23 February 2018

Takase Mana blog: Sad post about poor handshake sales and Memi's kindness. Plus Memi's moving reply.

Handshake event sales

Takase Mana

Hello, everyone (。・ω・)ノ
It's Takase Mana 

Applications for individual handshake event slots are being taken
From 2pm Thu 2/22 to 2pm Fri 2/23!

Apply here

I would be delighted if those who have even a little interest would make sure to come!!
It would be nice to talk with lots of people.
I haven't sold out even a single session, so they are all open!
Please treat me well m(__)m

Because of work, etc., we haven't had a chance to meet recently, but when Memi and I got together today I felt anew how nice she is.

I've liked Memi ever since our final audition, when she spoke to me so kindly 

Although she's younger than I am, I don't feel that at all when I speak with her. She may be the first person I have ever met in my life with whom I have been able to speak in such a relaxed and natural way!

We got to be friends during the drama; she has invited me to be in her Showrooms; she calls us "Memifi"; on days off we go out together; she talks about dreams for work and for being a unit together. It really, truly makes me so happy!

But if it was with another member and not me, those dreams of hers might be accomplished sooner, and she might have a chance to be more known. Thoughts like that make me so sad and regretful.

Memi must know these things, but despite the fact she has nothing to gain, she's still always with me. It makes me tremendously happy.

I have dreams I want to come true, and things I want to do, but if I can't sell out at handshake events, I don't think I will be able to make this happen. But believing that I will someday be able to sell out, I treasure the support from all of you, and will continue to do my best in Showroom and blog and Message!

So by doing more enjoyable Showrooms, I will have fun with you all, and hope to become a person who can tell you the things she wants to do!

I've written this in the blog before, 
But I feel apologetic for seeming to try to force you to come to handshake events, but I don't know what else... 

Speaking with various people, I have come to realize that having entered this world, this is what I have to do.

So I would be very happy if from now on you could support even someone like me (*_ _)

I look forward to becoming closer with the people who always come, and to speaking with many people at handshake events 

Thank you so much, as always, to all of you!

Thank you very much for reading right to the end 

Takase Mana /(o・ω・o)\
posted 180223  01:38h

Here's Memi's reply, from Message: 

I cried reading Manafi's blog. This is the first I knew that Manafi, who never shows her feelings, thought of me this way... I spend time with Manafi because I love her. I'm the one who feels grateful that she spends time with someone as selfish and bothersome as me. To me, meeting Manafi is a blessing and a joy 

I've been too shy to tell Manafi this directly, and she has told it to me instead -- and it makes me very happy 

Why is Manafi not more popular? I think it must have to do with her nervous and reserved manner, since she is quite beautiful, especially in her gravures, and with her lithe body and active movements, she should long ago have gained a big following. 


  1. All the thing she needs is to be more confident. Good luck girl!

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