08 October 2016

Nagahama Neru:...and she can cook, too

Is there nothing she can't do? It turns out now that in high school, Neru got an honorable mention in a cooking contest in Nagasaki that was open to adults.

The contest was for cooking based on ingredients from the Nagasaki area, and was called the "Delicious Nagasaki Recipe Contest." 

Neru's recipe was for "Nagasaki BBQ You Can Eat With Your Hands," and was a cornet-folded crepe with a filling of sliced Japanese beef, sliced kabocha pumpkin grilled with olive oil, a stick of asparagus and half a carrot (both boiled "to keep the flavour"), and a mini-tomato cut in half -- all produced in the Nagasaki area. With chili sauce to taste.

07 October 2016

Neru tops list of Keyakizaka46 member mentions in Japanese Twitter profiles

Neru at the Miracle 9 quiz show studio
Someone on 2channel is checking monthly how many times each Keyakizaka member is mentioned in Japanese Twitter profiles. (They are probably using this tool.)

The full list is below, but in any case, Neru is far and away the most mentioned, with just over 3000 mentions. Za Cool comes next, with Mona a bit over 2000 and Risa just under it. Techi is close behind...in fourth place.

Zuumin is behind her, then Rika, then Sugai, then Yui-Pon. And Mii-chan's growing popularity shows in the fact she comes right after her. Uemura comes next, but after a gap.

The Hiragana-chans are at the bottom of the list, but one of them -- Katou Shiho -- comes just above the last Kanji -- Fuu-chan. Memi and Kumi come next.

Bringing up the rear, for the moment, is Mii-pon (Sasaki Mirei). But the striking new UTB+ photo feature on Mirei, Neru and Shiho may change that. Check out "keyakizakamatome.tumblr.com".

The first number in the table is total mentions, the second (in parentheses) is increase since the poster's last list, on September 5. Only Mii-pon went down. A search of Neru shows that she has increased by another dozen over the past day or less, to 3093.

06 October 2016

Nagahama Neru's blog post reflecting on her TV quiz show appearance

Neru's blog post following the broadcast of her appearance on the TV quiz show Miracle 9, where she was so attractive and, despite her great nervousness, was able to answer a question that helped win her team a million yen. She is straightforward about her panic and deeply gracious toward the other performers. "Clams" was one of her wrong answers.


Clams, 134

Nagahama Neru

Good evening〜〜

Thank you very much
To everyone who watched yesterday's Miracle 9.

I was really very nervous,
So nervous I couldn't breathe!!!

My co-performers were really kind.
Even when we weren't recording
They spoke with me
And helped me gradually become less nervous!

All of them,
In addition to being highly refined people,
Were overflowing with compassion and kindness.
It made a deep impression on me.

During the bonus stage,
When the nervousness reached a peak
And I couldn't answer at all,

I was looking across at the cheering section
And when Ooya Shizuka-san of AKB48 nodded at me
From far away as if to say "It's okay, it's okay ( ◜︎◡︎◝︎ )"
Uwaaahhh (ToT) ♥♥♥♥
(I was so moved that I can't put it in words)

05 October 2016

TV quiz show: Neru's answer helps win her team a million yen

On the Miracle 9 TV quiz show Wednesday evening, Neru's final answer helped win her nine-person team a prize of a million yen (~$10,000).

"Congratulations on winning a million yen"

In a three-hour special, the well-known quiz show Miracle 9 pitted two nine-person teams against each other. Neru's final answer, about English grammar, helped her team win the final round and the prize. What will she do with her winnings? "Go out and eat grilled meat."

02 October 2016

Takase Mana (Hiragana Keyaki) buys Nogizaka/My Melody goods

Sanrio has brought out a line of Nogizaka46 x My Melody goods, through 7/11. Takase says My Melody are her favorite animation characters, and Ikuta Erika is her favorite member of Nogizaka.

Not leaving anything to chance, she ordered what she wanted online: a T-shirt, a keyholder and a little stuffy with a photo of Iku-chan.

She says she will work hard to someday be a person whose goods someone would want.

Memi finds two four-leaf clovers

Kakizaki Memi is management's tentative choice for centre among the new members of Hiragana Keyaki. Fortune seems to favour her in other ways, too: she recently found two four-leaf clovers.

"I wasn't looking for them at all!
I was really just walking along and happened to see them
Luckyyy ( ´罒`*)✧
It's nice when good things happen ~♪"

Kumi, Memi and Shiho -- "The Surreal"

Sasaki Kumi (20), Katou Shiho (18) and Kakizaki Memi (14) seem to be together often, especially considering that Memi lives at home in Nagano, and not in Tokyo.

Both older members of Hiragana Keyaki have professed that they get cases of "Kakizaki loss" when Memi is not around.

Now Kumi has come up with a provisional name for the trio. You've heard of Za Kuuru ("The Cool," Shida Manaka and Watanabe Risa). Kumi has called the Hiragana three Za Shuuru ("The Surreal").

She has posted photos to prove it. Such as this one of Kumi and Shiho playing with Memi's hair: "Since Memii's hair is so long, we can play with it to our heart's content":

And this is the photo Kumi called "The Surreal":