12 August 2016

Takase Mana of Hiragana Keyaki...waiting for the Nagoya handshake event

Takase Mana of Hiragana Keyaki looks forward to the Nagoya handshake event, which begins in just under six hours from now. She is also asking for people to listen for her in the mini-live, which begins in 3-1/2 hours.

Here's her blog post, from 6-8 hours ago:


Takase Mana

Hello (。・ω・)ノ゙

Finally, tomorrow is the National Handshake Event!!
I do feel a bit uneasy, but I can’t stop myself from looking forward so much to meeting everyone!
Please talk to me at lot, okay! Lol.

I wonder if I’ll get any sleep tonight...(´・ω・`)

A message from Hirate Yurina to the other members of Keyakizaka46

From Yurina's blog, posted about an hour ago:

As always, I truly thank you.

I'm sorry for the trouble I cause you.

Let's keep doing our best!

I love you.

11 August 2016

Nagasawa Nanako's feelings about appearing on Mezamashi Live

On Thursday, Keyakizaka46 performed live outdoors for Mezamashi Live. Reactions are appearing on various members' blogs, but I was moved, once again, by the feelings of long-time idol fan, and now idol herself, Nagasawa Nanako:


Mezamashi Live

Good evening-naako (○´ー`○)

Today was Mezamashi Live!

Nanako having shaved ice after the performance

Every year
I watched Mezamashi Live on TV
And the idols coming on stage.
I kept begging my parents:
“I want to go to Odaiba!”

I always envied the audience,
Seeing them so excited
And having so much fun.

09 August 2016

SekaAi -- release day marketing: Neru, Aoi, Nanako, Hiragana Keyaki...

Keyakizaka46 is busy on Wednesday, release day for its second single, Sekai ni wa Ai shika Nai.

In her blog, Nagahama Neru says that K46 seems to have taken over the Tsutaya store in Shibuya. She is very appreciative. There are big signs for each member, each sign written on by the member herself. Here's Aoi with hers. Note that she has made sure we realize she has grown half a centimeter:

Even Hiragana Keyaki has been involved. You can see all around them how much K46 displays dominate the store:

Uemura Rina's an Ashu fan...

Uemuu scared a lot of people today with these words in a blog post:

My heart's full of noise
Recently, you know
I got a boyfriend
But for some reason I want to face the electic fan
And go "ahhh!" 


Fortunately, these are words from Nogizaka46's "Electric Fan," a song centered by Saitou Asuka, whose birthday it is today. Born Wednesday 10 August 1998, she is 18 today. Happy Birthday, Ashurin!:

07 August 2016

Nagasawa Nanako -- Idol-loving Idol

Before she became an idol, Keyakizaka46's Nagasawa Nanako was a fan of idols. Locked away in the countryside in Yamagata, idols were a beacon of light in the distance for her, shining in a happier world.

And on Sunday, she got to take a picture with one of the idols she loved most: Mochizuki Miyu of Bando ja Nai Mon! Here's her blog post commemorating the event.



...Today was a happy day...
I was able to take a photo
with an idol I love.

Here it is! I'm with Mochizuki Miyu of Bando ja Nai Mon!

When we met, she said: "Nanako-chan?"
It was so moving...・ヽ(;▽;)ノ♡

It made me very happy!