24 August 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Sendai

Yumemakase,  229

Nagahama Neru


Yesterday and the day before were Sendai performances.
Thank you very much to those who came.

[Moriya Akane, Neru]

With the girl from Sendai. Matching braids.

Actually, it's my first time in the Northeast.
Sendai is niiice 〜( ◜࿀◝ )

After Nagasakai, Sendai
Has risen to second place in my ranking of cities I love!
(Personal investigation)

23 August 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Showroom, Sendai tour performance

Beef-tongue Power \( ´ω` )/✧*。

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening.
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Yesterday I did a Showroom broadcast!

As usual, I didn't speak much ~~~(;O;)


When I'm alone I can't get into talking!!

Next time I want to do a broadcast with Kikuchii (Sasaki Kumi).

Thank you very much to everyone who watched ( ˊᵕˋ )♡
Today was the national tour's first day in Sendai!!
It was fun! Thank you very much <(_ _*)>

We'll work with beef-tongue power to make tomorrow a much, muuuch better live (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

[Memi, Kageyama Yuuka, Katou Shiho]


Kakizaki Memi
_______________________________________ written evening 170822, posted by staff 170823  13:33h 

Beef-tongue is the famous specialty of Sendai.

I for one would rather see Memi do another Showroom alone. I don't want to listen to other people gab-gab. I'd rather listen to a few natural, authentic words from Memi as she responds to viewers' questions. And then watch her quietly studying the comments. Lol. Her Showroom was highly enjoyable. Just too short.

On Keyaki Message yesterday, Memi dropped six posts in a row: four funny portraits of herself done with the app SNOW (as a bunny, as the pokemon Nyaasu/Meowth, as a demon with horns, etc.). A post saying how much fun SNOW is. And a little video of a dancing bunny-creature with a stretched version of Memi's face. And then before the performance, she posted a pic of herself with Kage-chan, then after it a happy birthday pic of Higashimura Mei, who turns 19 on Wednesday.

Up to Tuesday, Memi was 25th out of 32 members for number of Keyaki Message posts in the three weeks or so it has been going. But her pace has been increasing recently. Kyonko was at 342, Naako at 258, Kage-chan 228, Aoi 153...Neru 112...Fuu-chan/Pe 61...Sugai 54...Memi 47...Suzumoto 36, Akanen 34...Shida 14...Zumiko2, Techi 1.

20 August 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Reading essays, and the responsibility of the performer

Sailboat,  228

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

Lately, I've been into essays.
Not writing them, but reading them!!!
The impetus came from Saori-san
Of Sekai no Owari,
Her series "Proposals From the Reading Room."

I read listening to a piece by Chopin that she mentioned,
And was immersed in its world as I enjoyed reading.

It would be presumptuous of me
To recommend it,
But in any case, I loved
The way Saori-san reeled out her words, and her expressiveness. Be sure to read some!

Essays are fun ~

Up to now, I have read just about only fiction
But recently I somehow unconsciously
Seem to be picking up essays.

Blog posts are essays, too, I guess.

Hirate Yurina: I hate class and studying

On her KochiHoshi radio show last Friday, Hirate Yurina came clean about how much she hates class and studying, and how bad she is at it.

A letter came from a listener: "I'm a high school girl from Tokyo. We recently had a test at school. I ended up with a mark of 19 (I'm crying)...and of course a make-up test. What can I do to be able to study? If you know, please tell me."

Hirate: To be frank, I'm terrible at studying, too. (laughs)

It's really no good (laughs). I'm also worrying what I should do (laughs).

But you wrote that you got 19 on the test. I think that's totally okay.

I've recently been thinking how much fun school is. Talking with everyone and so on.

But I really hate studying in class. I just hate it. What I hate most is those print-outs you get passed, and the test-papers to fill in that we got right from the start.

The worst thing is that from the beginning, I was put in the very front seat. I hate it so much that I wrote the line from the beginning of Getsuyoubi no Asa, Sukaato wo Kirareta: "Why do I have to go to school?" (laughs)