11 May 2018

Hiragana Keyaki members' personal questionnaires from Hiragana Oshi

These are the questionnaires Hiragana members filled out before the first episode of Hiragana Oshi. The hosts used some of their answers over the first four episodes, but the members say a lot more about themselves.

Names in alphabetical order, gen1 and gen2 mixed.

Hamagishi Hiyori

15   born 9/28/2002   from Fukuoka   2gen
Nickname: Hiyo-tan
Tall 15-year-old Hamagishi Hiyori from Fukuoka, the youngest member, in 3rd year middle school” [now 1st year high school]
Charm point: Big forehead
Interests: Collecting Fuchiko-in-a-cup figures; collecting slime
Skills: Making slime; making neat hair-buns
Like about myself: Teeth
Dislike about myself: Easily bored
Foods I like: Tomato, cheese
Foods I don’t like: Sweet pepper, bitter melon, mushrooms
Clubs & training: Classical ballet
Person I admire:  Saitou Kyouko
Past life: Dog [she corrected that to "human being" on the show]
Nickname I hate: Hey! Keyaki!

Higashimura Mei

19   born 8/23/1998   from Nara   1gen
Nickname: MeiMei
I'm Higashimura Mei, representing Nara Prefecture, going at my own pace
Charm point: Eyes
Interests: Shopping
Skills: Color-guard flag and rifle exercises; braiding hair quickly
Like about myself: Going at my own pace
Dislike about myself: Bad at explaining things
Foods I like: Sweet potato
Foods I don’t like: Sweet peppers
Clubs & training: Color guard, tea ceremony, swimming
Person I admire:  Shiraishi Mai
Nickname I hate: Yancharu Mei-chan  ["naughty little Mei-chan"]
Something I can’t accept: winter cold

09 May 2018

Kakizaki Memi blog: Hiragana Keyaki 2nd Anniversary

2nd Anniversary

Kakizaki Memi

It's Kakizaki Memi.

Two years have passed since the 1st generation members joined Hiragana Keyaki 

Two years already! Amazing 

Kakizaki Memi blog: Kage-chan's birthday


Kakizaki Memi

It's Kakizaki Memi.

May 8th was when the 1gens joined Hiragana Keyakizak46!

But that's not all:

It Kage-chan's birthday! 

Kage  Happy Birthday

Neru's letter to Marika: I'll support you forever

Neru gave Marika a spray of flowers -- which appears to include baby's breath, Neru's favorite flower -- congratulating her on her graduation, and saying she would "support her forever."

To Marika--

Congratulations on your graduation. I will support you for ever and ever.

-- Neru

06 May 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: Viva La Pop event, handshake event, new world heritage sites in Nagasaki

Negitoro,  288

Nagahama Neru


At Saitama Super Arena
We will perform in Viva la Pop!

Because I'll also be doing
A collaboration with Oomori Seiko
My heart is pounding with nervousness and anticipation. 

What an honour, what an opportunity!
Truly, thank you very much 

Please be absolutely sure to come by!