25 February 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: earth music&ecology advertising tie-up


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Tomorrow is the final national handshake event!
In Kyoto!

My handshake lane...
Is with Kobayashi Yui!!!

Pit-a-pat ~~ (´o`)

And we'll do a mini-live with everything we've got! 

I'll do my very best p(^-^)q

And, and...

A special site opens for a collaboration
Between earth music&ecology x KANKO Label
And Hiragana Keyaki! 

24 February 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: business is booming

With downcast eyes

Nagahama Neru


I'm sorry to be so late updating my blog.

Hiragana Keyaki has been given the position of being visual characters
For earth music&ecology KANKO Label.

As you would expect from earth,
They're all very stylish uniforms.

I have them in the mechakari app ( ⸝⸝⸝・_・⸝⸝⸝ )

They can be normal uniforms,
Or you can use them for going out with friends in matching uniforms 
To a theme park or something -- even though they're not your real uniform.

Waah! My imagination is swelling.

Please be sure to [take a look]

Average heights of Sakamichi groups: Kanji Keyaki far the tallest

2channel has been talking about how K46 is so tall, compared to Nogi and compared to Hiragana, and someone has posted average heights for Sakamichi groups:

average heights in cm
160.4 欅坂 Kanji
159.2 乃木二期 Nogi 2gen
158.8 乃木三期 Nogi 3gen
158.8 ひらがな Hiragana
157.8 乃木一期 Nogi 1gen

Someone had previously posted that the average height of Japanese women in their 20s is 158.8cm

Here are some (accurate, as opposed to official) heights for K46 members:

Habu 171cm
Risa 理佐168cm
Mona 志田167.5cm
Berika 渡辺165cm
Techi 平手164cm (she said this last summer)
Zuumin 151cm (she said this in a recent interview)

Katoshi かとし159cm
Neru ねる157cm
Memi めみ156cm
Kyonko 京子154cm

Neru at her Neru-est

Here are some photos from what is suddenly my new favorite Neru photo collection. Neru at her Neru-est. BLT Graph v16. Click images to enlarge.

"I was uncertain what expression to have. I ended up just facing the camera."

This may now be my absolute favorite photo of Neru. It captures the pride, solidity, and humour that dwell beneath her modesty. It seems to me to be the real Neru. Not that all the various Nerus we see aren't real, too, lol.

Kyoto national handshake event member pairings

Here are the lane pairings for Saturday's "national" handshake event in Kyoto:

1 -- Ishimori Nijika + Uemura Rina (will make an effort)
2 -- Imaizumi Yui + Kageyama Yuuka (talented + smart)
3 -- Ozeki Rika + Satou Shiori (Tokyo locals)
4 -- Oda Nana + Nagasawa Nanako (hehehe)
5 -- Koike Minami + Saitou Fuyuka (very different personalities)
6 -- Kobayashi Yui + Kakizaki Memi (cute++)
7 -- Shida Manaka + Sasaki Kumi (hilarious)
8 -- Sugai Yuuka + Higashimura Mei (captain + private)
9 -- Suzumoto Miyu + Yonetani Nanami (perfect combo)
10 -- Habu Mizuho + Katou Shiho (adults)
11 -- Harada Aoi + Takamoto Ayaka (not adults)
12 -- Hirate Yurina + Sasaki Mirei (young adults)
13 -- Moriya Akane + Iguchi Mao (watch for explosions)
14 -- Watanabe Rika + Ushio Sarina (least talkative + most talkative)
15 -- Watanabe Risa + Takase Mana (beauties)
16 -- Nagahama Neru + Saitou Kyouko (cute/smart + cute/great handshake effort)

Imagine visiting a combination, then imagine having less than ten seconds total between them. Saturday is the "national" handshake event, with two members per lane. Sunday is the "individual" event, with one member per lane.

There's a one-hour mini-live at noon on Saturday, then the handshake sessions go from 2pm to 6. After this weekend, there is only one more day of handshake for Futari Saison, on the following Saturday in Chiba. Handshake events for the 4th single start in April.

23 February 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Her sister's glasses


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

I had a funny conversation recently ( *・ω・)

My sister lost her glasses [note: Memi has one sibling, an elder sister]
She kept searching for them: "Not here, not here (;-;)"

After a while: "Here they are!" But what she had found were 3D glasses from a movie (lol).

My sister's hilarious ( ・∇・)

22 February 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog post 3 of 3: a friend from home

Shock (´-ω-`) 

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

At the handshake event a few days ago,
A good friend from Nagano appeared!

While I was just thinking "You came (*´-`)" and feeling happy,
She said: "When we're out having fun together as usual, Memi is like a fairy,
But at the handshake event, you just seem normal."
That's what she said (´・c_・`)

(My friend doesn't ordinarily say I'm like a fairy, lol.)

Not to be cuter at a handshake event is no good ~(;-;)

Kakizaki shock...

What does she mean~?

Geez.... (´-ω-`)

 I'll do my best to be cuter at handshake events than in normal life (lol).

Kakizaki Memi blog post 2 of 3: rain and an umbrella triangle


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

There has been strong wind ever since this morning,
The rattling of the ventilation fan has been quite scary (;-;)

And starting at dusk, it began pouring rain (;-;)

So of course right then was when Mii-pan (Sasaki Mirei), Meimei (Higashimura Mei) and I came down for a walk. We bought an umbrella at the 100-yen store and all used it (lol).

Kakizaki Memi blog post 1 of 3: handshake event and Shiho's birthday

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Yesterday was an individual handshake event!

I wore a white blouse with a stand-up collar and a skirt with a Snow White pattern (。・・。)♥

21 February 2017

Katou Shiho 19th birthday festival

Katou Shiho of Hiragana Keyaki turned 19 on February 2nd. Her birthday celebration was held at the handshake event last Saturday.

The decorations were on the theme of Harry Potter, which she apparently loves. There were flowers and balloons and a well-printed book. Her friend Kakizaki Memi read out a letter to her.

And there was a big surprise: a letter from Akimoto Manatsu of Nogizaka46. Katoshi and Nagasawa Nanako had created a "Keyakizaka46 Akimoto Manatsu Respect Corps."

After some pictures and descriptions of the birthday event,  I'll report a bit of the praise that guests give to Katoshi's handshake sessions.

Because of the friendly reception she gives guests, and also because of her beauty, Katoshi has become very popular, perhaps the most popular Hiragana member after Neru.

In her blog, Katoshi says that as soon as she reached her handshake lane, she saw Harry Potter photos and just couldn't stop grinning. Music from the films was playing.

19 February 2017

Sasaki Mirei Birthday Festival

Sasaki Mirei 佐々木美玲 of Hiragana Keyaki turned 17 on December 12th. Hers was one of three birthday celebrations held Saturday at  the handshake event in Chiba, (along with Saitou Fuyuka's and Katou Shiho's).

Her handshake lane was decorated, a programme was printed, Sasaki Kumi presented her with flowers, and Ushio Sarina read her a birthday message.

Mii-pan, as she is known, has become an important person in Hiragana Keyaki. She is much younger than the older members and only a bit older than the youngest members, but has become someone everyone relies on.

She is simply a solid and capable person. In the Hiragana Omotenashikai last October, she led the amazing chorus club that did good unaccompanied versions of Silent Majority, Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai, and Hiragana Keyaki.

Members are starting to call her "mama." She complained recently that Memi and Manafi were calling her "Mii-Papa."

"At least call me Mii-Mama," she joked.

She is the only member with actual experience as an idol, having been a member of the Kansai young-teen idol group choco☆milQ for a couple of years, until it disbanded in November 2015.

She comes from Kobe, and her family is rumoured to be fairly well-off. She spent about three years living in Taiwan when she was around 4-7 years old, and can speak some Chinese.

Here is Sarina's letter, followed by some more photos: