21 May 2019

Interview: Saitou Kyouko and Kakizaki Memi (Hinatazaka46)

Interview from EX Taishuu magazine April 2019

  • Kyouko was thrilled that Hiragana Keyaki got a new name. It will allow them to progress
  • Memi was heartbroken to lose the name they had had for three years, even though she likes the new name. She doesn't sound that ambitious, just wants to perform happily
  • seeing her burikko performances made Kyouko realize Memi had something special. She thinks Memi is the most idol-like member of the group
  • Memi used to hate people calling her burikko, but finally accepted it
  • Memi has no objection to performing in any row
  • Kyouko works hard to be indispensable to everyone
  • when Memi was made co-centre for Hiragana Keyaki's first song, she kept wondering why they chose her
  • Memi loves Techi. She admires how Techi is straightforward with everyone and treats everyone the same, and wants to be like that herself
  • Kyouko's ideal idol is Ooshima Yuuko. Memi's is Matsuura Aya
  • Memi thinks rotating centres is better for an idol group; Kyouko isn't sure whether fixed or rotating is best
  • in addition to its "happy aura," Kyouko wants Hinatazaka to bring a "mischievous feeling" to the Sakamichi Series.