21 April 2018

Kakizaki Memi blog: Lady-Apple, handshake with Miho, concert delay, new tour...plus photos


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi 

In the catering were tiny apples
Cute ♡

Hiragana Keyaki album delay, June-July Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour

At Saturday's handshake event mini-live there were two Hiragana announcements:
1. The release of the album has been delayed from 23 May to 20 June.
2. Hiragana will do an eight-event tour with lives in Tokyo (1), Yokohama (3), Nagoya (2) and Osaka (2).

Yokohama June 4-5-6 (Pacifico Yokohama National Great Hall, max seats 5002)
Tokyo June 13 (Tokyo International Forum Hall A, seats 5012)
Osaka June 27-28 (Osaka Festival Hall, seats 2700)
Nagoya July 2-3 (Nagoya Century Hall, seats 3000)
all seats ¥6800, reserved. fan club first, starting Sunday.

Osaka Festival Hall

20 April 2018

Keyakizaka Saturday handshake event schedule and line-up, with current pics

The event at Makuhari Messe in Chiba (very close to Tokyo) is already beginning. Line-ups began over two hours ago and the doors are just opening now, at 9:30am, for the mini-live, which will start at 11:30 and go for a half-hour.

9 am

You now get tickets for either the mini-live or the handshake session. Doors open for handshake at noon, and sessions begin at 1:30 and stop at 6pm.

19 April 2018

Nagahama Neru news: Quiz queen, reselling Neru magazines, Neru had top grade in 2015 Keyaki auditions

Neru is on the cover of Nagasaki's monthly official info/tourist magazine. It's given away free at city offices, libraries, etc. This issue includes pictures, story and interview with Neru. It has been available since the beginning of April.

But it turns out that copies of the magazine have been turning up on auction sites. The city says that resale of the magazine is forbidden. But the mags keep being put up for auction. They apparently go for a few hundred yen (i.e., a few dollars).

A city representative says this is particularly odd since you can download a pdf of the magazine on the city's official site. Here.

More tanuki magic.

15 April 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: Nagasaki music festival, Kochi Hoshi radio in the Northeast

Embroidery,  284

Nagahama Neru

Good morning!

It's already hot in Tokyo.
How is it where all of you are?!

It feels like the arrival of summer!

And if it's summer...!

The annual Nagasaki
"Sky Jamboree" festival will take place.

This is the SukaJan's
20th year!

A line-up of top artists is being announced!
"My Hair" will be there

The outdoor stage at Inasayama park
Is really just the best!
I think I'll go myself!