30 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Summer; alone to Lauv's live in Osaka

Somen,   345

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

How are things going?
Now it's really gotten hot, eh.

I've finally
Made this year's air conditioning debut.
And somen debut, too!

Have you done other summery things?

A few days ago
I went alone to Osaka to see
Lauv's live!

I was unhappy that I would be working
On the days of the Tokyo and Nagoya performances.
This was the first time I'd gone on a long journey to see a live.

The live was so, so great
I was mesmerized and clapped and clapped.
I'm so glad I went to Osaka...!
I'm still immersed in the lingering memories.

Going by myself, I could only watch alone,
But the person beside me, a girl about my own age, spoke to me:
"Are you by yourself? I am, too!"

We spoke just a bit after that.
During the live she said to me:
"Look over here"....

I was surprised and pleased, quite in a flutter!