01 July 2017

Keyakizaka46 member greeting cards for July 2017

Here are the members' greeting cards for July, in Japanese alphabetical order (i.e., kana order).

Best Satou Shiori card yet, in my opinion. The kanji for "physical strength" or "stamina" portrayed as people, with the lower one kicking off her loafer (as in the Eccentric choreography). Nijika also refers to physical strength: the members all know this will be a tough summer.

Another great card from Koike Minami, and Kobayashi Yui just gets better and better. I'm beginning to get used to Fuu-chan's cards featuring a pig that seems to be her self-image. I still wish it weren't.

A new manga from Naako, showing Mii-chan putting on one of those big down coats they wear to keep warm...and finding candies in the pocket, left by a previous wearer.

Hirate does another of her terrible "master painter" portraits of this month's birthday girls: Risa and Habu.

Memi and Neru both ask what people's wishes are on Tanabata -- then both say their own wishes are secret. Both these people have a natural inclination to tease. Saitou Kyouko says her own wish is that Hiragana Keyaki becomes a group everyone loves.

Higashimura Mei's card is pretty and charming. I like Sasaki Mirei's, too, but I do wonder what Hikoboshi is doing to/with Orihime at the lower left.

Ishimori Nijika 石森虹花

Nagahama Neru blog: Music Day, Showroom, and gratitude to staff

Striped,  217

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

After this,
I'm going to join Sugai Yuuka's Showroom.
It starts at 11pm o( ˆ‐ˆ )o

That's late,
But it's Saturday!!
If you like, please watch.

Just now,
We performed on Music Day!

To stand on such a grand stage
Is truly an honour.
Thank you very much.

Neru and Saitou Fuyuka

30 June 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: On three TV shows in two days

Shupahn,  216

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

I'll be appearing on
Nagasaki NHK's
"What if Nagasaki were the centre of Japan"
Today at 7pm.

We'll delve into local dialect!!
(Broadcast only in Nagasaki)

It really makes me happy to have work in my home town.
I want to help everyone love Nagasaki o( ˆ‐ˆ )o

And after that
I will appear on tv asahi's Music Station
Starting at 8pm.
It will be a two-hour special ( *˙-˙* )

Please be sure to watch~

Sugai Yuuka, Satou Shiori, Nagahama Neru, (Harada Aoi?)

Kakizaki Memi blog: Magazine photos and big ears

Ears that stick out

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

I'm in the special issue of BOG magazine, "Fresh Big One Girls," that comes out today!

A red dress.
I've always wanted one
Wearing it made me happy~~‹‹\(´ω` )/›› ‹‹\(  ´)/›› ‹‹\( ´ω`)/››

Kakizaki Memi blog: Sorry for making you worry. I'm fine.

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening.
This is Kakizaki Memi.
It has been a while.

First, I want to apologize for causing you trouble and making you worry.
I'm healthy and happy. I'm fine!

To all those who came to the national handshake event a few days ago, truly, thank you very much.

To those who lined up in our lane but did not get a chance to shake hands, I truly apologize...

And I apologize for ending up not being at the individual handshake event.
Please be sure to keep your handshake vouchers, for future exchange. 

I love you all!!

When I'm worried, or feel discouraged, I read fan-letters, and remember all of you, and think: "Okay, let's go!"
I get a lot of power from you
I will work harder and harder to give you back happiness and good spirits.

Please continue to give me your support from now on!

27 June 2017

Shida Manaka blog: Keyaki love


Shida Manaka

I'm in BLT magazine!

I enjoyed the amusement park.

And the title is amazing. Maybe my favorite ever!

I still look at pictures and videos of the members and laugh away by myself at them.
I got a video from Danii that I can't help roaring with laughter at.
The members truly understand me. As long as I have that I'm okay.

Everyone in Keyaki: keep making me laugh.

Nagahama Neru blog: Warm hearts at a handshake event

False Rumour,  215

Nagahama Neru


I'm listening to Hata Motohiro's Girl non-stop.
One song on repeat for an hour! ( *˙-˙* )

I happened to hear it on television
And it was love at first sight!

At the individual handshake event recently,
The first person who came to see me
Was a girl coming for the first time.

Coming to a handshake event for the first time,
With only one ticket, but who had really been looking forward to it!

When she told me that,
It really made me feel good from the heart.