02 February 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: Cat Day...not

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Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

January is suddenly over.
It's February 2nd today.

Nyit's Cat Day...or so I thought.
Looking it up, it's February 22nd.

Kakizaki Memi: Long and revealing interview from Idol & Read magazine


Kakizaki Memi -- Hiragana Keyakizaka46

20,000 word interview from IDOL AND READ magazine #013, December 2017

With our increase in numbers, I want us to grow into a major group that is as well-known as Kanji Keyaki. 

Interviewer -- I’d like to start by hearing about the time before you entered Hiragana Keyaki. To begin with, please tell me about your family structure. You have an elder sister, don't you? 

Memi: Yes. My mother and father and a sister two years older. Four people.

-- And you come from Nagano prefecture.

Memi: I grew up in Nagano.

01 February 2018

Hiragana Keyaki triumphs at Budoukan, gets own album. Photos and set-lists

At the end of three triumphant nights at Budoukan, it was announced that Hiragana Keyaki would get its own album.

Here are some photos, followed by the setlists for all three nights.

The album is announced!

Members react with tears of joy

30 January 2018

Hiragana Keyaki at Budoukan: Day One Set List

Hiragana Keyaki's first of three Budoukan lives seems to have been a big success.

Lots of enthusiastic comments, many mentioning the "happy aura" that filled the stage and the hall.

  • The first encore was a new song, possibly centred by Mii-Pan (Sasaki Mirei), that's getting good comments. Lyrics sounded to people like a statement that they intend to catch up to Kanji, almost a declaration of war.
  • Memi did Neru's part in Dare Tobe, shooting about 5 metres up into the air (so someone Tweeted) from the stage lift -- despite her recently broken wrist....
  • The 2gens did Nogi's Oide Shampoo, with Kawata Hina at centre.
  • Kanjis including at least Neru, Pon and Mona were in the VIP seats, and Neru and Pon were dancing at various points. (Konno-san was also there)
  • Kage is great at the poetry reading in SekaAi (as we already knew). She also did the scream, and really well.
  • pre-show voice announcements by Hina-chan, Paripi, and Manamo (2gens)

Nagahama Neru blog: TV Quiz. Nagasaki festival. New single.

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Nagahama Neru

Good evening!!

This was announced yesterday, but
Our 6th single will come out March 7!

Hyaa. Thank you very much

I want to get it to everyone soon.
I'm tremendously excited.

Definitely, look forward to it.

(red nose)

And also,
Tomorrow, the 31st, at 8pm
I'm on
Cream Quiz Miracle 9.

This time, for sure, I'll get through to the final stage!!
Please watch

Also, somehow
I've been given the role of Empress in the Emperor's parade
At the 2018 Nagasaki Lantern Festival.

Although people in the Prefecture will know this already,
It's truly a startling honour. Unbelievable.

My grandmother was the happiest!

I will carry out my duty with everything I've got.

It's on February 24 from 2pm to 4pm!
Definitely, please feel welcome.

Another month is over...

Thank you very much for reading.

Nagahama Neru
posted 180130  17:35h

This was posted at 5:35 on Tuesday. The first Hiragana Budoukan live started at 6pm, and Neru was in the VIP seats, with Pon and Mona. At a couple of points -- Dare Tobe in particular -- Neru and Pon were up dancing in their seats.

The Nagasaki Lantern Festival appears to be a big deal. It's a tourist festival based on the traditional Chinese Lantern festival that comes two weeks after Lunar New Year. I believe the Nagasaki festival carries on for about two weeks. Here are some photos. The Emperor and Empress are carried through the streets in palanquins borne by 20 men or so. Neru's Emperor will be the president of Nagasaki University, a famous medical researcher and administrator.

The festival seems to take over downtown, spreading out from Chinatown. It attracts about a million visits each year.

Empress Neru. Has a nice ring to it.

And the Nagasaki Shinbun had another big piece about Neru on Sunday, talking about her photobook being a bestseller, and her connection with the Goto Islands: