23 April 2016

Sakamichi Notes

I've liked Nogizaka46 for a couple of years now. But it's only in the last few months that I've come to be a real fan. I've heard most of their music, and have come to know the members better. I adore Kimi no Na wa Kibou and Inochi wa Utsukushii. And now Harujion no Saku Koro has joined that group, for me. I love the melodic elegance and meaningful lyrics of their best work. And the natural grace of their dances.

Last year, their imouto group Keyakizaka46 was announced. I took minimal notice, preferring to wait until they had made some music for me to hear (and see). Then came Silent Majority, followed quickly by Te wo Tsunaide Kairou ka, Shibuyagawa, Yamanote Sen, Kimi ga Inai, and Nori Okureta Basu. I was hooked.

Before long, I found their forum on Studio48, and discovered the videos on YouTube and DailyMotion and the Chinese site Bilibili. I began to watch all the episodes of their TV show Keyakitte, Kakenai? (Now I'm rewatching them.) Then came the discovery of all the Japanese sites that collect news and comment about them from 2channel, magazines, websites, Twitter, etc. Just recently, I have taken the plunge into the maelstrom of 2channel itself.

You get the picture. I've become a total fan.

In any case, I'm overflowing with info that I want to post, but it's just too much for a discussion group. So here we go....