25 November 2016

Kakizaki Memi Talks About Crying During the Making of Hiragana's New MV

There hasn't been enough Kakizaka Memi talk recently, so here's her Friday blog post:

Snow *・。゚ 


Good evening. Kakizaki Memi here.

Yesterday was my first Showroom in a long time. 

I think this is the Showroom I've been most nervous for...lol.

How was Dare Yori mo Takaku Tobe ??
It's very different from Hiragana Keyaki --
Up-tempo and spirited. 

I guess people who saw the making-of video will know
That during the taping of the MV, I felt that I was not doing well
And ended up crying in disappointment and frustration...

Every time I watch the MV I think
"I wish I had smiled more !!(;_;)"

Visiting Minor Keyakizaka Holy Places in Tokyo

I just finished spending a few days in Tokyo. I'd never spent any time there before, and now know the city a lot better than before. I watched Kimi no Na wa and another film ("Midnight Diner") on the way home on JAL, and recognized some of the Tokyo settings.

It wasn't a Keyakizaka46 trip, but I did visit a few places I associate with the group. First is Keyakizaka itself, the street beside the Roppongi Hills shopping mall. The trees were in their Christmas illumination. This photo is taken looking east from the pedestrian bridge than spans Keyakizaka, connecting two parts of the mall.