03 December 2017

Takase Mana blog: Happy Birthday, Memi

Happy Birthday, Memi!

Takase Mana

Good evening, everyone (。・ω・)ノ
It's Takase Mana.

Today, December 2nd, is Kakizaki Memi's birthday!
Happy Birthday  ♥

The cake was delicious \( *´ω`* )/

Memi is really cute as a white puppy.
But she's also pretty together in some ways. I love her.

We've gotten closer during the drama.
Filming the story, when we're on breaks, even during normal lessons, somehow we've been together a lot.

And recently Memi and I have been talking about personal things we never talked about before.

When we're traveling in the bus, etc., and we sit next to each other, she really depends on me.

She rests her head on my shoulder.
And sometimes I give her my lap for a pillow.

Anyway, she really acts dependent ( *˙-˙* )

It seems that this Memi is having a Manafi boom recently (lol)

When I think that someday the boom will be over and she will leave me, it makes me feel lonely.

This childish Memi is looking more adult every day, though, and it seems time is passing quickly.

Keep depending on me, eh.

May Memi have a good year.

Let's continue to get along (^^)

Thank you very much for reading right to the end.

Takase Mana
written 171202 evening, posted by staff 171203  01:15h

I'm going to translate all or part of a few birthday posts for Memi from other members. The amaenbou theme -- that she acts very dependent on people -- will appear a lot, lol. The normal translation of amaenbou ("sweet-kid") is "spoiled child." But I don't think the Japanese word has as much of a negative connotation as "spoiled" does in English. Being dependent on others is not seen as quite so much of a bad thing in Japan as it is, say, in America. Childish, but cute, and not something that ruins your personality.

Manafi and Memi really have been spending a lot of time together. Much of their time in the drama is spent sitting next to each other. And Memi mentions Manafi quite a lot in both her blog and in Keyaki Message. 

Memi says Manafi likes to smell her hair, and some photos of that make it look as if Manafi can be a bit of an amaenbou, too, lol.

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