27 December 2016

Keyaki Love: reactions to the one-man lives

Ariake Coliseum 24 December 2016

Here are some reactions from 2channel.

Now I'm sure that I really love this group and will support them with all my strength.

I know what I'm going to write is gross, but this group has such an amazingly warm feeling, and the live made me realize that was what attracted me to them.

I had the same feeling: their warmth as a team.

What a wonderful group. When Sugai-sama wept it made Fuu-chan weep.

It was so great when Manaka as MC so artfully kissed Nen.

I only just stopped crying (´;ω;`). Thank you for such a great Christmas.  [posted about a half-hour after the show's broadcast ended]

26 December 2016

Ushio Sarina blog post: my best Christmas ever

This Christmas is my best Christmas ever.
So many firsts. So much joy.

Ushio Sarina

Sorry I'm late.
Thank you very much to all of you who came to the Ariake Coliseum live
Or watched the live broadcast on AbemaTV.

That Hiragana Keyaki was allowed to appear in this first one-man live fills me with happiness and gratitude.

This is probably the most people I have ever stood in front of, and it is certainly the most beautiful light I have ever been surrounded by.

Lights of many colours shone, one by one, and when I was surrounded by that light I had a feeling of great blessing. The feeling of everyone's warmth toward us.