27 January 2017

Nagahama Neru blog post: Tokyo, Nanako, the future

Four-and-a-half-mat room, 162

Nagahama Neru

Good evening~

Gulp-gulp Naako-chan
(She's adorable no matter what she's doing.)

Walking around Tokyo, from time to time
I suddenly come upon an area that seems like it's from the future ( ˙࿁˙ )

I wonder if I can get this across properly ~
It's like a high-tech street from a movie.

26 January 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog post: stomach flu and handshake sell-outs

It's going around

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening.
It's Kakizaki Memi.

A few days ago, I went out at lunch-time with Meimei (Higashimura Mei) to eat shaved ice (lol).

It was shaved ice covered with roasted soy flour (*´ω`*)

Delicious ~ ♥

We really went for strawberry shaved ice, but the people in front of us bought up the
last of it …(ノ_<。)

We'll get revenge next time !!

Nagasawa Nanako blog: Naa-ken Member Number List

Sanks Berry

Nagasawa Nanako

Good evenaako  (*⌒▽⌒*)

After the handshake event a few days ago,
I've put the Naako-Naako Research Society recruiting list in order.


25 January 2017

Shida Manaka blog post: I never want to grow up!


Shida Manaka

I can't write an essay properly. It's no good.

What can I write....

Ah. At the handshake event, Risa and Akanen and I chased each other around.
I was just determined to run away.
Those two are really scary.
I seriously ran away. Lol.
They're scary, really.

Then what was it....

We ran around screaming and so on. Was that what we did? Lol.

It was so much fun to be with everybody 〜( ´ ▽ ` )

I may come to look like an adult, but in my heart I want to stay 17 forever.

I want everyone in Keyaki and I to keep on playing around and laughing this much ~!

Let's not become adults at all!!

I love everyone just as they are now!

Kakizaki Memi blog post: adult celery decision


Kakizaki Memi

Good evening.
It's Kakizaki Memi.

A while ago, I was just eating salad without paying much attention
When I suddenly realized there was celery in it!


I don't like celery ~(._.)


Does that mean that when I've been eating salad before,
I've been overcoming my dislike of celery?!

Nagasawa Nanako blog post: why is a gloomy person like me an idol?

Pinpoint to you ♪ 

Nagasawa Nanako 

Good evenaako (*⌒▽⌒*)

KeyaRoom pajamas:

White bear pajamas.

Nagahama Neru blog post: adult thoughts

Leather shoes

Nagahama Neru

Good evening~

What you might call my desires
Every day are: to read a book.
To see a movie. To watch a drama.
To sleep. To loll about.

That's what I think as I pass each day, but...

You can't just live life doing what you want~
In order to get something
In exchange you have to deny yourself something.

So that's how it is~
Life is hard.

Suddenly, I'm 18.
Not a child. Yikes~

23 January 2017

Nagahama Neru blog post: fish bones and photos

Saturation, 160

Nagahama Neru


Recently, I'm often feeling that my sense of taste has changed.

I can't drink carbonated drinks any more.
I now want to eat fish-skin.
And I don't like yogurt much any more.

I've always liked fish bones
Now I think the skin is great.
When I have a grilled fish set or something, I'm only happy when there's nothing left.

It's like "perori" -- a licking sound would fit here.

[Manaka, Neru, Fuu-chan]

Sugai Yuuka blog post on becoming captain

Please treat me well!

Sugai Yuuka

Good evening ☆

I'm sorry for taking so long
To talk about this in my blog.
I, Sugai Yuuka, have now received appointment
As Keyakizaka46's captain.
And Moriya Akane has been appointed vice-captain.

It was a surprise announcement at the national handshake event the day before yesterday,
And I was very surprised!

As an older member, I am grateful for
The many chances I have gotten up to now:
To lead the shout in the pre-performance circle,
To be a representative to the media,
And to have responsibility for being MC at lives.

When it came to things that required desperate efforts to handle,
Before I joined Keyakizaka I was the type of person who always followed behind others.

I was completely unfamiliar with this kind of thing.

"Is this really okay for someone like me...?"
It's pitiful that it was always at times like these
That such thoughts rushed in on me
And I felt unsure (><)

But I won't be hesitant any more!

Having received the appointment as captain
I will trust in the members
And in my own strength!

22 January 2017

Kakizaki Memi blog: With Hirate Yurina. Plus handshake reports

With Hirate-san ♥ 

Kakizaki Memi

Good evening.
It's Kakizaki Memi.

Yesterday and today were the handshake events at Makihara!

At yesterday's national handshake event
I was together in a lane with Hirate-san ♪ヽ(´▽`)/

The guests were almost all people I had never met before.
It was so much fun!

I was thrilled that this handshake event let so many people get to know me (*´-`)

Hirate-san is really nice!!
I love her!!!

We promised to go to Disney together sometime. (о´∀`о)