25 March 2017

Watanabe Risa blog: Risa the model


Watanabe Risa

I'm sorry this post is late.


To those who came, and to those who watched on LINELIVE, thank you very much!

I appeared with Asuka-san and Nishino-san on the LOWRYS FARM stage!
I had my picture taken with Nishino-san. And Asuka-san spoke with me!

I'm really not used to being on my own...I absolutely have to get used to it...although this goes without saying...

At times like these, I feel again how important the members are to me.

Many messages came to me from everyone!
Thank you!! ♡

Nagahama Neru may NOT be going to college this year

In a magazine feature, Neru says that doing Kanji Keyaki, Hiragana Keyaki, and school all at the same time was tough. And with graduation from high school she can now concentrate on idol work from here on. No mention of college.

There has been heavy speculation about which college Neru might go to, but little talk (except from me) about the possibility of her not going to college at all. She has hinted at this occasionally before.

Here's the magazine piece. She doesn't say it flat out, but to me the implication is very clear. Judge for yourself. Page images followed by translations of important text from them. Not sure what magazine they're from. Images via Keyakizaka Matome. Click images to enlarge.

24 March 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Hiragana Keyaki One-Man Lives

Solo Live

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Today I'll write about the Hiragana Keyaki solo live
That took place on the 21st and 22nd.

First, I enjoyed it! (*´ω`*)

I felt again how enjoyable it is to stand on stage!

Also, I learned a lot, including how important teamwork is.

Suzumoto Miyu blog: Love for all and love for one


Suzumoto Miyu

Good evening --

Recently, my love for the members has been overflowing.
It's so much fun to be with everyone.
The talk is funny and we laugh all the time.

Now when I think there's a day off coming up, I feel a bit sad.

Just now when Oda Nana said:
"Aren't we going out?"   [Watashitachi tsukiatteru mon ne?]
I was tongue-tied.  [Oda was just talking about something like going out to the store with everyone, but that "mon" made Mon's imagination race to a more romantic meaning of "going out."]


See ya.

Suzumoto Miyu blog: Fukyouwaon Music Video

Miyu at 1:57 of the MV

Music Video

Suzumoto Miyu


Yesterday the Music Video for the 4th single, Fukyouwaon, was made public!!!!!

I totally love this Music Video.

I watch it over and over again.

What do all of you think?

I'll be very happy if you like it (*'-'*)

The way the words are so straight and strong is so much like us, I think.

A strong and stylish atmosphere, intense dancing.

This time again Takahiro-sensei did the choreography for us.

Hirate Yurina blog: New songs, radio, great interview (transcript)


Hirate Yurina


The music video for Fukyouwaon was made public already yesterday.

It's an extremely kakkoii song.

And the choreography involves really intense movements.

Today it was made public
That from April on I'll be doing the third week's show every month of GIRLS LOCKS on Tokyo-FM's SCHOOL OF LOCK.

Thank you very much.

I'm nervous about it, but I've just graduated from middle school and look forward to starting high school.

Everybody, please let's be friends ( .. )
I'll do my best,
So please treat me well!

23 March 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Fukyouwaon, Hiragana


Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

The MV for Fukyouwaon, the 4th single, was made public!!

You can all see it!!!

For sure, for sure!! Please look at it.

[Saitou Fuyuka, Neru, Oda Nana]

21 March 2017

Suzumoto Miyu blog: Fukyouwaon


Suzumoto Miyu

Good evening ~

A while ago I saw some people outside playing tennis and felt I really wanted to play.
In middle school, even though I wasn't very good, I really loved tennis.
I have a racquet in my room and if there's a chance, I want to play again!
A number of Keyaki members have played. I'd love to play matches, or doubles ♫♫

The 4th single, Fukyouwaon, has been made public...!!!
I'd like to her everyone's candid opinions.
I normally don't listen to Keyakizaka songs much at all, but I like this song so much I'm listening to it a lot.

I really like the dissonance in the intro.
And I like the power of the lyrics.
I like the dance, too.

I just like it.

Look forward to seeing the dance.


20 March 2017

Ozeki Rika blog: Suzumoto and Oda Nana

Look, look

Ozeki Rika

Good evening.

These are days when Suzumoto's love for Oda Nana never ends....

Yesterday, for heaven's sake,
Suzumoto asked Oda Nana to give her one of her wet wipes.

And got one.

Pretending to have forgotten
Her wet wipes
Was a lover's lie.

I recited a sort of haiku like this.

And immediately noted it down on my phone.

Kakizaki Memi blog: Arm-wrestling, solo live


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

It's the Hiragana Keyakizaka46 solo live!!!

This time there will be goods for sale ~(*^^*)
I'd be delighted if you showed your support with goods!

Let's make a great live!

Let's all have fun together!  \(^-^)/

19 March 2017

Suzumoto Miyu blog: The person I love

The person I love

Suzumoto Miyu

Hello ~

Before, when I was using a map to go somewhere, I never got there, and ended up just wandering around.

Even though I had real confidence that I could read a map...

It's kind of mortifying to say.

Nagahama Neru blog: Marika and Matayoshi

Pear,   176

Nagahama Neru

Good evening!

At last, the April issue of Shinchou magazine has arrived!!
I'm really enjoying Matayoshi Naoki's story "Theatre."!!!!

I've been burning with anticipation
Ever since I saw the NHK documentary ( ⸝⸝⸝・_・⸝⸝⸝ )

I love his choice of words and his metaphors,
And I've noted down a lot of words as I read.

I'm still only part-way through.
The twenty lines at the bottom of page 16 leave a particularly deep impression.

 Those who are interested, be sure to...!