13 May 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Chicken wings and funny photo with Manaka

Chicken wings

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Today was the Nagoya national handshake event.

With Shida-san ♥

Kakizaki Memi blog: Forehead and Manaka


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Tomorrow is the national handshake event in Nagoya.
I'm in a lane with Shida-san!
Shida-san oshis, please treat me well *_ _)

I'll be waiting for you (*˙˘˙*)!

I've discovered a hairstyle that will prevent my bangs being  problem during lessons!
↓ This

12 May 2017

Suzumoto Miyu: Keyakizaka's #1 child of nature

In her blog, Moriya Akane reports that recording of the new drama has gone to a new location in a natural area, by a river.

She says that lots of members like nature, but that Suzumoto was the group's #1 child of nature. She went straight for the river and walked in the cold water:

Techi-Neru: still a thing

In her radio show today Hirate Yurina tells how Neru has been all over her recently, lying on her when she's asleep at a desk, getting in bed with her -- always there, beside her or holding her.

In Friday's Kochi Sei radio show, Techi says that they have been recording the new drama (which will go on air next Thursday) for almost two months, since the latter half of March. She says that in the drama, her and Neru's characters spend a lot of time together. They have even taken to calling each other by their characters' names: Yuzuki (Hirate) and Miko (Neru).

In her own blog, Neru has said that during recording, the members spend almost all their time with each other, and has asked: "What do you call a relationship that is closer than family?"

Hirate says that Neru sticks to her all the time. She uses the word petapeta, which is the sound of a flat surface hitting another surface, like sticking paper onto something. It is used when you pat someone's cheek.

Neru and Techi on Keyakitte, Kakenai

Hirate Yurina blog: April post, May post, more photos

One post in March, one in April, now one in May (but this one posted for her by Harada Aoi). Blogging is just not Techi's thing.

It's been a while

Hirate Yurina

Good evening.

Starting this week, I, Hirate Yurina, have been given the third week of the month on the radio show SCHOOL OF LOCK! GIRLS LOCKS!

On the first day, I was extremely nervous.
I apologize for being so totally nervous that I couldn't speak well and garbled my words.

On the second day, I made the first return phone call.
I was still nervous, but the senpai I called actually cried...(´・・`)
I didn't know what to do...(lol)
But I really enjoyed the call.

I was happy that I got so much more time to talk with her than I do at handshake events and so on.
I want to call many more people!

On the third day, we went out for blossom-viewing!
I didn't realize you could do things like this on the radio...
What a surprise.

11 May 2017

Neru blog: latest blog post plus highlights from the past month

Subjective symptoms,   195

Nagahama Neru

Good evening...

I took a photo of
The sky reflected in a rice-field!!!

Thank you very much for reading my blog.

Nagahama Neru

Kakizaki Memi blog: Memi/Kage photo shoot, plus photo highlights from the past month

Same-year combi

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Kageyama Yuuka and I were in the BOMB magazine that came out yesterday.

Keyakizaka46 member greeting cards for May

Here are the greeting cards for May -- this month with little summaries of what they say. In Japanese alphabetical order. My favorites are Koike, Suzumoto, Memi and Takamoto.


Ishimori Nijika 石森虹花  (She gives the date/time of the first broadcast of the new drama and says that she turns 20 on 7 May. She says how nice it is to get closer to her dreams and  become able to do more things. She invites people to come to handshake events to meet the 20-year-old her.)



10 May 2017

Suzumoto Miyu blog: catching up on the last month

I haven't been able to post (or even read) much over the past month, so here is a bit of a recap of Miyu's blog. Fortunately for me, her pace of posting has slowed down as they work hard every day on the drama.

In her most recent post (May 1), Miyu talks about being eager to get summer makeup. She was so taken with some cute eye-shadow that she went ahead and bought some:

After the who-loves-whom Keyakake show, Miyu posted this pic, saying sadly that Oda wasn't in it (28 April):