03 December 2016

She's baaack! Nagahama Neru's blog starts up again

After almost a month of no blog posts at all, Neru has returned with four posts in the past seven days.

She says she was given a month's leave from writing the blog. This was probably because she was in the midst of studying for and/or writing exams to get into college. But she doesn't explain.

In her first post, on November 26, she apologizes for not being able to let us know, and says she had saved up a number of things to talk about and will post fairly often.

Neru on the front and back covers of the January UTB+ magazine, out this week
She makes a point of saying what an honour it is to be invited to perform on Kouhaku. She says she is still surprised and has no reaction except to wonder if they really have the stature for this. But having been given this privilege, Keyakizaka46 will bring everything it has to the performance. She hopes it will enable the group to reach more and more people, and bring to life for them the wonderful words and music they have been given.

She says so many people like their songs and surround them with support, and she thanks them all from the bottom of her heart.

02 December 2016

Kageyama Yuuka's blog post for Kakizaki Memi's birthday


Kageyama Yuuka
3 December 2016

In athletics today at school, we did basketball!

I scraped my hand and bruised my foot!

I wasn't being careful not to hurt myself!

 Tee-hee. Lol.

Good evening! It's Kageyama Yuuka (っ´ω`c)

Today is Memii's birthday!

She's 15 -- Yaay! イエ───(σ≧∀≦)σ───ィ

I think you know that Memii and I are both in third-year middle school.

We're in the same year, but our natures and what we like and how we think are all completely opposite.

But we're similar in that you soon find out what it is we think. Lol.

Kakizaki Memi's 15th birthday blog post

15 years old!!!

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening! Kakizaki Memi here.

Today...is my 15th birthday!!!!!

I'm 15!!

I'm happy, but...
I was thinking that I wanted to stay 14 forever (lol)

My last photo as a 14-year-old:

I'm bidding farewell to my 14-year-old self ヾ(´・ω・`)

01 December 2016

Interview: Kakizaki Memi and Kageyama Yuuka, of Hiragana Keyaki

From the January 2017 issue of BUBKA magazine.

More outstanding talents in Keyakizaka46

Kakizaki Memi and Kageyama Yuuka: a new-century combo bursts into existence

Hirate Yurina is the new heroine, born in 2001. But she's not alone. There are two more members in Keyakizaka46 who are third-year middle-schoolers like her: Kakizaki Memi, with her stately good looks; and Kageyama Yuuka, with her enthusiasm for and rich knowledge about soccer. They are being talked about everywhere. We chase down the truth about this "new century combo."


-- You are Hiragana Keyaki's two middle-school members, so there is a feeling that you are a combo, isn't there?

Kakizaki: Is that so? Thank you.

Kageyama: We're good friends.

Kakizaki: Yes. We get along well.

Kageyama: I talked with Memi at the audition, when we were waiting.

Kakizaki: It was at the final judging, wasn't it?

Futari Saison sells 350K on first day, stores sell out

So Futari Saison seems to be Keyakizaka46's biggest hit yet. Tuesday and Wednesday have been a Saison festival in Japan.

The 3rd single sold 353,000 copies by the end of Tuesday, up over 100 thousand from first-day sales of 2nd single Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai. First-day sales of that were up 50 thousand from the group's 1st single and breakout hit, Silent Majority. Then it sold 30,000 copies on Wednesday, raising the total to 386,000. Sales of 400,000 in the first week seem to be a sure thing.

The big Tsutaya and Tower records stores in Shibuya (Tokyo) have extensive displays publicizing the record. Here are a couple of pics from Tsutaya:

Entering the store

Happy Birthday to Kakizaki Memi, from Saitou Kyouko (Hiragana Keyaki)

Here's Saitou Kyouko's blog post congratulating Kakizaki Memi on her 15th birthday.

Congratulations, Memi!

Saitou Kyouko
2 December 2016

Today, December 2nd, is Memi-tan's (Kakizaki Memi's) birthday!!!!(≧∇≦)

 Memi-tan!! Congratulations! Congratulations! ♬(〃ω〃)

One thing I have to say when I'm telling someone about Memi-tan is:

She's so adult that you'd never think she was in third-year middle school ( › ·̮ ‹ )!!