16 August 2019

Takase Mana blog: Snow Princess Kakizaki Memi graduates

Snow Princess 

Takase Mana

Hello, everyone (。・ω・)ノ゙
It's Takase Mana

After this handshake event, Memi's graduation ceremony was held.
Now she has really graduated.
I still don't feel it's real.
No matter when I see her, she's always the Snow Princess Angel

14 August 2019

Takamoto Ayaka blog: Kakizaki Memi graduates...but we still go out to eat together

Snow falling on a hot day....

Takamoto Ayaka
2019.08.15  06:53h

Hello, it's Takamoto Ayaka.

First, at the recent Nagoya individual handshake event,
I was given some sessions off because of my physical condition.

I apologize to everyone who came to see me.
I wanted to talk to everyone, too, and I even started the day, but ended up reaching my limit.

However, the rest allowed me to recover and I'm fine now!

It really came home to me that I have not been looking after myself well enough.
Looking after your physical condition is an important part of the work.

I'll do my best to show people a happy and healthy me when we next meet.

I'm sorry for causing you so much worry.

13 August 2019

Memi's graduation dress has a name: "Going at things head on"

The elegant blue dress Memi wore at her Nagano graduation ceremony was from a Tokyo store called Lebecca Boutique. The director of the store tweeted that fact, and said it was an honour that Memi wore it.

The boutique gives the dresses it sells names. Memi's dress is called the "shoumen kara iku wanpisu 正面からいくワンピース,"  the "going at things head-on dress".

The shop is in the Laforet fashion mall in Harajuku, Tokyo. Here is an image of the dress from their online catalogue:

12 August 2019

Kakizaki Memi's final blog post: Thank you!

Thank you 

Kakizaki Memi
2019.08.12   09:28h

Good evening, it's Kakizaki Memi.

I graduated from Hinatazaka46 today!

Thank you very much for coming to the graduation ceremony, despite it being so late

03 August 2019

Nagahama Neru's final blog post

Thank you very much!     352

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!
This is now my final blog post.

My graduation event
"Conveying-thanks-with-all-my-might Day"
Has ended without incident!

Now I will take a breather.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank
All of you who have watched over me,
All of you who have sent me your thoughts,
All of you who have concerned yourselves with me.

And thank you very much
For listening to All Night Nippon!

15 July 2019

Nagahama Neru: Final handshake event

Handshake Event,   348

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Yesterday was my last handshake event.

Over about four years,
Various things have brought you to meet me,
And to everyone who has come:
Truly, truly, thank you very much!!

Gazing to my heart's content on all the lovely flowers and words,
I thought of you all...
And began to feel quite lonely.

09 July 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Aoi, Utada Hikaru, Shiina Ringo; getting ready for the graduation event

Adults,   347

Nagahama Neru


We're into July.
How is everybody getting on?

Aoi-chan has made her return!!!

I happened to have a chance to talk with her
And she was so nice that being together was calming.
She was the same Aoi-chan I love.

But at the same time
I worried whether I had changed.

A year is so long...!
Truly, truly, you have worked so hard!!

30 June 2019

Sugai Yuuka blog: Kakizaki Memi

Thank you 

Sugai Yuuka

Good evening.

A few days ago, it was announced that Kakizaki Memi of Hinatazaka46 would graduate, and Hamagishi Hiyori would go on hiatus.

Memi-chan entered Hiragana Keyaki as a member of the first generation, so we have been working together since the early days.

When I heard she was graduating, I was shocked.
Even now I still don't want to believe it.

I wanted to carefully write all about her, and there ended up being so much that it never seemed to end.

When we were rehearsing together,
And when I watched her programs, her professional consciousness seemed so strong.

When I went to see the stage play Magia Record,
I remember being moved to the bottom of my heart by the way she had memorized such a huge amount of script, and by how she went out and boldly sang and acted.

I was able to work hard together with her as a member of the same Team Blue in Zambi.

In the fight scene, she really slammed into me, but I was able to withstand it.
At that time, the straight-ahead feeling in her eyes was overpowering.

She's an extremely hard worker and so cute. I respect her.

When Hiragana Keyaki became independent as Hinatazaka,
At out last joint mini-live at a national handshake event,
We had a little wind-up party.

Through our tears, we took a photo together
I remember it still.

28 June 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Thank you to Memi, my precious friend

High boots,   346

Nagahama Neru


How are you!
I recently bought some cute high boots,
But bit by bit the rain has stopped.

Maybe the rainy season is over....

A few days ago, it was announced
That I have been given a graduation event:
"Giving Thanks with All My Might Day."

From little children to adults,
Women and men...as many people as possible,
I'm hoping it will be an event I can enjoy with all of you.
I'm right in the midst of thinking about all this with the entire Keyakizaka team.

I will talk about the details
When they are released!

Pre-sales to fan-club members
Have begun,
Going from today until July 1st.

Since this will be my last event,
I would be happy if you wanted to come.

Also, Memi's graduation has been announced.

Miss Memi...
Thank you for everything you've done.
You have given your all for a very long time!
To start, let's have another long soak, maybe even at a hot spring.
Is the precious friend
Who comes up and collapses against me to be petted.

From now on
Let's go to all kinds of places,
Look at all kinds of things,
And talk about all kinds of subjects!

Memi's graduation: Good news from Takase Mana

Memi fans' worries are much reduced today, after words from Takase Mana in her blog.

Manafi makes a point of saying Memi has spoken to her often, over a long period of time, about other things she wants to do, and about graduating in order to do them. She says that Memi will not have any regrets. 

Fans are making the implication that Memi has not suffered from any of the wilder things speculated, such as a serious illness, or being attacked by a stalker. 

We still don't know for sure why she is quitting now, as opposed to earlier or later. The change of the name and atmosphere of the group must be part of the immediate push. But the idea of graduating is not something new, and has a positive feeling behind it.

Here is the part of Manafi's 27 June blog that deals with Memi:


And the number of handshake lanes I've sold out has risen to 13!
It's still not enough
But I am truly filled with feelings of gratitude!!

In recent handshake events,
Even though there have been sad things, I have been optimistic, thinking a sad face would not do, and have faced you all with many smiles and had handshake events that were truly enjoyable, from the bottom of my heart.

A lot of things have happened in a short time
That have shaken you fans.
People have been coming to my lane crying.
It surprised Kono-chan, who was in my lane for the national handshake event. You never know how long we will be able to continue meeting, so it came strongly to me again what happiness, what a miracle it is that I can meet and talk with you all directly.

Through tears, you all told me your feelings, about me and about the group, and I came close to crying myself.
There was talk about Memi, but there were a lot of people who said how much they loved us as a combo. I thought about a lot of things, such as that if I had become more popular sooner, we could have done more together.
But I've been hearing from Memi for a long time about ways she would like to live in the future, and things she would like to try doing, and that she wanted to graduate to do them, so this is not something she will regret.

24 June 2019

Takase Mana blog: Kakizaki Memi's graduation


Takase Mana
2019.06.22  21:55

Good evening, everyone (。・ω・)ノ゙
It's Takase Mana

Kakizaki Memi's graduation and Hamagishi Hiyori's hiatus have been announced.

Hiyo-tan is really an honest kid, everyone's little sister, someone who sees everything around her and is kind to people.
With her continuing poor health, even when she was able to take part in activities, she sometimes had to rest. But she continued to do her very best.

Speaking personally, for Kyun she was in the position next to me and always made me laugh!
When she was not able to take part in lives or TV recording, I felt quite lonely.
With Hiyo-tan not there, we change our positioning a bit to fill the gap, and for bigger performances we make changes in our movements.
Hiyo-tan should not worry but just relax and rest, so that when she returns she will be able to perform and work even harder.
Hiyo-tan's place will be here for her whenever she returns. We'll wait for you!
Since you've decided on a hiatus, I want you to rest properly and become better, and return with your usual smiling face.

And then, Memi.

Ahh...honestly, I don't know what to write, or how.

21 June 2019

Kakizaki Memi announces her graduation

Important announcement

Kakizaki Memi
2019.06.21  18:00h

This is Kakizaki Memi.

Today I have something to announce to everyone.

I apologize for the suddenness of this,
But with the activities for the 1st single
I will be graduating from Hinatazaka46.

Since around April I have been unable to get my mind and body in balance, and have been allowed many absences from work.

I am truly sorry for the great trouble and worry I have caused the fans who support me, the members of Hinatazaka46, and staff of various organizations.

In the time off I have received, I have thought a lot about things up to now and about the future.

With friends around me thinking about university and so on, I've been thinking about my own future,
And in thinking over my life, I have made the choice called "graduation".
I will take time from now on to think about what I will do after graduating.

I was in third-year middle school when I entered Hiragana Keyaki,
And now I'm suddenly in third-year high school.

It seems like the time has passed in a flash.
No matter what part I look at, it's packed with memories. It's like a dream.

There were fun things and bitter things. It was a tremendously important life experience.

14 June 2019

Kakizaki Memi: Story from realsound.jp about her charm, and regretting her absence

Kakizaki Memi: Hinatazaka46's heroine? 

From being double centre with Nagahama Neru
to gaining the title of "First Burikko Queen"

Realsound 6 June 2019

Hinatazaka46 will release its second single, Doremisolasido, on July 17th. Amidst the excitement of the release of the title song, the one worry concerns Kakizaki Memi. Kakizaki was right in the middle of breaking out as a burikko character, but has now been missing for quite a while both from handshake events and from her place as a regular on the NHK ETV high-school course "Society and Information."

When Hinatazaka began, as Hiragana Keyakizaka46, she was double centre with Nagahama Neru, and has seemed like the group's heroine, so for her to be absent leaves a feeling something is missing. Here we will once again introduce Kakizaki's appeal.

Kakizaki is 17 years old and comes from Nagano. When Hiragana Keyaki was formed, she was the youngest member, at 14 years old. When she applied for the auditions, she was in first-year middle school. she had become enamored with Nogizaka46 videos she had seen on YouTube, and yearned to be like them.

Memi (r) comforting a nervous Neru backstage in 2016
Her catch-phrase when she joined was "Hiragana Keyaki's French doll." She liked cute things like lolita fashion and French dolls, and had a strong characterization as a little sister who liked to stick to members physically and not let go.

But on the Keyakizaka show Keyakitte, Kakenai? (TV Tokyo), Nagahama introduced her as "not a flatterer," and explained that she was someone who never lied, but just came straight out with what she felt. At that time, Moriya Akane was feared as "the sergeant," but Kakizaki said she'd like to take her on in arm-wrestling. She had a strong spirit of junior defeating senior.

30 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Summer; alone to Lauv's live in Osaka

Somen,   345

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

How are things going?
Now it's really gotten hot, eh.

I've finally
Made this year's air conditioning debut.
And somen debut, too!

Have you done other summery things?

A few days ago
I went alone to Osaka to see
Lauv's live!

I was unhappy that I would be working
On the days of the Tokyo and Nagoya performances.
This was the first time I'd gone on a long journey to see a live.

The live was so, so great
I was mesmerized and clapped and clapped.
I'm so glad I went to Osaka...!
I'm still immersed in the lingering memories.

Going by myself, I could only watch alone,
But the person beside me, a girl about my own age, spoke to me:
"Are you by yourself? I am, too!"

We spoke just a bit after that.
During the live she said to me:
"Look over here"....

I was surprised and pleased, quite in a flutter!

21 May 2019

Interview: Saitou Kyouko and Kakizaki Memi (Hinatazaka46)

Interview from EX Taishuu magazine April 2019

  • Kyouko was thrilled that Hiragana Keyaki got a new name. It will allow them to progress
  • Memi was heartbroken to lose the name they had had for three years, even though she likes the new name. She doesn't sound that ambitious, just wants to perform happily
  • seeing her burikko performances made Kyouko realize Memi had something special. She thinks Memi is the most idol-like member of the group
  • Memi used to hate people calling her burikko, but finally accepted it
  • Memi has no objection to performing in any row
  • Kyouko works hard to be indispensable to everyone
  • when Memi was made co-centre for Hiragana Keyaki's first song, she kept wondering why they chose her
  • Memi loves Techi. She admires how Techi is straightforward with everyone and treats everyone the same, and wants to be like that herself
  • Kyouko's ideal idol is Ooshima Yuuko. Memi's is Matsuura Aya
  • Memi thinks rotating centres is better for an idol group; Kyouko isn't sure whether fixed or rotating is best
  • in addition to its "happy aura," Kyouko wants Hinatazaka to bring a "mischievous feeling" to the Sakamichi Series. 

13 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Budoukan

Budoukan,   344

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

It's mid-May
And already totally warm.

May has a green image...

Days of the week have colours, too
And times and numbers also have colours.
I wonder if other people get the same feeling.

May 9-10-11
Were our Anniversary Lives at Budoukan.
They were over in a flash, but so much fun!


09 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Reiwa; photos with digital camera; answers to questions

Bob,   343

Nagahama Neru


We've burst into the Reiwa Era.
What was everyone doing yesterday
At the moment the date changed?

I can say "Reiwa,"
But I'm still not used to it.
I somehow feel a bit embarrassed...

Just a month ago,
There was no such word in this world.
But as soon as those unexpected kanji became the notation
We're seeing it all the time in magazine headlines
Society's powers of adaptation are amazing.

I'll leave that now.

But it's so exciting!
It feels like New Year's!

Here I'll post the photos I mentioned recently:

06 May 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Oze-chan takes over Kochi Hoshi radio; pics with a digital camera

Digital Camera,  342

Nagahama Neru


Yesterday was an individual handshake event in Yokohama!
Thank you very much
To everyone who came ٩( 'ω' )و

The Kochi Hoshi 3rd-generation main personality
Is Oze-chan!!
I really thank her. 

Oze-chan is so nice.
She speaks to everyone the same way, without distinction 
(It can be weirdly funny)
She's an elder sister with outstanding charm.
Kochi Hoshi looks like becoming a much more enjoyable show...

Takase Mana says Kakizaki Memi is fine

A tweet reports that, in handshake Monday afternoon, Takase Mana said that Memi is fine, and we should just wait for her return. They ate together on Sunday.

Makuhari Messe 6 May, session 2 handshake report
me: Um, I have something I would like to discuss with Manafi. For Memi's sake, is there anything you can tell us?
Fii: Just to wait. And that Memi is fine. I ate with her yesterday.
me: I see. Thank you for telling me!

のも(郵便屋さん)‏ @nomo_ganaota
5/6 幕張個握 2部 高瀬 3枚 握手レポ 自:まなふぃに相談があるんだけどさー。 芽実ちゃんのために自分たちに何か出来ることはないのかなー? ふぃ:待ってるだけでいいんだよ! それに元気だよ!芽実! 昨日も一緒にご飯食べたし。 自:そうなんだ!ありがとう。教えてくれて!

Another handshake guest says they asked Ushio Sarina, who said they had all eaten together on Monday, including Memi and Kage-chan. (すぎや@gigaccha)

The last bit of info we got before this was a tweet from Memi's father saying he had been up a mountain with his daughter, gathering flowers and lichen for an art exhibition. Close inspection of the figure in the background of the first photo (click to enlarge) suggests it was probably his elder daughter, not Memi.

01 May 2019

Kakizaki Memi -- BOMB magazine interview and photos

The May issue of BOMB magazine has a photo feature on the front row of the Kyun senbatsu: Sasaki Mirei, Saitou Kyouko, Kosaka Nao, Katou Shiho, and Kakizaki Memi.

Many photos have been online for a few weeks now, but one of Memi, along with a Chinese translation of her interview, has just shown up on a Chinese site. Here's the fuzzy photo, along with my fuzzy English translation.

Memi says she liked performing as Hiragana Keyaki, but that in show business, you have to keep moving forward, and she realizes that the name-change was necessary. She also talks about Neru, about her parents, about acting and performing in lives, and about what she wants to learn more about.

Memi's hands are the most expressive part of this photo

26 April 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Nagasawa Nanako turns 22

Naako-chan,  341

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Hello! Pakatsu!
We're starting! I am Neru-chan!

(From Kawadashi Cooking)   [note: a YouTube channel]

Tokyo has been extremely hot recently.
It's summer... I want to eat soumen!

I far prefer winter,
But the long evening light
And the early light in the morning
Somehow seem nice.

Today, April 23rd
Is Naako-chan's birthday!

22 years old!
Happy birthday!

Let's have fun times together again this year, eh.

23 April 2019

Kakizaki Memi's surprising comic performance on HINABINGO (with video)

Here's Memi's surprising comedy performance from last weekend's HINABINGO. She did an impression of comic Nishimura Hiyocho 西村ヒロチョ:

And here's the original, from Nishimura-san's YouTube channel:

22 April 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: New clothes, new music

Bands,     340

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

How are you doing?

I recently changed my wardrobe over!
I bought new, lighter clothing!

A few days ago,
I went to see Choice 19,
Omoida Yarou A Team vs. tofubeats.

It was really something.
It gave the feeling of being both
Super cool and super intense.

My manager told me about Omoida Yarou.
I fell in love with them the moment I heard them...

I want to recommend them to everyone!!
I've already sent a Message about them〜(^ν^)

tofubeats are also really outstanding,
I enjoy them a lot.
I went alone, thinking: "Being an adult is fantastic!"

And also that
You really have to come across things at the right time:
People and music and books and films.

But it's also important to look for them yourself!

Nagahama Neru blog: 3rd Anniversary live, Graduation exhibit, photobook

Anniversary Live,  339

Nagahama Neru


April 4-5-6
Were Keyakizaka46's 3rd Year Anniversary lives.

To all of you who came to Osaka,
Or to live viewings around the country,
Thank you very much!

It's three years since Kekaizaka46's debut
On April 6th.

A short time can feel quite long,
But this really passed in a flash.
Such a full time.

13 April 2019

HINABINGO: MC Koyabu Kazutoyo and Hinatazaka46 are ready to put themselves on the line

The host of HINABINGO, which starts Monday night at 1:29am, will be top Osaka comedian Koyabu Kazutoyo, famous for his harsh insult humour, but also chairman of the troupe that has a theatre in Osaka and puts on the long-running weekly TV show Yoshimoto New Comedy. He is an important figure in the entertainment world, particularly in Osaka. Here is a translation of a preview article on Abema Times:

Hinatazaka46: Will Koyabu's hard training make a new kind of appeal blossom? Sasaki Kumi: "I've never seen this Kakizaki before."

2019.04.11   14:00

Hinatazaka46's "Giving Their All! Hinatazaka46 Variety HINABINGO!" will start 16 April on the NTV network. The first episode was recorded recently in the Capital.

HINABINGO is a new program in which Hinatazaka46, who changed their name from Hiragana Keyakizaka46 and released their debut single Kyun on 27 March, will hurl themselves at the challenge of variety training. The MC will be Koyabu Kazutoyo 小籔千豊, chairman of Yoshimoto New Comedy.

Hinatazaka46 only learned at the recording session that the MC would be Koyabu. When Koyabu appeared in the studio, Higashimura Mei, who is from Nara Prefecture, burst into tears. She said joyfully that to see the chairman of New Comedy appear "made me very, very happy. I love him."

The first episode followed the theme of finding out if the members of Hinatazaka were straightforward people or not. Kakizaki Memi was the first to take up the challenge, and she had the studio in an uproar. Captain Sasaki Kumi commented: "This is the first time I've ever seen this Kakizaki."

After the recording, the members of Hinatazaka46 gathered around Koyabu for a discussion. Sasaki Mirei said, with determination: "It's the first time we've worked with someone who makes such outspoken comments. I think that receiving such harsh comments will be good training. We'll do our best."

10 April 2019

Watanabe Miho blogs about Kakizaki Memi

Watanabe, whom the Snow Princess's magic turned into a cat

2019.04.10  01:19
Watanabe Miho

Hello everyone ( ・ᴗ・ )
It's Watanabe Miho of Hinatazaka46

April 6 was the day Keyakizaka46 debuted.
Congratulations on their third anniversary.

It's nostalgic to remember buying all the types of Silent Majority...
The seniors whom I have always loved and admired,
And the promising 2nd generation members....

For me who three years ago was in a different world, as a fan,
It makes me so happy to have been able to see the constantly changing Keyakizaka46 up close.
I think that from now on, they will continue to show us many new scenes...
And at the same time, they will stimulate us to do better.
Once again, congratulations on your third year!
Let's continue to get along well from now on.

08 April 2019

Kakizaki Memi notes: Mechakari ads, Road Relay Exhaustion

There's a great series of surreal "mannequin" Mechakari web ads out now, with multiple appearances by all Hinatazaka members -- particularly Memi. The basic idea is mannequins in a store window with time on their hands because everyone is renting clothes from Mechakari rather than buying them at a store.

First, here is one of the main ads, this one featuring Memi, Takase Mana, Sasaki Mirei and 2gen Kamimura Hinano.

Memi: We've got a lot of time on our hands. Mana: What are those art objects about? Memi: You can have a free one-month trial with Mechakari. Mana: That's the zero, eh. Mirei: What? Y5800 turns into zero? Hinano: So you get three garments [at a time] for zero? Memi: "That's right" (in English). Mirei: So that's why this store has zero customers? All: "That's right."

02 April 2019

Kakizaki Memi doing more gravure

There has been very little gravure of Memi up to now. That seems to be changing, however, now that Hinatazaka has entered the big leagues with their first single. And now that Memi is within 7 months of being 18.

Bis magazine:

As Xiphyas says on Stage48, she looks like a baroque painting...one by François Boucher, it seems to me....

28 March 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Long post about her history with Hiragana/Hinata...and Keyaki.

Hinatazaka,  338

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today was sunny in Tokyo!
Spring weather!
It was so nice and warm that my feelings even became calmer.

A few days ago,

I happened to come across a place that made me think:
"Hey, haven't I been here before?"

Even in Tokyo,
I've noticed that there are places that give me a nostalgic feeling.
I get a feeling that's somehow a happy sadness.

Life in Tokyo....

Hinatazaka46's debut single
Kyun comes out.

For a little while now -- no, for a really long while
I have thought of writing about this.
So when you have the time to read it....

In 2015, as a member of Hiragana Keyaki,
I became an idol.

27 March 2019

Hinatazaka46 Triumphant!! Huge CD sales, great concert

Wednesday, March 27 was a great day in the history of Hinatazaka46. Their first single, released that day, had first-day sales of 359,528. That was the best-selling first day for a debuting female group ever.

In addition to that, they turned the Zip Spring Festival's second day into a Hinatazaka festival, with an audience that rocked and with a feeling of unity between fans and members and among the fans. Including fans of other performers.

It was the fulfillment of their dreams. I'm sure they are still feeling shell-shocked by the wonder of it all. It would be surprising if they weren't all grinning ear to ear today. Here's Thursday morning's Zip report:

Comments afterwards were immensely positive. Shizuku of the band Polkadot Stingray said she fell in love with them. She was done in by Memi's burikko line: "I want you to fall in love with me, meow." She described the members, particularly Memi, as "amazingly beautiful".

22 March 2019

Kakizaki Memi x Saitou Kyouko SHOWROOM 5 Feb 2019 (English subbed)

I watched this broadcast live and found it so entertaining that I have made a subbed version so others can enjoy it. This is the smart, funny, natural Memi I am a fan of. And Kyouko is great in conversation. Over the hour it was on, the show worked its way up to over 50,000 viewers, delighting both Kyouko and Memi.

Be sure to watch Memi's face: it is often in motion, communicating even when she is not speaking.

I've been a fan of Memi and Kyouko right from the time of their auditions three years ago,. Here are notes about various things they mention:

01:54  “Cute lately” – Kyouko emphasizes that Memi has been “cute lately.” Perhaps she’s thinking of how upset she was around a year ago when Memi invaded her Showroom, romped around and tickled her – after Kyouko had told everyone not to come, that she wanted all the time with her fans. Then, Memi was being “not-cute” (i.e., not behaving nicely).

05:10 Hinanonano – They talk about Kamimura Hinano’s hand gesture for her name, and Memi shows how complex it really is. It’s so cute when their voices bounce back and forth in shrill surprise: Kyouko at the complexity, Memi that Kyouko didn't know.

07:10 how to grow taller – Kyouko explains what she did to try to get to 150cm (she's now 153cm - 5'-1/4"). Memi finds it all hilarious. Perhaps partly because she would like to be taller than her 157cm (5'-2").

21 March 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Keyaki House, plus Neru's words

Keyaki House,  336

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

There were handshake events last week in Tokyo
And Saturday in Nagoya.

I was so happy you came to see me.
It was a calm and pleasant time. I was enveloped in kindness.
It was really, really enjoyable...

Thank you very much for coming by.

The 21st at Index Osaka
Will be my final national handshake event.
If you like, I definitely want to meet you.

Since I announced my graduation
I have undeservedly received many kind words that made me happy.
I feel I have been drawn to want to
Do better.

Truly, thank you very much.

There are a lot of things
I want to write about in the blog.

But for now...
I wanted to get these to everyone!

Kakizaki Memi through Sasaki Kumi's eyes

From Kumi's blog:

At the pairs handshake event last week in Nagoya,
I was paired with Memi...

Memi enchants fans without speaking.
I was really interested in how she did it.
But even there right beside her, I didn't get it.

19 March 2019

Kakizaki Memi and Matsuda Konoka to be regulars on ETV school show

Huge news for Memi and Kono-chan. They will be regulars on an NHK Education TV show starting Thursday April 18 at 2pm. The show is part of the regular weekday afternoon programming for high schools.

The 20-minutes-every-second-Thursday show will be hosted by top seiyuu Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光. The show is called Society and Information 社会と情報. It will deal with how computers and smartphones work, and with useful apps. It will also deal with IT and media security and ethics, and there will be episodes introducing databases, etc. (source)

This show will be seen all over Japan. GanaOshi and KeyaKake are seen mainly in the Tokyo area.

So it looks like a pair of Hinata-chans will have a captive audience of high-school students every two weeks, a wonderful way of spreading the group's fame to a younger audience. This kind of show seems to me to be a way for Hinatazaka46 to advance toward being a "national" idol group, accepted as part of the culture.

15 March 2019

Kakizaki Memi notes and images 2019.03.15 -- MVs, gravure, Memi's father

So this is what having an actual single means: so many pics and bits of info are rolling in right now -- and no Memi blog post -- so I'll post things I've found here and there: in Memi's 5channel support thread, on Twitter, etc.

Pics from the Memi-Kyouko gravure in EX Taishuu magazine (on sale 15 March):

09 March 2019

Tomita Suzuka blog: Hono-chan, Hinano, sleeping on Miho


Tomita Suzuka

Good evening.
It's Tomita Suzuka of Hinatazaka46 (。•ㅅ•。)

Today was a national handshake event for the 8th single!

I got up the courage to talk to Tamura Hono-chan...
We did a squishy pose together

I want to call her "Honyo-chan." I wonder if that would be okay ( ̄▽ ̄)

07 March 2019

Nagahama Neru blog post: Graduation!!!

Announcement,  335

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today I have
An important announcement for everyone.

Since I was able to join the group in November 2016
Almost 3-1/2 years have passed.

With people I love
In the midst of many new encounters
I have been given day after day of enjoyable activities.

Every day I thought
Am I living a dream from which I will never wake up?

After 16 years in which I wandered around aimlessly
These three years
Have been running and running all the time.
It felt as if I was always in the midst of brilliant lights.

No matter which of my memories I look at,
It's like a fantasy of dazzling enjoyment.

This is a sudden announcement,
But after the 8th single
I will graduate from Keyakizaka46.

18 February 2019

Watanabe Miho blog: Feelings about the name-change to Hinatazaka

Acceptance and determination

Watanabe Miho

Hello, everyone!
It's Watanabe Miho, of Hiragana Keyaki, now changed to Hinatazaka46.
It's a strange feeling.
I'm gradually, gradually getting used to it.
Actually, I'd already thought of changing the opening and ending of my posts.
On the 24th of this month I'll turn 19,
And I was thinking I might change them that day
But it's come a little sooner than I expected ( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )‬
And I still haven't quite decided what to make them.
I'll decide soon!
On the SHOWROOM the day before yesterday a lot of announcements were made.

At first, my head was full of a lot of things,
But after  while I calmed down and was able to think about the situation.

[Things announced on SHOWROOM]
Independent single debut!
The CD will be released on March 27 (pre-orders now!)
Orders for individual handshake events will start February 14
On https://fortunemusic.jp/ ☁︎☁︎

Mechakari tie-up
Will continue, please feel welcome
To borrow as many outfits as you like  ☜

17 February 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: TV and Magazine appearances, plus recent photos

Skytree,   334

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!!

Quick announcements:

In the Weekly Shounen Sunday now on sale
I was given the cover.
Valentine, muffler,
The wintry-feeling feature was fun!!
Be sure to!

On 23 February at 9pm
I have been given the chance to appear on
Discovering Wonders of the World!!

The Hitoshi-kun doll in real life!!!!
Some amazing things happened!!
Please be sure to watch this, too.

12 February 2019

Why did Kakizaki Memi cry when the Hiragana Keyaki to Hinatazaka name-change was announced?

On the Hiragana Keyaki SHOWROOM broadcast a couple of days ago, they announced that the group would put out its own single, would have a Debut Countdown Live concert, would have their own website and fanclub, etc. Kakizaki Memi seemed happy about all those things.

But the final surprise announcement -- unknown to the members -- was the name-change from Hiragana Keyakizaka46 to Hinatazaka46. When that announcement was made, the other members burst into cries of delight, but Memi looked desolate, almost in tears. Why?

Memi has answered that question in a couple of long Keyaki Message posts. She says that she was shocked by the announcement, and felt that all the work they had put into Hiragana might now count for nothing. She is very emotionally attached to Hiragana Keyakizaka46 -- even loves it -- and really didn't understand why a name-change was necessary.

But she says she likes the new name, which she agrees is perfect for the group's image, and will work hard to understand why the name-change had to happen.

11 February 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Yonetani Nanami

Nanami-chan,   333

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

Today was a special event,
An autograph event.

I met Yone!!

Actually, we recently
Ate together.
But the fact is
Yone is so adorable in a Keyaki uniform.

It was like: "Uwaah! It's Yone!!"

Nagahama Neru blog: With Naako in Kamakura

Instant-print Camera,   332

Nagahama Neru


Yesterday, it snowed in Tokyo.
When I woke up, I was surprised to see how much had piled up.

It seems the cold weather will continue....

A few days ago, I went to Kamakura
With the Princess (Naako-san).

That evening was suddenly my first time in Kamakura.

I took an instant-print camera with me
And was shooting the Princess constantly.

Thank you for always letting me take photos of you....

Nagahama Neru blog: Playlist; Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Playlist,   331

Nagahama Neru


The Nagasaki Lantern Festival has begun!
It's already been a year since I was in the Emperor's Parade.

It seems my family went, too.
They sent me a photo. I'm jealous.

This year, a new event called "Sky Lantern"
Has begun, it appears.

I really, really, really want to go.

Lanterns in the sky!
It's true! I've always wanted to see them!
In Nagasaki!

Be sure to~

You know,
Keyaki Message is an app
That lets me, how should I say it,
Easily send messages to you all.

Over there
I have gone ahead and started
A feature called "Today's theme song."

It's been more than a year now....

07 February 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Buying clothes for spring and getting rid of clothes for winter; TV drama.

Shopping,   330

Nagahama Neru


Suddenly, it's February. Hooray!
Today, it was especially mild, eh.

Winter seems a time when my acquisitiveness is in hibernation.
But with spring feeling as if it's coming,
The desire to shop has started waking from sleep.

As a 20th birthday present,
"I'll buy a new handbag!" I thought.
I held back for a long time,
But then I bought one!!! (Yay!)

And then I bought a spring outfit.
My winter clothing decluttering festival begins.

I wonder if Memi will still want them...
Maybe she'll say: "I don't want any more things like that!"
Big sister feels uneasy.

04 February 2019

Iguchi Mao blog -- Photos of Memi (plus video of a new Hiragana song)

Iguchi's Eye #1 -- Kakizaki Memi

Iguchi Mao

As for the title,
After complete confusion about whether to call it
First Champion Burikko Kakizaki Memi,
Snow Princess Kakizaki Memi, or
Strongest Babyface Kakizaki Memi,
I ended up calling it
Iguchi's Eye #1

I thought that
Mao's photos
Might be getting same.

So I rearranged things
A bit (lol).

Memi-chan waiting.

02 February 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Mirror-ball, 8th single, bis magazine (plus photos)


Mirror-ball,   329

Nagahama Neru

Good evening --

I just happened to notice this,
But isn't a mirror-ball
Like a 360° planetarium?

If I had one at home,
I would go to sleep enveloped in stardust.
What a premium time...

Uwaah. I want a mirror-ball...

It only reflects in all directions
If light is shone on it from various places.
That's what my manager told me.

I see...
I can't do it at home.
Lighting people are amazing.

Even walking around Tokyo, the stars are visible....

28 January 2019

Kakizaki Memi in bis magazine, again (with links to stores)

translated from bis magazine website 2019.01.20

Kakizaki Memi of Hiragana Keyakizaka46 makes her appearance with a selection of three trendy retro items.

Kakizaki Memi of Hiragana Keyaki introduces items of bewitching retro fashion. Items that give a plus of retro feeling to normal casual fashion.

Saitou Kyouko: Being an idol is my true vocation


Saitou Kyouko

Being an idol is absolutely a vocation for me.

It's an occupation in which I enjoy the main activities and spend each day happily.

I feel huge gratitude to the judges who passed me in the audition.

For whatever fraction of a long life, it's great that I have become an idol.

I want to be an idol from now on.

Ramen-lover Saitou Kyouko

27 January 2019

Kakizaki Memi in fashion magazine bis (with links to shops)

translated from bis magazine website 2019.01.26

Kakizaki Memi of Hiragana Keyakizaka46 introduces girly coordinates that are both sweet and loose!

Girls are always attracted to a sweet and fluffy girly style. Ribbons, frills, lace, pastel colours, etc. Let's realize a romantic design in retro style, creating an entrancing up-to-the-minute look.

25 January 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Movies from Dad, Coming of Age, Neru-chan map 2

Back to the Future,  328

Nagahama Neru

Good evening~

Colds are going around.
Are you all in good health?
Let's both you and I be careful, eh....

A handshake event sales period starts today
And goes until tomorrow (the 25th) at 2:30pm.


I want you to come and meet me
Whenever you'd like.
When you feel that impulse,
If you'd like to...!

Recently, my father,
Said, "You should watch these "
and loaned me all three Back to the Future movies.

As it turns out, I hadn't actually seen them,
And I watched them all at once.
They were enjoyable...

All the more so because I watched them with my family.

19 January 2019

Keyakizaka46 shrine visit group photos -- Kanji and Hiragana -- with names

Keyakizaka46 -- Kanji and Hiragana, with all their generations -- made the group's traditional first shrine visit of the year a few days ago. It was to the Ookunitama Jinja shrine, in western Tokyo.

The visit was briefly reported on the Keyakizaka website, with more info in the manager's blog that goes out only to fanclub members in Japan.

This seemed to me a good opportunity to learn the new members a bit better, as well as to have a record of what the whole group looks like now. Group photos of Kanji, Hiragana, and of the two together.

First, Kanji Keyaki (click all images to enlarge):

back row (l-r): Inoue Rina, Tamura Hono, Seki Yumiko, Matsuda Rina, Fujiyoshi Karen, Matsudaira Riko; Oda Nana, Habu Mizuho, Koike Minami, Ishimore Nijika (with Koike's hand on her arm).
middle row: Takemoto Yui, Morita Hikaru; Uemura Rina, Watanabe Risa, Ozeki Rika, Saitou Fuyuka (leaning leftward, hair sharply parted).
front row: Satou Shiori, Hirate Yurina, Suzumoto Miyu, Nagasawa Nanako, Nagahama Neru, Watanabe Rika, Sugai Yuuka (in white jacket).
1 gens green, 2gens blue. missing: Harada Aoi, Moriya Akane, Yamasaki Ten.

18 January 2019

Kakizaki Memi: Fan reaction to the Snow Princess blog post

There has been a lot of fan reaction to Memi's big blog post of photos of her by her sister. Twitter and 5channel have been active. Here is a selection of posts, translated from Japanese -- as well as some examples of fan-made covers for a prospective photobook.

"Kakizaki Memi suits the snow, I think. Even in that white and shining silver word, her smile is blinding" -- Nananero [Twitter nananero_n46, who made the cover]

  • the blog's destructive power is awesome. I'm shaken.
  • the blog has become something amazing. Thank you, Oneesan [=elder sister]. Looking at this blog post will help me bear the wait for a photobook.
  • good work. I like the variation in expressions. Memi kneading the snowball...oshi
  • isn't this somewhat better quality than a magazine gravure?

17 January 2019

Kakizaki Memi blog: Lots of photos

Lots of photos  

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Happy New Year! 

Please be nice to me again this year!