Hirate Yurina Hustle Press interviews translation

Here are translations of an interview with Hirate Yurina and then of her brief statements about the other members of Keyakizaka46. They were published with two Hustle Press photo collections that came out online around the beginning of June. 

First is the interview:

Hirate Yurina – “Techi” – took on the position of centre for Keyakizaka46’s debut single, Silent Majority. She used to be a centre in basketball, too, and her athletic ability is outstanding. In a psychological test, she was judged most suited to be an idol out of all the group’s members. She’s the embodiment of potential.

But it can’t be forgotten that she is still in third-year middle school, and is 14 years old…! “Love stories” with that cherubic face?

By the way, when she entered Keyakizaka46, she was 160cm tall. Now she is 164cm. “It seems that I’m still growing.” Unrivalled centre…just how big will she become!?

In this series, each member gives us a 24-hour clock of her off-days…

Hirate: What can I do? It’s a nothing day. …this is really such boring stuff.

Honestly, nothing you say sounds that boring…. Before going to sleep, you say you spend two hours “in the futon.” What does that mean?

Hirate: I love being inside the futon. Even in summer, I put the A-C on and snuggle inside the futon. Mainly, I’m just playing with my phone.

So basically you’re just lolling around, then. In the morning, after you get up you have “getting up” and “breakfast.” That’s pretty general. For breakfast, are you a rice-eater or a bread-eater?

Hirate: Rice, definitely.

What’s your ideal breakfast?

Hirate: Ideal? Umm…. An all-you-can-eat buffet is good! An extravagant buffet where you can try both Japanese and Western food. I once had a great buffet in a Tokyo hotel.

Did you travel to Tokyo?

Hirate: Yes, In sixth grade.

Did you tour the famous places?

Hirate: Ahh… We went to the Sky Tree. But wherever we went there were so many people. It was too overwhelming for me.

So, Hirate-san, what did you enjoy?

Hirate: Good food…. (laughs) That trip was a tour of the food in various hotels. I ate a lot of delicious food! The most delicious was the pizza in one of the hotels.

So you’ve always had quite an interest in food. After lunch, you watch shows and movies you’ve recorded?

Hirate: First, I record all the comedy and variety shows and watch them: Ame Talk and London Hearts and Shabekuri 007 and sometimes Engei Grand Slam, etc. 

Hirate-san likes comedy, I see. On Keyakizaka46’s headline TV show Keyakitte, Kakenai?, right from your first appearance you’ve done bits from various entertainers. And recently on your radio show (the This is Easy Street Starry Sky Broadcasting Office, known as Kochi Sei), you did an imitation of Daigo-san from Chidori.

Hirate: Ehhh? Did you hear that? How was my imitation?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that (forced smile). I get most of my knowledge of comedy from imitations by members of Keyakizaka46.

Hirate: I see. I think it’s like him, though…. Chidori-san has been appearing on Ame Talk quite often recently. Have a look! Atsushi-san of London Boots apparently mentioned me on the radio. He was kind enough to say he wanted to invite me onto his show. I would always want to appear on Atsushi-san’s show.

By the way, on Kochi Sei, where you are the main personality, you always give yourself low marks for your own talk. Why is that?

Hirate: Mainly, it’s because in the free talk segment I don’t express myself very well. I just blurt out what I want to say.

No! From the free talk to the song introduction to the introduction of the other member, you talk so well. I really admire it.

Hirate: Ehh…? It’s totally no good. I don’t bring out the members' real personalities at all. When the members are together, they’re so much funnier. Not to bring out that humour is a real waste. 

So then, which part of Kochi Sei do you enjoy most?

Hirate: The Love Consultation! When the consultation letter comes, I just speak out without worrying. That’s the only time I can give myself a mark of 120. (laughs)

The Love Consultation is like when someone wrote that she and the person she liked were now in different classes, and Hirate-san seriously told her that if she had the person’s address she should just try contacting them….

Hirate: Waah! (turns red) Of course that’s the one part of the show I never listen to. I’m embarrassed (laughs). But when I was talking, Shida (Manaka) was outside the booth and was really smiling.… So how was my love consultation?

Seriously, I thought it was good. More than that, the way the love talk got you excited was really loaded with the feeling of a middle-school student. It was great. (laughs)

Hirate: So that’s it! No matter what I say, everyone makes fun of me by saying: “…even though she’s a middle school student.” I just answered seriously.

Now, now. (laughs) That’s the end of our discussion of your 24 hours. What is it you want to work on now?

Hirate: Acting. Recently I’ve been wanting to study drama. When we were filming the Silent Majority MV, I was really depressed…. Whenever Yukkaa (Sugai Yuuka) noticed, she tapped me on the back.

Why were you depressed?

Hirate: Unh. My lack of expressiveness, I guess you’d say. Singing and acting are different, and when I was given my individual PV to do, it made me want to become someone who could convey anything.

Keyakizaka46’s first drama, Who Killed Tokuyama Daigoro? Starts in July. What kind of character are you going to be portraying?

Hirate: A girl who’s cheerful and so on. Someone who teases people…. Ah! I’d like to do a villain or an evil character! It seems like it would be fun! But I’m usually told “do a cool expression” or “be mysterious,” whether it’s in video or photos…. I guess that’s my image?

Since your posture looks so beautiful and you give an impression of being rational, I can understand why they want to get you to play a cool character. What if you appeared in a romance drama?

Hirate: That would be nice…. (smiling) For instance if the person I loved was going out with someone else. Unrequited love. But he noticed my feelings. So there was a subtle feeling of “should I get closer, should I not get closer…?” Ah! My manager is laughing at me again! Why does everyone laugh when I talk about love?


  • For members other than yourself, please write down what you call them, and say a word about your impression of them.
  • For yourself, write your own analysis of what kind of girl you are.

Ishimori Nijika
She’s always such a dependable elder sister kind of person. But really she’s quite lonely.

Imaizumi Yui
Imaizumi or Zuumin
Sometimes we joke around together (lol)

Uemura Rina
Lately, I’ve been talking with her a lot!
She’s funny.

Ozeki Rika
Ozeki or Orika
She’s really nice. She’s always talking to me

Oda Nana
Oda Nana
Lately, members are calling her “Danako.” It makes me laugh!

Koike Minami
Ever since the senbatsu for the first single was announced, she’s always beside me!

Kobayashi Yui
Pon or Kobayui or Yuipon
When she’s excited, she’s really funny (lol).

Saitou Fuyuka
She’s always joking around and poking fun at members, but she’s really extremely nice. She’s always concerned for you, but in “supporting” you she says some pretty piercing things.

Satou Shiori
Whenever our eyes meet, she smiles. We play around together.

Shida Manaka
She’s funny!! She’s known as “Za Cool” but she laughs a lot.

Sugai Yuuka
She has a great sense of humour!!
She’s really funny.

Suzumoto Miyu
She’s fun! We really speak the same language. She can get excited.

Nagasawa Nanako
Her way of talking and so on is really funny!!
I wish she came out more on Keyakitte Kakenai.

Habu Mizuho
My big sister
I depend on her all the time. Sorry….

Harada Aoi
Like a child (lol)
But recently, for some reason, we’ve been talking together a lot.

Hirate Yurina
Myself… She might seem cool and with-it, but really I think she’s more warm and pleasant.

Moriya Akane
I love her smiling face!
Recently, we’ve been talking a lot!!

Yonetani Nanami
She’s always smiling. She’s a hard worker.

Watanabe Rika
Rika-chan or Pey-chan
She does things her own way. 
She’s often going “wah!” in confusion. The other members are always messing with her. (lol)

Watanabe Risa
If she was in the front line of a battle, she wouldn’t be afraid. Instead, she’d be kind
[translator’s note: I really don’t have confidence in this translation. Not sure what she means.]

Nagahama Neru
It seems as if she’s always beside me. It’s like whenever I notice, there she is! (lol)


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