01 May 2019

Kakizaki Memi -- BOMB magazine interview and photos

The May issue of BOMB magazine has a photo feature on the front row of the Kyun senbatsu: Sasaki Mirei, Saitou Kyouko, Kosaka Nao, Katou Shiho, and Kakizaki Memi.

Many photos have been online for a few weeks now, but one of Memi, along with a Chinese translation of her interview, has just shown up on a Chinese site. Here's the fuzzy photo, along with my fuzzy English translation.

Memi says she liked performing as Hiragana Keyaki, but that in show business, you have to keep moving forward, and she realizes that the name-change was necessary. She also talks about Neru, about her parents, about acting and performing in lives, and about what she wants to learn more about.

Memi's hands are the most expressive part of this photo