09 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Reiwa; photos with digital camera; answers to questions

Bob,   343

Nagahama Neru


We've burst into the Reiwa Era.
What was everyone doing yesterday
At the moment the date changed?

I can say "Reiwa,"
But I'm still not used to it.
I somehow feel a bit embarrassed...

Just a month ago,
There was no such word in this world.
But as soon as those unexpected kanji became the notation
We're seeing it all the time in magazine headlines
Society's powers of adaptation are amazing.

I'll leave that now.

But it's so exciting!
It feels like New Year's!

Here I'll post the photos I mentioned recently:

06 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Oze-chan takes over Kochi Hoshi radio; pics with a digital camera

Digital Camera,  342

Nagahama Neru


Yesterday was an individual handshake event in Yokohama!
Thank you very much
To everyone who came ٩( 'ω' )و

The Kochi Hoshi 3rd-generation main personality
Is Oze-chan!!
I really thank her. 

Oze-chan is so nice.
She speaks to everyone the same way, without distinction 
(It can be weirdly funny)
She's an elder sister with outstanding charm.
Kochi Hoshi looks like becoming a much more enjoyable show...

Takase Mana says Kakizaki Memi is fine

A tweet reports that, in handshake Monday afternoon, Takase Mana said that Memi is fine, and we should just wait for her return. They ate together on Sunday.

Makuhari Messe 6 May, session 2 handshake report
me: Um, I have something I would like to discuss with Manafi. For Memi's sake, is there anything you can tell us?
Fii: Just to wait. And that Memi is fine. I ate with her yesterday.
me: I see. Thank you for telling me!

のも(郵便屋さん)‏ @nomo_ganaota
5/6 幕張個握 2部 高瀬 3枚 握手レポ 自:まなふぃに相談があるんだけどさー。 芽実ちゃんのために自分たちに何か出来ることはないのかなー? ふぃ:待ってるだけでいいんだよ! それに元気だよ!芽実! 昨日も一緒にご飯食べたし。 自:そうなんだ!ありがとう。教えてくれて!

Another handshake guest says they asked Ushio Sarina, who said they had all eaten together on Monday, including Memi and Kage-chan. (すぎや@gigaccha)

The last bit of info we got before this was a tweet from Memi's father saying he had been up a mountain with his daughter, gathering flowers and lichen for an art exhibition. Close inspection of the figure in the background of the first photo (click to enlarge) suggests it was probably his elder daughter, not Memi.