07 February 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Buying clothes for spring and getting rid of clothes for winter; TV drama.

Shopping,   330

Nagahama Neru


Suddenly, it's February. Hooray!
Today, it was especially mild, eh.

Winter seems a time when my acquisitiveness is in hibernation.
But with spring feeling as if it's coming,
The desire to shop has started waking from sleep.

As a 20th birthday present,
"I'll buy a new handbag!" I thought.
I held back for a long time,
But then I bought one!!! (Yay!)

And then I bought a spring outfit.
My winter clothing decluttering festival begins.

I wonder if Memi will still want them...
Maybe she'll say: "I don't want any more things like that!"
Big sister feels uneasy.

04 February 2019

Iguchi Mao blog -- Photos of Memi (plus video of a new Hiragana song)

Iguchi's Eye #1 -- Kakizaki Memi

Iguchi Mao

As for the title,
After complete confusion about whether to call it
First Champion Burikko Kakizaki Memi,
Snow Princess Kakizaki Memi, or
Strongest Babyface Kakizaki Memi,
I ended up calling it
Iguchi's Eye #1

I thought that
Mao's photos
Might be getting same.

So I rearranged things
A bit (lol).

Memi-chan waiting.