08 August 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: 73rd anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bomb. Zumiko's graduation.

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Nagahama Neru

Good morning.

Today, August 9th,
It is 73 years since an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

As well as reverently praying for happiness in the next world
For those who made the sacrifice,
I offer sympathy to all those
Who are suffering even now.

I hope this will be a day when we feel at least a bit
That enjoying the life we are living
Is something we will naturally do.

(Taken on this year's visit to Sannou Shrine)

07 August 2018

Hiragana Keyaki stage play Magia Record cast photo -- Kakizaki Memi in the centre

The Magia Record Twitter account just started up with this photo:

front l-r: Ushio, Tomita, Kakizaki, Sasaki Mirei, Watanabe Miho
rear: Nibu, Kawata, Kanemura, Takase, Saitou Kyouko
To me, Memi looks pretty happy to be where she is, in the centre. But she's smiling her gentle but rather real smile quite a bit recently.

06 August 2018

Nagahama Neru blog: Rock in Japan, 20th birthday approaching; plus gravure photos

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Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

Today, we appeared
At Rock in Japan 2018.

Truly, truly thank you very much
To everyone who came!

I hope you got through the day in good shape