15 September 2016

Sasaki Kumi (Hiragana Keyaki) -- Risa's her oshi, and now she's Risa's oshi

Sasaki Kumi is Hiragana Keyaki's Ponkotsu Madonna -- and not really so ponkotsu as that. She seems to be an amusing friend and a great support to some other members. She's 20, and a third-year college student. 

And now Watanabe Risa has given her a stamp of approval:

Recently, I've been wanting to grow taller.
My goal is 1.5cm more.
I'm Sasaki Kumi.

Before I had my hair set ~~

Actually, yesterday a totally delightful thing happened to me.

Watanabe Risa-san, who has been my oshi forever,
Said in her blog that
I was her oshi (T ^ T)

So haaaaaaappyyyy! Such a blessing!

Now I can live positively.

I'll also post a picture of us that she let me take ~
I apologize for the aura of joy (・∀・)

As of yesterday, I am in the Positive Club.
But, then, I also recently became treasurer of the Negative Club.

The vice-president is Toshi-chan (Katou Shiho)
There is no president.

"Toshi-chan" is the nickname I call her.
No-one else is allowed to call her that o(`^´)o lol.

Toshi-chan and I joke around together a lot.
We both love Memii.

It makes me so happy that recently
The distance between all the members of Hiragana has been shrinking.

So, then. See you ( ˙-˙ )/

-- Sasaki Kumi

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