16 August 2019

Takase Mana blog: Snow Princess Kakizaki Memi graduates

Snow Princess 

Takase Mana

Hello, everyone (。・ω・)ノ゙
It's Takase Mana

After this handshake event, Memi's graduation ceremony was held.
Now she has really graduated.
I still don't feel it's real.
No matter when I see her, she's always the Snow Princess Angel

14 August 2019

Takamoto Ayaka blog: Kakizaki Memi graduates...but we still go out to eat together

Snow falling on a hot day....

Takamoto Ayaka
2019.08.15  06:53h

Hello, it's Takamoto Ayaka.

First, at the recent Nagoya individual handshake event,
I was given some sessions off because of my physical condition.

I apologize to everyone who came to see me.
I wanted to talk to everyone, too, and I even started the day, but ended up reaching my limit.

However, the rest allowed me to recover and I'm fine now!

It really came home to me that I have not been looking after myself well enough.
Looking after your physical condition is an important part of the work.

I'll do my best to show people a happy and healthy me when we next meet.

I'm sorry for causing you so much worry.

13 August 2019

Memi's graduation dress has a name: "Going at things head on"

The elegant blue dress Memi wore at her Nagano graduation ceremony was from a Tokyo store called Lebecca Boutique. The director of the store tweeted that fact, and said it was an honour that Memi wore it.

The boutique gives the dresses it sells names. Memi's dress is called the "shoumen kara iku wanpisu 正面からいくワンピース,"  the "going at things head-on dress".

The shop is in the Laforet fashion mall in Harajuku, Tokyo. Here is an image of the dress from their online catalogue:

12 August 2019

Kakizaki Memi's final blog post: Thank you!

Thank you 

Kakizaki Memi
2019.08.12   09:28h

Good evening, it's Kakizaki Memi.

I graduated from Hinatazaka46 today!

Thank you very much for coming to the graduation ceremony, despite it being so late

03 August 2019

Nagahama Neru's final blog post

Thank you very much!     352

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!
This is now my final blog post.

My graduation event
"Conveying-thanks-with-all-my-might Day"
Has ended without incident!

Now I will take a breather.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank
All of you who have watched over me,
All of you who have sent me your thoughts,
All of you who have concerned yourselves with me.

And thank you very much
For listening to All Night Nippon!

15 July 2019

Nagahama Neru: Final handshake event

Handshake Event,   348

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Yesterday was my last handshake event.

Over about four years,
Various things have brought you to meet me,
And to everyone who has come:
Truly, truly, thank you very much!!

Gazing to my heart's content on all the lovely flowers and words,
I thought of you all...
And began to feel quite lonely.

09 July 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Aoi, Utada Hikaru, Shiina Ringo; getting ready for the graduation event

Adults,   347

Nagahama Neru


We're into July.
How is everybody getting on?

Aoi-chan has made her return!!!

I happened to have a chance to talk with her
And she was so nice that being together was calming.
She was the same Aoi-chan I love.

But at the same time
I worried whether I had changed.

A year is so long...!
Truly, truly, you have worked so hard!!