27 October 2018

Iguchi Mao blog: Photos of Kakizaki Memi, "burikko"

"Snack Mao" night 2

Iguchi Mao

-- "Burikko" is the highest compliment -- ["a girl who acts cute to attract guys," see note below]

The guest
On the second night of Snack Mao
Was Kakizaki Memi-chan

Thank you for coming to our shop

25 October 2018

Kosaka Nao: Hiragana Keyaki's new centre?

Translation of a Yahoo Japan "Real Music" column, posted this week.

Hiragana Keyaki: will 2nd-generation member Kosaka Nao become centre? 

-- My feelings after seeing the TV ad featuring their new song Joyful Love.

Hiragana Keyaki’s new song, Joyful Love, is being used in the new Mechakari ad now on air. Mechakari is a fashion rental app that Keyakizaka46 were image characters for. Now it is Hiragana Keyaki in a “Mechakari x Hiragana Keyakizaka46” collaboration.

Hiragana 2nd-generation member Kosaka Nao 小坂菜緒 acts as the main figure in the ad. Fans are asking: “Is Kosaka finally centre?” Her overwhelming visuals have had people calling her the next centre right from her debut. So I thought I would look into Kosaka’s appeal.

22 October 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: A little boy, a metor shower, and how I curl my bangs

Tangerine-colour,  307

Nagahama Neru

Good evening...

Walking to the station today,
A boy came running toward me (he was about 7)
And just before it seemed as if he would run into me,
In order to avoid that,
He hugged me!

I was like:
Hey, wai... what...?

"I'm really sorry!" he said
And rushed away.

He did a nice formal apology,
Taking his cap off.
Maybe he was on his way to play baseball...
It comforted me to think that, anyway.

But really, more than all that, he was so cute....
Big sister was surprised, lol.

On Message and at handshake,
I'm asked how I curl my bangs.

21 October 2018

Keyakizaka46 group photobook -- the new one and the one from 2015

A Keyakizaka46 photobook has been announced as their first, to come out in November. However, there was another little group photobook way back in 2015, produced just after the group was formed.

It was produced so early in the group's history that it contained pictures of Harada Mayu, the member whose affair with a former teacher got her kicked out of the group before they had really done anything. That is probably why you don't see much about that book any more. That and the fact it came out before Neru joined the group. And although it's called a "book," it may just have been a feature in a magazine.

Here's the possible cover of the new book, along with a page from the old one, which was entitled "Welcome to Keyakizaka46."

That's Hirate Yurina in the new pic, and Hirate Yurina second from right in the pic from three years ago. Much has happened in the years between....