21 June 2019

Kakizaki Memi announces her graduation

Important announcement

Kakizaki Memi
2019.06.21  18:00h

This is Kakizaki Memi.

Today I have something to announce to everyone.

I apologize for the suddenness of this,
But with the activities for the 1st single
I will be graduating from Hinatazaka46.

Since around April I have been unable to get my mind and body in balance, and have been allowed many absences from work.

I am truly sorry for the great trouble and worry I have caused the fans who support me, the members of Hinatazaka46, and staff of various organizations.

In the time off I have received, I have thought a lot about things up to now and about the future.

With friends around me thinking about university and so on, I've been thinking about my own future,
And in thinking over my life, I have made the choice called "graduation".
I will take time from now on to think about what I will do after graduating.

I was in third-year middle school when I entered Hiragana Keyaki,
And now I'm suddenly in third-year high school.

It seems like the time has passed in a flash.
No matter what part I look at, it's packed with memories. It's like a dream.

There were fun things and bitter things. It was a tremendously important life experience.