03 August 2016

Takase Mana's fourth blog post (Hiragana Keyaki)

Recording 。*♬*゜

Takase Mana

Good evening (。・o・。)ノ
It's Takase Mana!

This time, I think I'll write about recording!

At first, when I heard that a Hiragana Keyaki coupling song was going to be included with the second single, I was so surprised I started to cry.

The fact that when we still had no foundation at all we were going to get a song made me very worried.

But, of course, I was really very happy!
When I heard the song, I thought, "This is a good song for Hiragana Keyaki" and I was happy to be given it. ♡

There were so many firsts for me in the recording that I was extremely nervous!
Wearing headphones, with my own voice coming in one ear and the music coming in the other, was a very strange feeling (lol)
But I gradually got used to it and was finally able to project my voice
So definitely, pleeease listen for my voice (♡・・)ノ

To get something as wonderful as a recording so soon was something I never imagined, and I am full of gratitude!

From left: myself and Kage-chan!
At the time of the recording!
You think of Kage-chan as being so mature and together, but she has a lot of middle-schooler aspects, too ☆

Thank you for reading right to the end (。・・。)

Takase Mana

That was Mana's fourth blog post. Here are some highlights from her previous posts:

blog post 1

How do you do, I'm Takase Mana


From Osaka Prefecture, age 17, 3rd year high school. Favorite foods: udon and strawberries. Special skill: English! I love to watch musicals and read magazines!

I first saw the musical Mary Poppins on stage when I lived in England. I was deeply moved by the singing and the expressions, and it started me coming to love musicals.
I also want to become a person who can move people who see me and bring smiles and courage to them...
Everyone, do you like musicals??

For now, we're working hard at our lessons to get our new song "Hiragana Keyaki" perfected. I hope that everyone can hear us as soon as possible ♪

blog post 2


Thank you very much to everyone who saw me on Showroom ♡
That so many people would watch someone like me makes me very happy!

But I felt how little ability to talk I had...
After the broadcast, my family said: "It would have been good if you had answered more questions...."
But my phone is so poor that the questions didn't seem to show up at all (。>ㅅ<。)

Truly, I'm very sorry
If I get another chance
I will try to speak more!

With Memi-tan! We always get along so well 。˚☆
And she's always so cute!!

I said I was going to wear glasses on Showroom, but when the time came I didn't, so I'm publishing this photo here (*・ω・*)


blog post 3



The colour I like is pink

My special skill is English, which I learned during three and a half years living there. In first-year middle school, I passed the pre-1 level! [this is the second-highest level of the STEP English proficiency test, and is the level English teachers need] And I also know a very little French and German (lol)

My friends says that my personality seems puzzling at first, but that my good points gradually show themselves and I have a pretty amusing personality (?)

What I want to do now is to have all 12 members of Hiragana Keyaki to go out together! [She is including Neru, whom last Thursday they hadn't seen since early May.] I think you know how nice it was for the Tokyo-area group ["Kantou-gumi"] to go out together (lol)

The musical artist I like is Nogizaka46! I also listen to Momoiro CloverZ.

The person I look up to is Ikuta Erika
Besides being beautiful, I think she's a great singer and a genius comic!

from left: me, Mei-chan, Memi-tan, Kage-chan!

(Sorry that all the photos are from lessons right now ^^;)


I liked her on the first Showroom, and I continue to like her. She seems quiet and nice, but nervous and not very forceful. It appears that singing may be her specialty. I look forward to hearing her.

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