11 November 2017

Keyaki Republic event T-shirt translation

Remember the shirt they wore for the encore at the Keyaki Republic outdoor live last summer? The one that looked like a news story? I've wondered what it said for a long time, but never fully read it until I was asked about it in a comment on another post.

You can see the English in the headlines (the first word is "Groove"). The rest is Japanese -- but written in the Western alphabet:

10 November 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Romanticism

Romanticism,    242

Nagahama Neru

Good morning!

Today, the 11th,
I'm appearing on
The King's Brunch!!

I was given the chance to go on location
For the "trends" part of the show.

The show is on TBS, starting at 9:30 am!
(The "trends" part will be after noon.)

Please be sure to watch! o( ˆ‐ˆ )o

I fell asleep while I was writing this post last night...
I apologize if the announcement comes too late now. (´・_・`)

Keyakizaka46 Members' Accurate Official Heights!

This is a red-letter day for me. I've spent a year and a half complaining about the inaccuracy of the official heights given on the website, but now I see they have finally been updated -- and at least appear to be right!

Habu is still tallest, followed by Mona and Kumi, but Sugai-san and young member Hamagishi Hiyori are in the third tier with W-Watanabe, and Techi is at 165cm, over four inches taller than the official site used to say she was. However, the "almost 170cm" she mentioned recently was apparently an exaggeration for effect.

Habu Mizuho    171cm 5'7"
Shida Manaka    167cm 5'6" 
Sasaki Kumi    167cm 5'6" 
Sugai Yuuka    166cm 5'5"
Hamagishi Hiyori    166cm 5'5" 
Watanabe Rika    166cm 5'5"
Watanabe Risa    166cm 5'5"
Hirate Yurina    165cm 5'5" 

Uemura is shortest:
Uemura Rina    152cm 4'-11.8" 
Higashimura Mei    153cm 5'-1/4"  
Imaizumi Yui    153cm 5'-1/4"
Kawata Hina    153cm 5'-1/4" 
Harada Aoi    156cm 5'1"
Ozeki Rika    156cm 5'1" 

Suzumoto Miyu    156cm 5'1"
Here are the full listings:

06 November 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: Late Halloween handshake event...plus Techi-Memi together

Woof ∪・ω・∪

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening,
It's Kakizaki Memi.

A few days ago there was a handshake event in Kyoto!
It was "late Hallowe'en"
And we wore costumes!

This was the first session:

Suzumoto Miyu blog: Music Station! Handshake event!


Suzumoto Miyu


Thank you very much for Music Station a few days ago!!
We were able to perform the New Single, Kaze ni Fukaretemo!

Live performances always make me nervous.
But I feel as if the suits help us tighten up our performance!
I really like the style of the pants in the latest outfit! 

Also, yesterday was the first handshake event for the 5th single...
It had been a while since I had heard fans' opinions directly. Yesterday was a lot of fun!

And thank you very much to those who came long distances to Kyoto for us ^ ^

[Saitou Fuyuka, Harada Aoi, Mon]