02 September 2016

Takase Mana (Hiragana Keyaki): Nogizaka46's Jingu live gives us a goal to strive for

Manafi was also moved and inspired by the Jingu live. Nogizaka46 is Hiragana Keyaki's "big sister" group, too.  She and Kageyama Yuuka have been called Hiragana's "Eastern and Western Intelligirls." Kage-chan is from Tokyo and Manafi from Osaka. Their blogs reveal their intelligence. Manafi has passed a college-level English exam, and turns 18 today. Kage-chan turns 16 next May.


A Goal

Takase Mana

Hello (。・ω・)ノ

Yesterday, we got the chance to go to Nogizaka46's Jingu Stadium live on a study trip.

It was the first time I'd gone to see Nogizaka46 as a member of an idol group, Keyakizaka46, and I felt so much.

Just to say I was "moved" doesn't express the reverberations in my heart.
Simply seeing the members shining on stage somehow made my eyes overflow with tears.

Kageyama Yuuka (Hiragana Keyaki): moved and inspired by Nogizaka46's Jingu live

Kanji Keyaki members have mentioned how impressed they were by the Nogizaka live at Jingu Stadium on Tuesday evening. So have several Hiragana Keyaki members. They have obviously been shown the harrowing movie about the Nogizaka-sans that the Keyaki-chans were shown at their training camp almost a year ago: Kanashimi no Wasurekata. Here's a blog post from Kageyama Yuuka, who was moved both by the performance and by Sakurai Reika's return.

The first fireworks I've seen this year

Kageyama Yuuka

Stand up from depression!
You have to just step forward.
Feeling down is inevitable,
Slowly raise yourself up and move.
Your cool aura may be gone
But you will live on somehow.
Serious or smiling,
Your negativity will disappear.

I love those lyrics [note: from Nogizaka46's Yuuutsu no Fuusen Gum, on the Harujion no Saku Koro CD].

Hi! It's Kageyama Yuuka (* ̄ω ̄)ノ

Today, we went on a study trip to see Nogizaka46's Jingu live.

In a word, it was moving.

The performance of all the shining members reverberates in my heart.

31 August 2016

Chiba handshake event: "packed in like sushi"

Some people on their way to this weekend's handshake event at Makihara Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo, are dreading the "vision of hell" at hall seven , where lines of people get "packed in like sushi."

It's  nice-looking facility, but things were bad enough last time, and this time Keyakizaka46's popularity has taken off, and there will certainly be even more people there:

30 August 2016

Who is Kakizaki Memi?

Kakizaki Memi was a big hit with the public in her Showroom auditions for Hiragana Keyaki. A cute 14-year-old with loli appeal.

Later sessions have shown her to be a more solid character than that. In her most recent Showroom session she seemed relaxed and opinionated.

Now it turns out that she is the secretary of her school's student council, and head of the school's art club. As well as a fast runner who is drafted onto the relay team every year.

Here is a web interview that accompanies her tame but slightly unsettling photo spread in Japanese Weekly Playboy

Keyakizaka46 attends Nogizaka46 anniversary concert

In the course of its summer tour, Nogizaka46 is holding fourth anniversary concerts at the Meiji Jingu baseball stadium in Tokyo.

On Tuesday night, almost all members of both Kanji Keyaki and Hiragana Keyaki came to watch and learn and honour their elder sisters.

The photos are unclear, but people have identified Sugai, Nanako, Ozeki, Katou Shiho and Kageyama Yuuka.

Fans filled the stadium with light in a worshipful tribute during Harujion no Naku Koro. The stadium holds 37,000 people for baseball....

29 August 2016

Katou Shiho: well-dressed and forgetful

I can't help it. Katou Shiho is a bit weird and may be an acquired taste, but if so I've acquired it. She's so real and so human. And she can be so pretty. She's going to have to learn how to be less nervous and to smile, but that will come.

She had a little breakdown on Showroom, then came back and talked directly about it in her blog. She says her room is all neat, now. Lol. 

And she obviously likes clothes and talks easily about what she wears. I checked the websites of the brands she mentioned (links in text) and, yes, there are things there that look like what I've seen on her.

Anyway, here's her blog post for Tuesday night, after the weekend handshake event.


Handshake Event (。・υ・)ノ♪︎

It's Katou Shiho of Hiragana Keyaki (。・ω・)ノ♪︎

I'm still feeling the afterglow of the handshake event, so I think I'll talk about that!

Possible front lines for 3rd single?

I know it's a bit early, but a thread on 2channel asked who might realistically be in the front line for the third single. I thought the answers were interesting. Here are some of them:

Berika - Neru - Techi - Zuumin - Risa

Risa - Suzumon - Techi - Zuumin - KobaYui

Suzumon - Zuumin - Techi - Neru (2nd line: Risa - Mona - Sugai - Berika - Akanen; "Shida stands out in second line, Neru is hidden there; current position is poor balance for Zuumin")

Berika - Neru - Techi - Zuumin - KobaYui (the 1st front w/Neru for Suzumon)

Sugai - Neru - Techi - Zuumin - Berika

Koike - Sugai - Techi - Akanen - Nanako

Mona - Risa - Techi - Sugai - Berika (2nd line: Nanako - KobaYui - Zuumin - Neru - Suzumon - Moriya - Koike)

Would you recognize this Neru on the street?

If you saw this woman on the street in Tokyo, would you recognize her as Nagahama Neru or just think it was another random denizen of Shibuya?

The only reason I know it is Neru is that Saitou Fuyuka says so in her blog, where she posts the picture.

This is how she and Neru went to Tokyo Disneyland together. So many people at handshake sessions had told them how great it was, and they finally got the chance to go...in half-disguise: