01 December 2016

Happy Birthday to Kakizaki Memi, from Saitou Kyouko (Hiragana Keyaki)

Here's Saitou Kyouko's blog post congratulating Kakizaki Memi on her 15th birthday.

Congratulations, Memi!

Saitou Kyouko
2 December 2016

Today, December 2nd, is Memi-tan's (Kakizaki Memi's) birthday!!!!(≧∇≦)

 Memi-tan!! Congratulations! Congratulations! ♬(〃ω〃)

One thing I have to say when I'm telling someone about Memi-tan is:

She's so adult that you'd never think she was in third-year middle school ( › ·̮ ‹ )!!

What? Isn't she a kid? She's got a baby face! That's what people think.

She looks like she's younger than 15.

But inside, she's totally an adult !! ( ˙o˙ )

Her way of thinking is  extremely adult ( ⸝⸝•。•⸝⸝ )♬

Inside, I think she's the most adult member of Hiragana !!( ⸝⸝⸝•_•⸝⸝⸝ )♪

Whenever I don't understand, and say something that doesn't make sense,
She will definitely point it out ( ⸝⸝•。•⸝⸝ )!!

I'm used to having things pointed out to me by classmates my own age,
But when Memi-tan points things out to me, it's the first time I realize
That I really haven't become an adult yet ( ⸝⸝⸝•_•⸝⸝⸝ )!!

There are lots of things that I think I should learn by observation that I've got from Memi-tan !!( ˊᵕˋ )♪

I really respect the perfect Memi-tan, who learns by observing things around her,
like an adult (꒪⌓︎꒪) ← and she's four years younger than I am

To repeat, happy 15th birthday! ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )

Make it a wonderful year, eh (^_-)!!

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