11 January 2019

Nagahama Neru blog post: Miho's photobook, Neru's coming-of-age broadcast

Coming of Age Day,   327

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

Did you see Whisper of the Heart today?

I thought of how many times I went to the library back home
To watch it.
The feeling of nostalgia gave me a tug in the chest.

And also,
Miho-chan's photobook Hidamari
Comes out next eek.

I got a preview,
And it's a warm and adorable photo collection,

ChanMiho signed it for me! Happy

08 January 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Five films over New Year's; Goddess Pe-chan

Pe-chan,   326

Nagahama Neru


Around New Year's, I watched five films!

Yesterday, I watched A Cook at the South Pole.
Before that, I watched A Silent Voice.
And before that I watched Carol,
Ally, and Lion.

Oh, and I also saw Minion...
And I watched Begin Again for the second time...!

Please, everyone, tell me what films you recommend...

Supremely cute photos of Pe-chan.


It's very chilly out, be careful not to catch cold, eh.
Thank you for reading.

Nagahama Neru
posted 2019/01/09   11:55h

For anyone who doesn't know, "Pe-chan" is Neru's fellow Keyakizaka46 member Watanabe Rika. Her nickname is the name of her cat, Pe.

Here are the Japanese names of the films Neru saw: 
A Cook at the South Pole -- 南極料理人
A Silent Voice -- 聲の形
Carol -- キャロル
Ally  -- アリー
Lion -- ライオン
Minion -- ミニオン
Begin Again -- はじまりのうた

Only the first two are originally Japanese.


Keyakizaka member popularity, as measured by inclusion in Japanese Twitter profiles

One way of gauging entertainers' popularity is to count how many times members are included in Twitter profiles. If you put someone in your profile, you probably really like them.

These Keyaki numbers are generated every month or so by a poster on 5channel, who counts only Japanese Twitter.

The top names by far remain Nagahama Neru, Hirate Yurina and Watanabe Risa. But when we look at the increase from late October's count to this count on the last day of 2018, we see good news for Hiragana, too. Risa is the top gainer, but the new Hiragana centre Kosaka Nao has gained more mentions than Neru (!), second only to Risa. And the members who stand beside her now, Kakizaki Memi and Watanabe Miho, are both in the top seven gainers.

The other big gainer I see is Suzumoto Miyu, who gained the sixth-most of any member.

Here are the full lists: first by absolute numbers, then by gains over the two months.

Mentions in Twitter profiles
[★=Gana 1gen ☆=Gana 2gen]
※()in brackets=increase 10/26 to year-end

14,452 Nagahama Neru (+315)
13,749 Hirate Yurina (+284)
12,036 Watanabe Risa (+398)

*7,745 Sugai Yuuka (+196)
*7,424 Watanabe Rika (+177)
*7,114 Kobayashi Yui (+149)
*4,751 Koike Minami (+157)
*3,877 Suzumoto Miyu (+268)
*3,540 Moriya Akane (+49)
*3,418★Saitou Kyouko (+176)
*3,149 Uemura Rina (+57)

07 January 2019

Managers being recruited for Keyakizaka

Seed & Flower, the Sony company that manages both Keyakizaka groups, has announced that it is recruiting managers for the groups.

Experience favored but not required. Monthly salary Y300,000 (just under $3000). Hours of work 11am to 7:30pm. All social insurance fees paid, two days off a week, three-month trial period, transport costs paid, annual vacation after six months' employment.

English-speakers are not the target audience here, but I have translated the recruitment call, just to let people dream. I'll talk about it more after the translation.


  • Major recruitment call for staff of quickly advancing idol groups Keyakizaka46/Hiragana Keyakizaka46!
  • Seeking candidates overflowing with ambition, with or without experience, who are interested in the entertainment world, and will convey excitement to fans.
  • Those who will spare no effort in dealing with people and who take careful pains in doing their work are especially welcomed.
  • Management and administrative personnel are also being recruited.
  • Those with experience especially welcomed.
  • Large recruitment of managers for Keyakizaka46/Hiragana Keyakizaka46!
  • Those with experience especially welcomed.

Suzumoto Miyu blog: Happy New Year; 2018 went by quickly; a formal kimono; her dog(s) at home

Suzumoto Miyu

Good evening.

Happy New Year 

It's 2019...

Last year seemed to go by so quickly.

It was a very full year, with many events, both happy and sad.

I don't know what will happen this year, but I hope to enjoy it with everyone.

It would be good if we had lots of live performances...


06 January 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: The new film "A Star is Born"

Films,   325

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

I've just seen the film A Star is Born,
Starring Lady Gaga.

I kind of want toPut my feelings into writing,
But it feels as if it would be difficult and clumsy.

Maybe I'll just say a bit (which is it?)

It was so heartbreaking,
But after it I somehow felt determined.

The thing that gives me encouragement every day is music.
But what gives me determination for each program I do is film,
Or so it seemed to me.

For me, it seems everyone is different,
And that's a very wonderful thing.

Nagahama Neru blog: Kouhaku and New Year's

New Year's,  324

Nagahama Neru

Happy New Year!

Kouhaku was like a dream...

Garasu wo Ware! and
The opening and the ending and
Backstage looking out at the stage, as well:
Every moment was a vision.

Did you all watch?

Nagahama Neru blog: Countdown Japan

Emerald Green,   323

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

Today was Countdown Japan!
It was terrific...
Very, very enjoyable.

Although we had to leave right away,
I was just able to see some bands I like ( '-' )b

That was the highlight!
I saw two bands!!
I wanted to see more...!