17 August 2016

What the Hiragana Keyakis think we should look at about them

Here's a poster from HMV stores in Japan. It gives the members of Hiragana Keyaki a chance to say what we should pay attention to about each of them. A number of Japanese commenters have things to say about what Saitou Kyouko writes.

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top row: 
Iguchi Mao: "Please watch over me as I gradually become more like an idol."

Ushio Sarina: "I'll be happy if you look at me just as I am."

Kakizaki Memi: "I'm the youngest, so please watch the way I grow up!!"

Kageyama Yuuka: "Please watch my smiling face and the ways in which I am a bit out of it."

middle row:
Katou Shiho: "People do say I move in a unique way, but please just look at me a lot."

Saitou Kyouko: "I seem serious and obedient, but really I'm an airhead. I'm an 18-year-old who loves singing and things to drink!!"

Sasaki Kumi: "I'm tall, so I'm easy to see. I think that's number one."

Sasaki Mirei: "No matter what happens, or when it is, I'm smiling. That's what to look at!!

bottom row:
Takase Mana: "I'd be happy if you pay attention to my Kansai accent, y'know." (lol)

Takamoto Ayaka: "I'd like people to pay attention to my ability to do archery and to how I grow up from now on."

Nagahama Neru: "I'm the only member of the Kyushu forces in Keyakizaka46!"

Higashimura Mei: "From now on, please let's discover many Meis together!"


What a number of people comment on is the fact that if Kyonko were really an airhead, she wouldn't say so. That kind of objectivity is not something an airhead has. One person says that what guys like is an airhead with no self-awareness. "A self-declared airhead has no value."

They contrast her with Nanako, who thinks she is normal but really is far from it.

But other commenters say: "Why do you hate her?" The answer is: because as a trained singer she threatens Imaizumi. And from photos -- and the lack thereof -- people speculate that Imaizumi doesn't like her. And Kyonko claimed in her Showroom audition that she was a "friend" of Imaizumi's, when in fact they had just been together in a Sony music training school two years ago.

From my own observation, I don't think she's stupid -- she is, after all, in college; and her Showroom sessions made her seem smart, to me -- but I do think she has not handled her relationship with Imaizumi very well.

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