16 August 2016

Takase Mana -- Hiragana Keyaki's first live

From Takase Mana's blog


First Live 

Hello. (。・ω・)ノ

Today is all sorts of photographs!

To everyone who came to the handshake event, thank you very much!
Were Saturday and Sunday real? Were they a dream? Today I'm in this strange mood where I'm not really sure, lol.

(from left: Mana, Katoshi)

What do you think of Hiragana Keyaki's new outfits??
Right in the midst of the cuteness, bang!, there's the cool.
I think they're great! (*'∀'人)*+ 
Actually, the colours are the same as Kanji Keyaki's, but reversed!


Today, I think I'll write in detail about the first mini-live!

Before the live, I was honestly really nervous.
I had the uneasy feeling: "I wonder if there will be any Hiragana Keyaki supporters out there."

But, when we were standing on the stage and saw everyone's faces and penlights, I was moved by the warmth of the fans ( ・ ・. )
With everyone so excited, I just naturally started smiling!

Backstage with our seniors in Kanji Keyaki, we were made part of our first 32-person circle.
I once again had the feeling: "I really am a member of Keyakizaka46!"
To be able to take part in activities as a member of such a fantastic group...I just couldn't help feeling it was a dream!

Right before Hiragana Keyaki went on, when I was desperately trying to hold back tears, several of our Kanji Keyaki senpais said "ganbatte, ne!" It was really encouraging ˚‧º·(´ฅωฅ`)‧º·˚
And when we were on stage performing, to have them there in the wings, seeming to watch over us, was so heartening (*˙˙*)

With Koike Minami-san!
She called me "Manafi-chan" ♡ and told me I could call her "Mii-chan"!
She's from the Kansai, like me, and Minami-san's voice, with her Kansai accent, were truly so comforting (*´˘`*)
["Manafi" is a nickname Mana is acquiring in Hiragana Keyaki.]

With Uemura Rina-san! 
Rina-san looks like a fairy.
She always had a smile on her face as she spoke to me (∩ˊᵕˋ∩)・*
After our performance, she said "Good work (^^)" It made me very happy ♡


With Watanabe Rika-san!
Berika-san is just too cute!
I was so nervous that I couldn't speak at all...(T_T)
But when our eyes met, hers definitely seemed to smile at me. It was like "(〃ノωノ)♡" Lol.

Unfortunately, there was no time to take a picture of the whole group.
Sometime I hope we'll have a chance to take one!
I've gone on so long. Thank you very much for reading right to the end ♡

Takase Mana

The last photo is of the handshake  booth shared by Mana (right) and Saitou Kyouko. "Ganbatte ne" is an expression that is so Japanese I didn't want to translate it. It hovers somewhere among "do your best," "fight!" and "go for it."

I'd say the big news from this post is the Kiragana Keyaki members actually joined Keyakizaka46's pre-performance circle. That means they chanted the great Keyakizaka46 slogan: "Humility, kindness, the ties among us! Shine brightly, Keyakizaka46!" I hope and trust the new group can follow those principles, as the main group seems to.

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