27 September 2017

Nagahama Neru blog: Shame at leaving, praise for Hiragana Keyaki

Young Leaves,  234

Nagahama Neru

Good evening.
I'm sorry for taking so long to update.

Not long ago,
I was released from my position as a member of both Kanji Keyaki and Hiragana Keyaki
To become a member of Kanji Keyaki alone.
And it was also announced that
I would not be in either the drama or the Hiragana national tour.

I really apologize,
Not so much for the fact I was not up to it,
But for failing to fulfil what was expected of me,
For giving everyone unhappy feelings,
And for causing so much trouble.

From my heart, thank you to everyone
Who went to the Sapporo performance.
For me not to be there
Made me feel sick at heart.
I truly apologize.

I came together with the Hiragana Keyaki first gens
Over a year ago.
I think of Ayaka-chan weeping when we all met.
I think of getting the colourful "Happy Birthday"sign from everyone,
And of the MC session at the Osaka performance, 
When everyone went crazy, and it was so much fun.

My feelings of love overflow without end.

I hate the thought of all this becoming just memories.
I don't want to keep reminiscing,
But I really do feel sad and lonely. 

Hiragana Keyaki is often praised for being cheerful and positive,
But everyone can also feel worry and pain.

Facing things in a "Hiragana Keyaki-like" way,
Groping our way forward.
Every chance we got was something to be treasured,
Without running away, maintaining our bonds with each other,
And with honest feelings of gratitude on everyone's lips. 
And that's everyone.

We laughed a lot. A lot.
Always cheerful and noisy.

We had to struggle to improve our weaknesses
Did anyone notice the tears behind our smiles?
As for me, I can't stop caring and worrying.

I was always holding everyone back.
From now on, I think Hiragana Keyaki's tremendous appeal
Will keep bursting forth again and again.

Again and again.

Hiragana Keyaki -- and Kanji Keyaki:
Let's continue to get along well.

As for my own physical condition,
I can't stop thanking staff
For ending this before it got to the point that I couldn't go on.

There are others who are much busier than I am,
And I really feel badly for being so weak.

I have caused everyone a lot of trouble
And haven't been able to make things go well.

But for all of us, members and staff alike,
From the bottom of our hearts, the number one thing
Is the feeling that we want to make Keyakizaka46 better. 
And those feelings neither waver nor change.

Truly, thank you very much, always.

"Bloom where you are planted."
I think that's right.
No matter where I am,
I want to go forward in this way from now on.

I don't know the right answer.
Maybe there is no right answer.
So I have to just carry on.

It was truly a blessing to be given this project 
In the last episode of KeyaBINGO3.

Only a digest was broadcast,
But I got to write "feelings" 感 with a big brush.
I love this photo!

Please continue to treat us well:
Keyakizaka46 -- all 41 of us.

Thank you very much for reading my blog.

Nagahama Neru
_______________________________________________ posted170927  21:54h

Neru in KeyaBINO final episode

Neru for Mechakari fashion rental

Neru practicing drawing the big "feelings."

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