28 June 2019

Nagahama Neru blog: Thank you to Memi, my precious friend

High boots,   346

Nagahama Neru


How are you!
I recently bought some cute high boots,
But bit by bit the rain has stopped.

Maybe the rainy season is over....

A few days ago, it was announced
That I have been given a graduation event:
"Giving Thanks with All My Might Day."

From little children to adults,
Women and men...as many people as possible,
I'm hoping it will be an event I can enjoy with all of you.
I'm right in the midst of thinking about all this with the entire Keyakizaka team.

I will talk about the details
When they are released!

Pre-sales to fan-club members
Have begun,
Going from today until July 1st.

Since this will be my last event,
I would be happy if you wanted to come.

Also, Memi's graduation has been announced.

Miss Memi...
Thank you for everything you've done.
You have given your all for a very long time!
To start, let's have another long soak, maybe even at a hot spring.
Is the precious friend
Who comes up and collapses against me to be petted.

From now on
Let's go to all kinds of places,
Look at all kinds of things,
And talk about all kinds of subjects!

Memi's graduation: Good news from Takase Mana

Memi fans' worries are much reduced today, after words from Takase Mana in her blog.

Manafi makes a point of saying Memi has spoken to her often, over a long period of time, about other things she wants to do, and about graduating in order to do them. She says that Memi will not have any regrets. 

Fans are making the implication that Memi has not suffered from any of the wilder things speculated, such as a serious illness, or being attacked by a stalker. 

We still don't know for sure why she is quitting now, as opposed to earlier or later. The change of the name and atmosphere of the group must be part of the immediate push. But the idea of graduating is not something new, and has a positive feeling behind it.

Here is the part of Manafi's 27 June blog that deals with Memi:


And the number of handshake lanes I've sold out has risen to 13!
It's still not enough
But I am truly filled with feelings of gratitude!!

In recent handshake events,
Even though there have been sad things, I have been optimistic, thinking a sad face would not do, and have faced you all with many smiles and had handshake events that were truly enjoyable, from the bottom of my heart.

A lot of things have happened in a short time
That have shaken you fans.
People have been coming to my lane crying.
It surprised Kono-chan, who was in my lane for the national handshake event. You never know how long we will be able to continue meeting, so it came strongly to me again what happiness, what a miracle it is that I can meet and talk with you all directly.

Through tears, you all told me your feelings, about me and about the group, and I came close to crying myself.
There was talk about Memi, but there were a lot of people who said how much they loved us as a combo. I thought about a lot of things, such as that if I had become more popular sooner, we could have done more together.
But I've been hearing from Memi for a long time about ways she would like to live in the future, and things she would like to try doing, and that she wanted to graduate to do them, so this is not something she will regret.

24 June 2019

Takase Mana blog: Kakizaki Memi's graduation


Takase Mana
2019.06.22  21:55

Good evening, everyone (。・ω・)ノ゙
It's Takase Mana

Kakizaki Memi's graduation and Hamagishi Hiyori's hiatus have been announced.

Hiyo-tan is really an honest kid, everyone's little sister, someone who sees everything around her and is kind to people.
With her continuing poor health, even when she was able to take part in activities, she sometimes had to rest. But she continued to do her very best.

Speaking personally, for Kyun she was in the position next to me and always made me laugh!
When she was not able to take part in lives or TV recording, I felt quite lonely.
With Hiyo-tan not there, we change our positioning a bit to fill the gap, and for bigger performances we make changes in our movements.
Hiyo-tan should not worry but just relax and rest, so that when she returns she will be able to perform and work even harder.
Hiyo-tan's place will be here for her whenever she returns. We'll wait for you!
Since you've decided on a hiatus, I want you to rest properly and become better, and return with your usual smiling face.

And then, Memi.

Ahh...honestly, I don't know what to write, or how.