09 March 2019

Tomita Suzuka blog: Hono-chan, Hinano, sleeping on Miho


Tomita Suzuka

Good evening.
It's Tomita Suzuka of Hinatazaka46 (。•ㅅ•。)

Today was a national handshake event for the 8th single!

I got up the courage to talk to Tamura Hono-chan...
We did a squishy pose together

I want to call her "Honyo-chan." I wonder if that would be okay ( ̄▽ ̄)

07 March 2019

Nagahama Neru blog post: Graduation!!!

Announcement,  335

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today I have
An important announcement for everyone.

Since I was able to join the group in November 2016
Almost 3-1/2 years have passed.

With people I love
In the midst of many new encounters
I have been given day after day of enjoyable activities.

Every day I thought
Am I living a dream from which I will never wake up?

After 16 years in which I wandered around aimlessly
These three years
Have been running and running all the time.
It felt as if I was always in the midst of brilliant lights.

No matter which of my memories I look at,
It's like a fantasy of dazzling enjoyment.

This is a sudden announcement,
But after the 8th single
I will graduate from Keyakizaka46.