17 September 2016

Naa-ko visits a holy site from the anime film Kimi no Na wa

Shinkai Makoto's romantic science fiction anime film, Kimi no Na wa, has been #1 at the box office for three weekends in a row, has earned over $60 million and seems likely to break $100 million.

And Nagasawa Nanako is proving once again that she is truly an otaku by making a visit to a holy place of the film -- which is to say one of the locations used for the film's setting.

Here is her post for Sunday.

To a holy place

Nagasawa Nanako

Good eveningnaako (´ー`)
I made a pilgrimage to a holy site.


Kimi no Na wa.  A place that became the film's stage.

Average ages of some idol groups

Average ages of some idol groups. I can't vouch for the accuracy of this list, but it seems reasonable, and I find it pretty interesting,  I'll trust the maker's efforts and translate it:

average age     group

27.3     Denpagumi Inc.でんぱ組.inc (6 members)
27.0     Perfume (3 members)
23.3     Berryz Koubou工房 (7 members)
22.0     ℃-ute (5)
21.6     E-girls (19)
21.0     Idoling アイドリング (21)
21.4     Momoiro Clover ももいろクローバーZ (5)
20.5     Death Rabbitsデスラビッツ (4)
20.5     AKB48 (32)
20.1     Nogizaka乃木坂46 (35)
19.0     Babyraids ベイビーレイズ (5)
18.1     Fairies (7)
17.9     Keyakizaka欅坂46 (20)
17.3     Morning Musume '16 モーニング娘。'16 (12)
17.3     Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku 私立恵比寿中学 (8)
17.3     BABYMETAL (3 members)
12.6     Sakura Gakuen さくら学院 (12 members)

Note that Keyakizaka46 is listed as only 21 members, presumably excluding Neru as a member of Hiragana Keyaki.

Commenters were struck by how young the average age of Babymetal is. If you calculated  by month born rather than just year born, it would be a bit higher (17.7). But that's close enough, and gives me confidence in the maker's method.

15 September 2016

Sasaki Kumi (Hiragana Keyaki) -- Risa's her oshi, and now she's Risa's oshi

Sasaki Kumi is Hiragana Keyaki's Ponkotsu Madonna -- and not really so ponkotsu as that. She seems to be an amusing friend and a great support to some other members. She's 20, and a third-year college student. 

And now Watanabe Risa has given her a stamp of approval:

Recently, I've been wanting to grow taller.
My goal is 1.5cm more.
I'm Sasaki Kumi.

Before I had my hair set ~~

Actually, yesterday a totally delightful thing happened to me.

Watanabe Risa-san, who has been my oshi forever,
Said in her blog that
I was her oshi (T ^ T)

14 September 2016

Sugai Yuuka blog post -- Tom news and pics!

Yukka starts her post thanking people for the fan-letters and gifts they send. She just received a batch and they all make her happy.

Then she shows us two pics of herself with Moriya Akane. Great shots of both, I'd say -- particularly of Akanen.

Neru just keeps writing these great blog posts

Neru's just getting better. More like herself. More like her oshi Itou Marika. Serious, well-read, artistic, inward-looking, over-intelligent, strange but real. 
Check out the words of the strong songs she's listening to (shown in the links).  Photo captions by me.

Cherry-blossom colour

Nagahama Neru

Good evening --

This looks like another shot from the Goto Islands.

Today I'll just list things that have been going on with me recently.
There's no thread. I expect it will be a pain to read (ToT)

Songs I'm listening to:
TAKA's cover of Adele's Hello
Closer by The Chainsmokers.

13 September 2016

Nagahama Neru birthday festival report

Neru in her Rapunzel outfit. (click images to enlarge)
From various sources, here's how it went at Neru's birthday festival at the weekend handshake event at Makihara Messe in Chiba:

1. Nagahama Neru arrives, dressed like Disney's Rapunzel.

2. Presentation of flowers by Saitou Fuyuka: "Neru, happy birthday! Thank you for always being with us. Let's continue to be good to each other from now on."

3. Letter read by Hirate Yurina: "To Neru.... Here at this wonderful place, this is the time to convey my feelings to Neru.... But actually, just imagining standing in front of Neru and reading this made me start to cry. It's so embarrassing that I'll just say this.... To Neru: Thank you for entering Keyakizaka46. 

I also want to say that taking part in activities with these members as part of Keyakizaka46 is a blessing. Let's continue to work hard together. That's it from me. Hirate Yurina." [Neru said later in her blog that when she found out Hirate was going to do the letter, tears came to her eyes.]

4. Greeting: Nagahama Neru
Neru: Konnichi wa! (= "Hello!", "Hi!", "Good day!")
The hall: Konnichi wa!
Neru: To have so many people gathered here today for my birthday...thank you very much! Having entered Keyakizaka late, I was uneasy whether everyone would accept me, but having so many of you here like this to wish me happy birthday makes me very happy.... From now on, as a member of Keyakizaka46, and as a member of Hiragana Keyakizaka, I will do my best. Please be good to me. [Neru said in her blog that this event, with so many people gathered for her birthday, was something she will treasure forever.]

12 September 2016

Keyakitte, Kakenai -- hidden camera makes members even more likeable

Sunday's episode of Keyakitte, Kakenai was what's referred to as a "godly" episode. 2channel is full of comment on it. The producers are taking things to another level, getting us just a bit closer to some of the members than we had gotten before, with hidden cameras in a dressing room. (click images to enlarge)

Camera locations
Even Hirate reacts strongly when the trick is revealed
We got to see new sides of several members: Suzumoto, Risa, Mii-chan, Neru....